God Emperor

Chapter 124 - The Killing Female Devil

Chapter 124 The Killing Female Devil


Huang Yanchen took out a royal blue combat sword. She shook her arm and activated the inscription on the sword where strands of invincible Sword Breath had revealed. It turned into a wind blade and swung towards General Hong Ye.

Dozens of wind blades struck the General’s armor. There was a banging sound and a white scratch appeared on his armor.

“The 11 Layers of Dark Armor.” Huang Yanchen squinted her eyes and stared at General Hong Ye’s armor.

One layer of the Black Heavy Armour weighed 53 kilograms while 11 layers weighed 583 kilograms.

Ordinary sergeants could only wear one layer.

Only masters of the Earth Realm would dare to wear 10 or more layers.

General Hong Ye was shocked by her move. He didn’t dare to look down on her, as she had activated a dozen Sword Breath of the wind blades with a mere shake of the sword.

No ordinary warrior of the Black Realm would be able to acquire such technique.

“Perhaps she is one of the characters of the Profound Board?” General Hong Ye wondered.

Huang Yanchen said coldly, “Your 11 layers of the Dark Armour are not going to save your life. Even 20 layers could not save you!”

General Hong Ye composed himself and asked, “Young lady, may I know your name?”

“Huang Yanchen, School of the Martial Market,” she responded.

“Huang Yanchen, ranking 103rd on the Profound Board.” General Hong Ye was surprised. He had never expected to encounter a warrior of the Division Profound.

Suddenly, Huang Yanchen wielded the Blue Crystal Sword and played the Wind Driver Nine Steps. When she made the first step one meter high off the ground, she had dashed ten meters forward. The second step, she was two meters off the ground and dashed out 20-odd meters. When she made the third step, she had already reached his head.

Both of her arms held the sword tight and transferred her Genuine Qi into the blade. She had activated 33 inscriptions carved on the blade. She dragged out a seven-meter-long sapphire sword radiance and swung the sword downwards.

General Hong Ye didn’t have any other choice but to swing his halberd and defend himself.


The power of the Blue Crystal Sword was surprisingly strong. It caused his arms to turn numb. The halberd in his hand was about to fall.

When Huang Yanchen noticed that General Hong Ye had blocked her sword, she instantly changed the move and swung another sword down towards his neck.

Although General Hong Ye was the top fighter at the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm, his speed couldn’t match with Huang Yanchen’s. His arms were still numb and he wasn’t able to keep her second sword off.


The royal blue combat sword hit General Hong Ye’s neck brutally, causing him to fall down from his Single-Horned Golden Leopard.

He rolled over on the ground before crawling back up. There was fear in his eyes. He touched his neck slowly and found that his 11 layers of Dark Armour had been pierced, leaving a long and bloody wound on his neck. Huang Yanchen was only one step away from killing him.

How was this warrior of the Division Profound so horrifying?

Ordinary warriors of the Division Profound obtained the ability to confront with warriors at the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm. Not to mention Huang Yanchen was ranked around 100th on the Profound Board, her ability no doubt frightened him to death.

“Miss Huang, I suggest you stay out of the hatred between Square Commandery and Zhang Ruochen.” After discovering how strong she was, his attitude had turned soft.

Huang Yanchen carried her sword and walked towards General Hong Ye. She asked, “Did you just threaten me with Square Commandery?”

“I do not dare to confront with you.” General Hong Ye quickly explained.

“It’s been a while since I’ve fought with a warrior of the Earth Realm. How can I let you go so easily? How about this? If you can withstand 10 of my moves, you can walk away.” Huang Yanchen proposed.


General Hong Ye wasn’t a weak warrior. He thrust against the ground, jumped up high and stood on the back of the Single-Horned Golden Leopard.

He had to fight her with the help of the Single-Horned Golden Leopard’s power. If he could defeat her, he would be able to turn the situation around.

Huang Yanchen stood up straight. She didn’t stop General Hong Ye from using the power of the Single-Horned Golden Leopard and dashed towards him.

“Broken Cloud Halberd!”

General Hong Ye displayed a low-class Spiritual martial technique. Both of his arms swung the halberd with the power of his entire body and pierced towards Huang Yanchen who was rushing towards him.

Huang Yanchen turned around and instantly moved three steps aside. Then, she struck the sword towards General Hong Ye’s head at her fastest speed.

He released a palm and escaped the fighting sword from Huang Yanchen who was attacking from the side.


A hurricane vortex formed, about 33 meters away. It completely enclosed General Hong Ye and the Single-Horned Golden Leopard.

Seven or eight shadows of Huang Yanchen appeared at the same time as she beveled and pierced.

The vortex disappeared. Huang Yanchen flew down from the Single-Horned Golden Leopard without looking at General Hong Ye behind her. She retreated the royal blue combat sword to its scabbard and sneeringly said, “Such a loser!”

General Hong Ye sat on the back of the Single-Horned Golden Leopard with the long halberd in his hand, not moving an inch.


A strong wind blew over General Hong Ye. His head fell from his neck like a ball. It didn’t fall to the ground but rather was carried outside the Devil Wind Valley by the wind, leaving a small drop of blood on the ground.

Meanwhile, Prince Huo Xing had brought thousands of acute Fierce-Tiger Army sergeants to Devil Wind Valley.

“My report, Your Highness: Zhang Ruochen has escaped to Devil Wind Valley. General Hong Ye has chased after him.” A sergeant knelt down in front of Prince Huo Xing and reported what he had seen.

“Haha! Fleeing into Devil Wind Valley, Zhang Ruochen has surely set himself a trap. He has no chance of surviving. I’m sure General Hong Ye has already killed him.” Prince Huo Xing laughed.

Just then, a bloody head blown by the wind from Devil Wind Valley reached Prince Huo Xing’s arms.

Prince Huo Xing lifted the head and looked at it. He was frightened and almost fainted.

“General… Hong… Hong Ye…”

Prince Huo Xing’s hands trembled. He dropped the head to the ground. His mind was empty. He couldn’t imagine who had killed such a powerful General as Hong Ye.

No matter how strong Zhang Ruochen was, it was impossible that he could have killed a warrior of the Earth Realm.

“Prince Huo Xing, do you dare to fight with me alone?” Zhang Ruochen walked out from Devil Wind Valley gradually. He stood on the hillside, looking down at Prince Huo Xing.

Prince Huo Xing eventually awoke from the shock of seeing General Hong Ye’s head. He responded coldly, “Zhang Ruochen, I have a thousand Fierce-Tiger Army sergeants here with me. Once we attack, we will cut you to pieces. Why would I want to fight with you alone?”

Prince Huo Xing clearly knew in his mind that he was far from being Zhang Ruochen’s opponent. It would be impossible for him to defeat Zhang Ruochen without the help of his army.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly and said, “Well, you have your Fierce-Tiger Army, I also have help!”

Looking at the head of General Hong Ye on the ground, Prince Huo Xing was frightened to death. He asked softly, “Zhang Ruochen, who is your help?”

Duanmu Xingling and Huang Yanchen walked out from the Devil Wind Valley. Huang Yanchen stood on the back of the Single-Horned Golden Leopard with a sense of coldness.

“Huo Xing, you arranged an army and attacked students of the School without authorization. Do you have any idea what kind of punishment you’re going to receive?” Duanmu Xingling said.

Duanmu Xingling and Huang Yanchen owed Zhang Ruochen a massive favor. It was inevitable they would show up and handle Prince Huo Xing for him at such a prime moment.

Looking at Duanmu Xingling and Huang Yanchen, Prince Huo Xing now understood what was going on.

The two female devils were both warriors of the Division Profound. Their cultivations were unfathomable; they must have killed General Hong Ye.

Yet, he couldn’t figure out how Zhang Ruochen, a prince from the inferior commandery, could acquire their attainment; that they had even killed a warrior of the Earth Realm for him?

Although Prince Huo Xing was scared, he wasn’t afraid of them. He saluted and said, “Huo Xing greets both senior sister apprentices. This is resentment between Zhang Ruochen and me. I hope you will not intervene. I’m assuming the two of you wouldn’t want to offend Square Commandery, would you?”

Huang Yanchen sneered and said, “Can you believe Square Commandery threatened me twice today? How dare you. Do you really think I won’t kill you? Even Square Commandery Prince can do nothing to me!”

Prince Huo Xing didn’t know Huang Yanchen’s status. If they were in Western Campus he would be scared of her.

Yet, a thousand Fierce-Tiger Army troops were backing him up. He wasn’t worried Huang Yanchen would kill him.

Prince Huo Xing stood up straight and said with confidence, “Square Commandery is classified as a medium level commandery. Even 10 from Yunwu Commandery, wouldn’t be strong enough to fight with us. Even warriors of the Martial Arts legends of the Heaven Realm have to revise before fighting with Square Commandery, not to mention Warrior of Division Profound.”

Having listened to this, Huang Yanchen was even more irritated. She released her sword, rushed towards Prince Huo Xing and claimed, “Since you have such confidence in your Square Commandery, I can’t wait to kill you and see what they are going to do to me!”

Seeing the coldness in her eyes, Prince Huo Xing’s heart started to beat quickly. He said, “Senior sister apprentice Huang, I suggest you reconsider it. It’s not worth offending the prince of a medium level commandery for a prince of an inferior commandery.”

Prince Huo Xing assumed Huang Yanchen didn’t dare to kill him and therefore, kept provoking her. However, this was a massive mistake. He could have never imagined that Huang Yanchen was the princess of Qianshui Commandery.

Huang Yanchen was an explosive person. She was completely enraged by these three threats from a prince from a mere medium level commandery.


Huang Yanchen’s sword had already pierced through Prince Huo Xing’s heart and left a hole in his body. Yet, none of the thousand Fierce-Tiger Army troops could have recognized the shadow of the sword.

“You… How dare you… ”

Prince Huo Xing could not believe Huang Yanchen dared to kill him.


Prince Huo Xing’s body fell to the ground heavily from the back of the savage beast.

“How dare you kill my prince! My army, let’s kill this female devil!” A warrior at the Medium State of the Black Realm yelled. He charged towards Huang Yanchen.

The man, who led the army to fight with Huang Yanchen, was Zhao Guanglie, the fourth camp Vice Battalion Commander of the Fierce-Tiger Army.


Huang Yanchen swung a clean sword towards Zhao Guanglie. His bloody head went flying. In a mere second, he had turned into a headless body and fallen into the pool of blood.

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