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Chapter 125 - Small Success

Chapter 125: Small Success

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“The Floating Cloud Sword Song!”

Huang Yanchen swung her arms and slashed out a 10-meter long Sword Breath. With just one swing, the bodies of 20 sergeants were torn apart. There were numerous deaths.

Her power was so magnificent; it scared the rest of the army. No one dared to move a step forward.

They clearly knew that if a warrior of the Division Profound was irritated, she could destroy the entire thousand man army. Knowing how powerful Huang Yanchen was, they would surely get themselves killed if they moved forward.

She wiped the blood onto her sleeves and retreated the sword back to its scabbard. She said, “Pass my message along to Square Commandery Prince. If he wants revenge for Prince Huo Xing, he can come find me, Huang Yanchen anytime!”

She then walked towards Zhang Ruochen, straightened her back and said, “Zhang Ruochen, if the Square Commandery seeks revenge, I’ll handle it for you so as to return you a favor. Yet, you still owe me a favor for saving you last time. If you can give me a space treasure, we’ll be settled!”

Huang Yanchen couldn’t stop thinking about the space treasure.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Do you think killing Prince Huo Xing resolved everything? Square Commandery Prince will no doubt blame me for the death of his son. They will then use this as an excuse and start a war with Yunwu Commandery within six months. You’ll see!”

The sergeants of the Square Commandery took the head of General Hong Ye and the body of Prince Huo Xing away nicely. After an hour, all the sergeants had left Devil Wind Valley.

The scent of blood lingered in the air.

Two weeks later.

The Palace of Square Commandery.

Square Commandery Prince walked down from his seat. Staring at the body of Prince Huo Xing, he looked pale and sad. He grasped his fists tightly, exploded a forceful momentum from his body and shattered all the porcelain in the Palace.

“Bang! Bang!”

The ground was covered with pieces of porcelain.

“What a bastard! How dare such a warrior of the Division Profound kill my son! I will cleanse her clan!”

The Square Commandery Prince groaned, “Go investigate now! I need a clear and detailed report of Huang Yanchen. After the investigation, kill her entire clan. No one in her family can remain alive!”

“Your Majesty, we can’t do that… ”

An elderly man wearing a purple golden crown rushed into the palace and saluted to the Square Commandery Prince.

Square Commandery Prince sneered, “Why not?”

The old man looked awkward. He murmured, “Huang Yanchen is the Sixth Princess of the Qianshui Commandery with a magnificent talent. Qianshui Commandery Prince is very fond of her!”

“Qianshui Commandery!”

The countenance of Square Commandery Prince froze, as if ice cold water poured over his head. He calmed down in a short while.

The Qianshui Commandery was a superior class commandery that was 10 times stronger than the Square Commandery.

Although Square Commandery dominated in Western Nine Prefectures, once they offended Qianshui Commandery, death would be the only way out.

The elderly man put on a cunning smile and said, “Your Majesty, even though we can do nothing to Huang Yanchen, we can use this as an excuse to attack Yunwu Commandery. We simply make an announcement saying Prince Huo Xing has been killed by Zhang Ruochen. If Yunwu Commandery Prince doesn’t hand over the killer as well as compensate us with 80 million silver coins, we will declare war on them.”

Square Commandery Prince thought deeply about what the elderly said and started considering if his idea was feasible.

He was Commandery Prince and had lost his child. Such sorrow was incomparable to the importance of conquering their territory.

“Will Yunwu Commandery Prince handover Zhang Ruochen? Will he compensate us with 80 million silver coins?” Square Commandery Prince whispered to himself.

The elderly smiled faintly and continued, “The interior of the Yunwu Commandery is not harmonious. Most of them support Zhang Tiangui, the Seventh Prince. They see Zhang Ruochen, the Ninth Prince as a threat and don’t want him to be fully developed.”

“If Yunwu Commandery Prince is willing to give us Zhang Ruochen and 80 million silver coins, that proves how weak and incompetent he is. At the same time, 80 million silver coins are surely going to consume their power to a large extent. Once we get the 80 million silver coins, it’ll be an easy task to conquer Yunwu Commandery.

“Yet, if Yunwu Commandery Prince insists on protecting Zhang Ruochen, we just need to place our army on the border and march towards Yunwu Commandery. The interior will no doubt blame everything on Zhang Ruochen and Yunwu Commandery Prince and think they’ve brought a disaster to Yunwu Commandery. When Yunwu Commandery becomes a mess, out attack will be as easy as taking money from a pocket.”

The Square Commandery Prince nodded and said, “Okay. Let’s do it. Now send Yunwu Commandery Prince a gauntlet. If he doesn’t hand over the killer and compensates us, we will destroy Yunwu Commandery at the beginning of the new year.”

Zhang Ruochen could have guessed the turmoil between Yunwu Commandery and Square Commandery. Yet, it didn’t bother him too much. He gave his full attention to practicing the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon in Devil Wind Valley.

The conflicts between Yunwu Commandery and Square Commandery had long been emerging. The death of Prince Huo Xing was just a trigger point. Even if Prince Huo Xing hadn’t been killed, Square Commandery Prince would have found some other excuses to declare war on Yunwu Commandery.

The most important thing for Zhang Ruochen now was to keep elevating his cultivation like Huang Yanchen. She could scare a thousand sergeants away with her excellent ability.

If she had broken through to the Earth Realm, she would be capable of fighting her way out even if she was surrounded by a troop of 10 thousand sergeants.

Only warriors with strong capability were able to take control of a situation like that.

There were two more weeks until the quarterly assessment. Zhang Ruochen had already practiced the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to a Small Success.

The next day, Huang Yanchen had also made it to the Small Success.

Five days later, even though Duanmu Xingling was the last one to reach the Small Success, she still made it through.

Duanmu Xingling scrutinized Zhang Ruochen. She bit her lips and said coldly, “Sister Chen and I have spent more time practicing than you. We have also obtained a higher cultivation than you. How did you reach the Small Success of the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon ahead of us? Have you hidden a secret or trick from us?”

“Perhaps I have a stronger Spiritual Power. That is why I have made it faster than you two.” Zhang Ruochen smiled. Then he asked, “Senior sister apprentice Duanmu, now that you have reached the Small Success, how fast can you explode?”

Duanmu Xingling smiled pleasantly and replied, “The Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon is indeed a fabulous martial technique. I can explode 67 meters per second. Sister Chen, what about you?”

“69 meters per second.”

Huang Yanchen touched her chin slightly, smiled and said, “If I could go to the black market and buy a drop of Sacred Liquid, maybe I could reach 70 meters per second. But, as students of the School of the Martial Market, it is better if we keep a distance from the black market. I’ll let my father know and ask him to send the Sacred Liquid to the School.”

“I feel like my ability has greatly increased since cultivating the Shadow of Royal Wind Dragon. I want to go to challenge other warriors of the Division Profound and upgrade my ranking. Sister Chen, are you interested in going?” Duanmu Xingling asked.

“Of course, I’m going!” Huang Yanchen’s hands were already touching her sword. She couldn’t wait to show other warriors how powerful she was.

Huang Yanchen thought that the higher ranking on the Profound Board, the more prestigious she was.

After the two women left, Zhang Ruochen brought Blackie back to the Western Campus and gathered Zhang Shaochu and Liu Chengfeng together.

He stared at these two people sitting opposite him and said, “There is something that I want you two to help me with.”

It didn’t matter what Zhang Ruochen wanted them to do. Liu Chengfeng stood up, smacked his chest and claimed, “My Ninth Prince, just tell me, anything you want. If I am capable of doing it, I’ll make sure it’s done well.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded. He took out the 10 bottles of pills and placed them in front of Zhang Shaochu and Liu Chengfeng.

“Here you go. 10 bottles of Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills, altogether 340 pills. I need you to sell them to freshmen. How much should I charge?”

Seeing the 10 bottles of Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills before him, Liu Chengfeng was shocked. He calculated for a short while and said, “The market price for one Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pill outside the School is five thousand silver coins. Students in Western Campus need to spend four merits in exchange for one pill. If we sell it at a price of 3,500 silver coins per pill, I’m sure it will attract numerous students.”

Zhang Shaochu added, “The quarterly assessment will be in 10 days. Everyone is striving to elevate their cultivation. Even if we sell them at 3,800 silver coins, they will still come and buy from us.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “It doesn’t matter how much you guys set for each pill. I only want three thousand silver coins for each pill. You can share the rest of the profit. But, you will have to sell them all within 10 days.”

Zhang Shaochu and Liu Chengfeng were extremely excited to hear this.

That would be at least two hundred thousand in profit if they sold them all. No doubt they were excited. It would be stupid, if they refused to do so.

“Don’t you worry, my dear Ninth Prince. I assure you I’ll sell all the pills within three days!” Liu Chengfeng said with confidence.

Zhang Shaochu also promised Zhang Ruochen that he would sell all the pills in three days. The immense profit had surely become their motivation.

Zhang Ruochen thought it over. He took out more 300 bottles, with amounts of first-class and second-class pills in it. There were pills for increasing cultivation, some for healing, and some for detoxification.

“Please sell these for me as well. I don’t care how much you guys sell them for, because I’m not going to take advantage of you. I’ll take 70% of the silver coins, you guys take the rest.”

Looking at the numerous bottles of pills, Zhang Shaochu became exciting. Even his fat body started bouncing. “Such countless pills could make him extremely wealthy.”

Yet, Liu Chengfeng remained relatively calm. He said, “The class of these pills is not high enough. Plus, the students in the Western Campus are all masters of the Black Realm. The demand for these pills is not high. I would say it’s not going to be profitable selling on the Western Campus.”

There was a woman’s voice outside his room, “Zhang Ruochen, I’ll sell them for you.”

Zi Qian pushed the door open, walked into the room, and looked at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen nodded as if something was bothering him. He left the room with Zi Qian and arrived at an empty area. He asked, “How can you sell them?”

She walked in front. Without turning around, she responded, “The black market.”

Zhang Ruochen remembered Zi Qian’s identity all of a sudden and said, “Oh yes! How could I forget you’re one of the assassins of the black market! Of course, you can sell all these pills on the black market.”

Zi Qian was a tiny woman with a curvy body. She stared at Zhang Ruochen with her long eyebrows glittering and smiled. “Don’t you worry that I’ll take possession of all the silver coins after selling the pills?”

“If you dare to take my silver coins, I’ll chase after you to get it back even if you hide on the other side of the world.” Zhang Ruochen laughed and asked, “Anyway, why are you going back to the black market?”

Zhang Ruochen could tell that Zi Qian was heading back to the black market, so she decided to sell the pills for him on her way.

Zi Qian responded, “I have already finished refining the five drops of Half-Saint Liquid I bought from the black market last time. I’m planning to buy some more. Are you interested?”

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