God Emperor

Chapter 123 - Superior of the Earth Realm

Chapter 123: Superior of the Earth Realm

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Zhang Ruochen released the Space Domain which covered a surrounding area of 60 square meters. His eyes were cold. He said, “Prince Huo Xing, now that you wanted to kill me again and again, I won’t show you mercy anymore. Tonight, one shall stand, one shall fall.”

“How dare you talk big while death is drawing near. Release the arrow!” Prince Huo Xing said in a cold voice.

The word of command was issued.

“Bang! Bang!”

A series of sounds of arrows being released from bows were heard.

100 sergeants released the first round of Thunder Arrows. Swarms of arrows flew toward Zhang Ruochen with the whistle of breaking the wind, looking like raindrops.

The first round of Thunder Arrows had not yet arrived, while the second round of arrows had already been released, and in no time, the third round followed…

Under such a well-regulated attack, even an Earth Realm warrior might have been killed.


Having already reached the Dawn State of the Black Realm, Zhang Ruochen was more skilled at mastering the Space Domain. Reaching out his hands, he drew a circle in the void space.

The space around him was distorted at an angle of 180 degrees. Thunder Arrows that flew toward him all directly turned a corner and then flew back, when they were several meters away from him.



The Thunder Arrows shot towards the Fierce Tiger Army. Sergeants suffered a crushing defeat, as both people and horses were thrown on the ground, and screams were heard from the sergeants.

On seeing this, Prince Huo Xing was stunned. He stuttered, “Did… did he successfully practice the legendary martial technique ‘the Passage of Stars and God’? How could it be possible? Don’t shoot him with arrows. Attack him directly. I’ll give the one who kills Zhang Ruochen half a city.”

“Kill them!”

Wearing armor, the sergeants who rode on the savage beasts instantly rushed forward as if they would dismember Zhang Ruochen with several knives.

Blackie pushed his cat paws toward the ground and Genuine Qi swarmed out from them. An inscription was activated. A blaze rushed out from the ground with thunder and turned to an over-10-meter-huge firebird.

The huge firebird rushed toward the army like a rosefinch and immediately ignited the bodies of more than a dozen sergeants into flying ash.

Leaving more than a dozen empty armors on the ground, the firebird left hot temperature which burned the soil and made a “Chichi!” sound.


Another huge fire rosefinch also rushed into the army from the other direction, not only igniting the sergeants one by one, but also the whole forest.

The array was totally opened. 100 fire rosefinches rushed out from the ground one by one. They rushed toward all directions, bringing great injuries and many deaths to the Fierce Tiger Army of Prince Huo Xing.

The whole mountain ridge became a burning sea of fire.

“Your Highness, they’ve set up a powerful fire tactical formation and we’ve fallen into a trap.”

“To set up such a terrifying tactical formation, they needed at least a Third-class master, who is skilled at making array.”

Prince Huo Xing’s face turned deathly pale. He thought using 2,000 Fierce Tiger soldiers to attack Zhang Ruochen had no risk at all. But unexpectedly, Zhang Ruochen was a master of array, which brought great losses to the Fierce Tiger Army.

Within a quarter of an hour, at least 500 soldiers died, and large quantities of sergeants were greatly injured.

Prince Huo Xing would not have dreamed it possible that the person who set up the tactical formation was a cat, rather than Zhang Ruochen.

“Kill them! Slay them all! Haha, whoever opposes me can only have a dead end.” Blackie sat on the Double-Headed Blood Lion. It went on the rampage and trod on the soldiers, until they became a mixture of blood and mud.

Zhang Ruochen leaped into the air and stood on the back of the Blood Lion. He said, “Let’s go, we should lure them to Devil Wind Valley.”

“What? Today, my murderous feeling is so strong, how can I retreat now?” Blackie said.

Zhang Ruochen looked very serious and he said, “I can feel that a superior of the Earth Realm is coming. If we don’t go now, then we can’t leave anymore.”

Zhang Ruochen also wanted to get rid of Prince Huo Xing, a future trouble, but he could not win against a man of the Earth Realm with his capability now.

On hearing the words “the Earth Realm”, Blackie was also shocked. “Xiao Shuang, run away now,” he said.

The Double-Headed Blood Lion carried Zhang Ruochen and Blackie away, wiping out more than a dozen soldiers, and then flew toward Magic Wind Ridge as fast as it could.

After they had just left for a while, The ground fiercely shook, which looked like the earth was trembling and the mountains were swaying.


An over-eight-meter-tall Single-Horned Golden Leopard dashed from the bottom of the ridge, cracking trees one by one and bringing great destructive power.

The Single-Horned Golden Leopard is a third-class savage beast, the combat power of which can compare with a warrior of the Earth Realm.

Sitting on the Single-Horned Golden Leopard, a 2.3-meter-tall man in his forties wore thick black armor weighing 250 kilograms. His arms were the size of buckets, holding an eight-meter halberd in his hands. All these made him look like the advent of Mars.

He glanced at the horrible scene of the ridge, coldly roared and said, “You’re the third and fourth elite battalions of the Fierce Tiger Army. Even when you attacked the Shunjing City of Yunwu Commandery, you guys didn’t suffer such a heavy loss. Now, you’ve lost the face of the whole Fierce Tiger Army.”

Prince Huo Xing came out from the soldiers and said, “General Hong Ye, you can’t blame the soldiers, but me. I didn’t expect that Zhang Ruochen is a master of tactical formations, thus I was unprepared when I attacked him.”

“Master of tactical formations? How could it be possible at his age?” General Hong Ye’s face turned a little softer, when he saw Prince Huo Xing.

General Hong Ye clearly knew the effect that a master, who was skilled at tactical formations had on the battlefield. Sometimes, they could even turn the tables.

Prince Huo Xing’s face clouded. He said, “General Hong Ye, you don’t know Zhang Ruochen. Young as he is, his Spiritual Power is extremely high. Now it’s already 29 classes. With his Spiritual Power, he totally has the ability to become a third-class master of tactical formations. His existence absolutely is a huge threat to Square Commandery.”

General Hong Ye was also stunned. It was amazing for a boy in his teens to own the Spiritual Power of 29 classes. His face turned serious and he said, “Is he dead?”

Prince Huo Xing’s face became a bit darker. “He’s escaped!” he said.

General Hong Ye looked at the traces on the ground and stared in the direction that Zhang Ruochen and Blackie had left. “He can’t escape,” he said.

“Rumble! Rumble!”

General Hong Ye rode on the Single-Horned Golden Leopard. He dashed towards the direction of Magic Wind Ridge. It would be a great credit for him to kill Zhang Ruochen, therefore, how could he let this opportunity go?

Prince Huo Xing gathered the soldiers that were not injured. There were about 1,000 people. All of them also ran after Zhang Ruochen along the same direction as General Hong Ye.

The Double-Headed Blood Lion moved very fast, but how could it compare with a third-class savage beast, the Single-Horned Golden Leopard? General Hong Ye caught up to Zhang Ruochen and Blackie very quickly.

“Damn it! They’re catching up now!” Blackie anxiously said.

Zhang Ruochen looked ahead, finding that they had already arrived at the bottom of Magic Valley of the Wind. And it would only take a moment to rush into the valley.

But the one, who chased after them, was a general of the Earth Realm. Would he give them a moment?


Zhang Ruochen took a war bow out from the Time and Space Spinel. Then he put three purple Thunder Arrows on the string at the same time and shot them out.


Three Thunder Arrows flew towards the head, heart, and the Single-Horned Golden Leopard of General Hong Ye respectively. All of them were very accurate.

General Hong Ye wore a smile of contempt. He even did not elude them. Two Thunder Arrows that flew to his head and heart hit against the thick armor, giving out two loud bangs caused by the crash of metal, and then flew out.

The Thunder Arrow that flew toward the Single-Horned Golden Leopard was bitten by it and then swallowed into its belly.

Seeing this, Zhang Ruochen’s facial expression changed a little. He used his whole strength to shoot those three arrows. A normal warrior of the Completion of the Black Realm could not resist them, but before a warrior of the Earth Realm, they were so weak and vulnerable.

“Little boy, your shooting is very good, but it’s a pity that you don’t have enough power.” General Hong Ye gave a loud laugh.

Seeing that the Double-Headed Blood Lion was going to rush into the valley, General Hong Ye had pursued at 60 meters away, 50 meters, 40 meters, 30 meters…

When there were just 20 meters between them, General Hong Ye flew from the back of the Single-Horned Golden Leopard. He held a halberd of eight meters in his hands, piercing toward Zhang Ruochen’s back with great power.

“This is it!”

Before the halberd of General Hong Ye fell on his body, Zhang Ruochen already felt pain throughout his whole body. The sharp strength tore his clothes into ash.

Zhang Ruochen still kept calm. He stretched out his hands and pulled forward.

Looking at the action of Zhang Ruochen, General Hong Ye, who pierced him with his halberd, wore a smile of contempt. He thought Zhang Ruochen was too innocent to resist his halberd with his hands.

While what happened next made him change his face.

The halberd aimed to pierce Zhang Ruochen slowly turned its direction and flew out from his left side.

Avoiding the halberd saved Zhang Ruochen some time.

The Double-Headed Blood Lion carried Zhang Ruochen and Blackie to Magic Valley of the Wind at a fast speed.

“How could this be? What martial technique has he practiced?”

Staring at Zhang Ruochen’s back, General Hong Ye clenched his teeth, feeling very incredulous.

“He must die!”

Just confounded for a moment, General Hong Ye’s eyes became very determined again. He mounted the Single-Horned Golden Leopard, chasing after them into the valley.

“Little boy, now that you’ve escaped into the valley, there’s only one way for you to choose—death…” General Hong Ye stood on the Single-Horned Golden Leopard and looked at Zhang Ruochen, who had already stopped.

Suddenly, his facial expression became serious. Staring at two beautiful young girls not far away, he said, “Who are you?”

Duanmu Xingling’s charming face gave an enchanting smile and her breasts gently vibrated. She bared her snow-white teeth in a grin and said, “How dare you ask me who we are? It’s me that should know who you are. You really have the nerve to hunt a disciple of the School of the Martial Market!”

Duanmu Xingling was really beautiful, enchanting, and moving. Even General Hong Ye was struck for a while when he saw her. He never expected to meet such a stunning beauty in the wilderness.

“Listen to her tone, she must be a disciple of the School of the Martial Market too.”

“Who cares about whether she is a disciple of the School of the Martial Market. In the Omen Ridge, even if I raped her, how could the School of the Martial Market know about it? At most, I would sell her in the black market after I raped her.”

“Once she was sold in the black market, she would become a whore or a slave of the market. No matter how noble she is, she would never be able to escape from the market.”

“If I could sleep with her, even if my life was shortened by 10 years, it would be a good thing too.”

Then, General Hong Ye stared at Huang Yanchen, a stunned look showed in his eyes again. He was wild with joy, thinking, “God treats me so well that I could meet two fairy beauties just by hunting Zhang Ruochen.”

He could enjoy them first and then sell them on the black market. There was no doubt that he could make a lot of money.

General Hong Ye could see that Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling were at the cultivation of the Black Realm. They could not beat him.

But he did not know that they were Warriors of Division Profound. He would not have been so optimistic had he known that.

Seeing his dirty expression, Huang Yanchen felt extremely disgusted and hateful. She said, “Men are all the same. No matter how high their cultivation is, they still can not change their nature.”

Standing not far away from them, Zhang Ruochen slightly frowned, when hearing Huang Yanchen’s words.

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