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Chapter 122 - Being Besieged

Chapter 122: Being Besieged

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“It’s so wasteful to practice and fill the Qi Lake by refining nearly 200 Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills.”

Although his cultivation had been improved greatly, Zhang Ruochen was not feeling good.

After all, two hundred Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills were as valuable as one million silver coins. If other warriors had known what he had done, they would have hit the ceiling.

“A Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pill is just a second-class pill and is less effective for me. It won’t have much effect, if I keep taking it.”

With 340 Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills left, Zhang Ruochen planned to go back to the Western Campus and sell them to the new students at a low price. Then he could use the earnings to buy some third-class pills.

One Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pill went for five thousand silver coins. If Zhang Ruochen offered a unit price of three thousand silver coins, students would rush to purchase, especially those students at the Initial and Mid Stages of the Black Realm, since Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills could rapidly promote their cultivation.

After making up his mind, Zhang Ruochen put the remaining 340 Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills away.

“Animal Spirits Fixing Beasts!”

Zhang Ruochen’s body was surrounded by a cloud of bright red Spiritual Blood. Two illusory images, one of a giant savage beast seven meters tall and one of a blood-red dragon with seven claws, emerged behind him.

The promotion of cultivation thickened his Spiritual Blood, thus making the elephant and dragon images more concrete and vivid, as if they could come alive.

Right now, Zhang Ruochen was like a combination of elephant and dragon, emanating a strong spirit of Martial Arts.

With his present cultivation, he could burst out a speed of 52 meters per second without activating the power of blood meridian. When he utilized his blood vessels, his speed would increase to 54 meters per second.

“It’s not bad. Let my Genuine Qi subside for some time. When my increased Genuine Qi is completely integrated with my flesh and meridians, then I can challenge the Medium State of the Black Realm.”

Zhang Ruochen had practiced within the Time and Space Spinel for more than a month, which was equivalent to a dozen days of the external world.

On coming out of the Time and Space Spinel, Zhang Ruochen felt a strong scent of a savage beast. He looked up and found a blood-red lion five meters tall standing before him.

With two huge heads and eyes bigger than Zhang Ruochen’s fist, the lion bared two rows of sharp pointy teeth which were as long as his palms. On seeing Zhang Ruochen, it let out two deafening roars, causing great pain to his eardrums.

It was a Double-Headed Blood Lion, a superior class savage beast of the second level.

Almost instantly, Zhang Ruochen took out his Flash Shinning Sword and grasped it in his hands, pointing it towards the Double-Headed Blood Lion. The edge of the sword radiated a beam of half-meter long sword radiance.

“Young man, don’t be so nervous. That’s my new flying mount.” Blackie sat on the ground, roasting a large bull shank over an open fire.

The bull leg, estimated to weigh over 100 kilograms, was more than two meters long and had already been roasted golden, giving off a rich aroma of meat.

In the distance, the corpse of an Iron Bull King lay among the fallen leaves, but a leg was missing. Obviously, it was the one Blackie was roasting.

“You tamed it? Really? A Double-Headed Blood Lion is a superior class savage beast of the second level! Its fighting capacity could compare to warriors at the Completion of the Black Realm. How could I believe it will tamely submit to you?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Blackie answered with disdain, “Just a superior class savage beast of the second level. That’s a piece of cake. If my cultivation isn’t sealed, it is not qualified to be my meal. But now, it’s a great honor for him to be my flying mount. Isn’t that right, Xiao Shuang?”

The Blood Lion with two gigantic heads gave a slight nod and kneeled in front of Blackie.

Zhang Ruochen put his Flash Shinning Sword away and walked over to the Two-headed Blood Lion. Staring into its eyes, Zhang Ruochen released his Spiritual Power.

Moments later, Zhang Ruochen withdrew his Spiritual Power and said with a smile, “I guessed right! You recorded a beast-taming inscription onto the eyeballs of the Two-headed Blood Lion.”

To take control of a savage beast, Beast Trainers usually carved a beast-taming inscription onto their eyeballs, skin, or bone.

Having been exposed by Zhang Ruochen, Blackie was not awkward at all. “What does it matter?” he replied. “At least, it’s my flying mount now. Show me if you can tame one too!”

“I won’t do it the way you did,” Zhang Ruochen answered. “That’s too complicated. I could use my merits directly in exchange for one savage beast at the School of Martial Market. One superior class savage beast of the second level is only worthy of 200 to 500 merit points. I could even exchange one savage beast of the third level, if I want.”

The giant bull leg was fully roasted, and Blackie was prepared to enjoy it slowly.


Suddenly, with a sword radiance, 5 kilos of the most succulent meat was cut off. It flew up and fell into Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

“I haven’t eaten meat for a long time… Hmm… Such an enticing smell. Thanks!” Zhang Ruochen held the chunk of golden beef, tore off a small piece with his finger and put it into his mouth. He savored it slowly and quite enjoyed it.

Zhang Ruochen had been replacing food with Blood Pills for the last six months. Words could not describe his pleasure when he tasted barbecue again.

“Taste good, Blackie,” Zhang Ruochen praised. “Your culinary skill is better than the imperial cook.”

Blackie tolerated it and did not get angry. “As long as you enjoyed it.” Blackie licked its lips and chose to swallow the insult.

It had no choice but to listen to Zhang Ruochen, for its fate was totally controlled by him.

Zhang Ruochen and Blackie ate up the whole bull leg, of which 10 kilos were finished by Zhang Ruochen and 100 kilos were eaten by Blackie. Such a large appetite for a man and a cat!

Actually, this was very normal. It was said that warriors at the Heaven Realm could eat one savage beast, weighing thousands of kilos for one meal. He could convert its flesh and blood into his own power.

Zhang Ruochen took the Time and Space Spinel off Blackie’s neck and put it away. He stood up, stretched out and said, “I’m going to practice in Devil Wind Valley. Will you come or not?”

“No! I need to collect some herbs to refine some Pills,” Blackie answered.

Zhang Ruochen was puzzled, “Why?”

“Of course, it’s for you,” Blackie paused and said, ” If I help improve your cultivation, mine will be stronger too. I must win that arrogant Huang girl. Never have I met such an arrogant human being before.”

Blackie’s cultivation had all been sealed in the Yin Yang Wooden Glyph. The stronger the cultivation Zhang Ruochen had, the more seals he could unlock. As a result, Blackie’s power would also improve.

Basically, Zhang Ruochen and Blackie were like two grasshoppers on a rope. Supposing Zhang Ruochen was dead, Blackie would be resealed into the Yin Yang Wooden Glyph.

“You can refine Pills?” Zhang Ruochen asked with a glimmer of a smile.

“Don’t underestimate me,” Blackie replied. “I’m well-informed and experienced with amazing abilities. Taming beasts and refining Pills are a piece of cake. I can even refine weapons, embattle, control the forces of nature, and turn stone into gold with no difficulty.”

While Zhang Ruochen was listening to Blackie boast about itself, he noticed something unusual in the forest. “Hush! Keep quiet!” He made a silent gesture to Blackie with a grim look on his face.

“Hush? What are you shushing? I also have other talents, like summoning Yin soldiers, communicating with the Moon and Sun, making ice cover thousands of miles… ” Suddenly, Blackie moved its ears and shut up immediately as if it had heard some noise too.

Blackie blew cold air and the fire before them immediately went out. The unburnt branches let out a “chi chi” sound and were soon covered with a layer of white frost.

The fire was extinguished and everything went dark.

The Two-headed Blood Lion on the ground seemed to feel it too. It raised its two heads, spitting out a mouthful of blood scented air.

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes and transferred his Genuine Qi to his ears. After a moment, he said, “We’re surrounded. There are about 2000 human warriors.”

“Zhang Ruochen, What the hell did you do? Who did you offend?” Blackie asked.

After a moment of meditation, Zhang Ruochen replied, “I see. Western Nine Prefectures all have their troops stationed in Omen Ridge, among which Square Commandery owns the most troops. Prince Huo Xing hates me very much. I assumed he would send troops from the barracks to kill me, when I left the Western Campus.”

Blackie asked, “How does he know our movements?”

“There is a kind of savage beast called Cerberus in the barracks. It can find me by following my scent.” Zhang Ruochen carried the Flash Shinning Sword and said with sharp eyes, “Get ready for a battle.”

“Why not run away?”

“We can’t escape.”

“Give me 100 Spiritual Crystals. I can use them to place a Blazed Vermilion Bird Formation,” Blackie said. “Maybe it will pose a threat to them.”

Zhang Ruochen gave Blackie 100 Spiritual Crystals without thinking.

Having the Spiritual Crystals, Blackie buried them in the ground one by one and began to carve the Inscription of Array on the ground with its paws.

It was not long before a Blazed Vermilion Bird Formation covering a radius of fifty meters was placed. The tactical formation would be activated if Genuine Qi was injected to trigger the inscriptions.

“I could only place an inferior array. Hope this will withstand the attack of this elite army.” Blackie came back to Zhang Ruochen, looking quite tired.

At that moment, the sound of iron heels came from all directions. Many bronze torches lit up the night sky, forming a sea of fire in the forest, surrounding Zhang Ruochen and Blackie.

Zhang Ruochen glanced around and found they were all troops of the Square Commandery. They wore thick armor and rode savage beasts. Almost all of them were at the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm while some of them had even attained the Medium State of the Yellow Realm.


Approximately 500 soldiers half knelt on the ground and drew their wire bows, preparing to shoot their thunder arrows towards Zhang Ruochen.

All looked well-trained, neat, and uniform. They were definitely true elites.

“Tap! Tap!”

Prince Huo Xing came to the head of the army riding a savage beast of the second level. He stared at Zhang Ruochen arrogantly and laughed. “Zhang Ruochen, I thought you have already fled?”

Zhang Ruochen scrutinized the sergeants around them coldly, and said calmly, “I waited here just to know whether or not it is you who wants to kill me.”

“You waited for me on purpose? I think you’re waiting for death!” Prince Huo Xing said with an ironic smile on his face.

“You thought they could kill me so easily?” A smile appeared on Zhang Ruochen’s face.

Prince Huo Xing smirked and said, “Do you think you are a superior of the Heaven Realm, able to take on an entire army by himself? To tell you the truth, I have brought 2000 elites from the Fierce-Tiger Army. Never mind you, even a strong warrior of the Earth Realm could only wait for death in this situation.”

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