God Emperor

Chapter 116 - The Assassins Arrive

Chapter 116: The Assassins Arrive

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Duanmu Xingling calmed her anger and said glumly, “The quarterly assessment is two months away. It has two rounds. Round one is the Freshmen’s Tournament held by the four external houses. Round two is the Ranking Evaluation inside Western Campus. Are you confident?”

“Confident about what?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Duanmu Xingling said, “As the No.1 freshman on the Western Campus, it’s your responsibility to fight for the honor of Western Campus. If you can lead our freshmen to beat the other three campuses at the tournament, you will for sure get lots of merits as a reward.”

Huang Yanchen’s cold voice came from outside the door, “Although you’re the most talented freshman on the Western Campus, your practical ability is not the best. Not to mention that there are countless geniuses in the other three campuses. It’s not easy for you to become No.1 of all four campuses.”

Zhang Ruochen and Duanmu Xingling both stared with surprise at Huang Yanchen as she was walking in.

Duanmu Xingling asked, “Sister Chen, why did you come here?”

Huang Yanchen did not seem happy now. She said, “I went to Yellow No.1 to visit Zhang Ruochen, but he wasn’t there. I guessed that he must be in your room. Xingling, I didn’t expect that you would fall for this pervert.”

“I didn’t! Sister Chen, you must listen…” Duanmu Xingling said.

“Say no more!” Huang Yanchen stared at Zhang Ruochen, took out a tiny jade jar, passed it to him, and said, “Pervert, this is one drop of Half-Saint’s Essence. I’d like to trade it with you for a space treasure.”

Zhang Ruochen looked at the tiny jar, then turned his eyes to Huang Yanchen. Dissatisfied with her attitude, he frowned and shook his head. “Sorry. Deputy Yard Master Qing Hua has already promised to apply for 10 drops of Half-Saint Liquid for me. I’m not short of it now.”

In fact, Zhang Ruochen felt quite guilty about what he had done to Huang Yanchen. He had even planned to give her a space treasure, but due to her current attitude, he had second thoughts.

Huang Yanchen widened her royal blue eyes, seeming very cold. “Duanmu Xingling can trade you one drop of Half-Saint Liquid for a jade space bracelet, but I can’t? It seems that she is much closer to you. That’s fine! Name your price.”

Duanmu Xingling was afraid that Huang Yanchen would misunderstand, so she kept winking at Zhang Ruochen.

But Zhang Ruochen pretended that he did not see anything and said, “Five million silver coins. No less.”

Hearing Zhang Ruochen’s words, Huang Yanchen drew her sword and directly pointed it at Zhang Ruochen’s neck and said, “Say it again.”

Zhang Ruochen ignored the insistent sword, stared into Huang Yanchen’s eyes, and said mildly, “Five million silver coins. No less.”

Huang Yanchen had a fierce temper, which was triggered by Zhang Ruochen’s words. She said, “I finally realize why Duanmu Xingling interfered with me when I planned to harm you. You two have colluded for a long time! In that case, why should I spare you? Today, I will make you pay the price for what you did that night. You will be a eunuch from now on!”

Originally, Huang Yanchen had planned to visit Zhang Ruochen and trade a space treasure with him. She had even intended to repair their relationship.

But, when she found out that Zhang Ruochen stayed with her best friend, she was outraged and felt betrayed.


Huang Yanchen turned her hand to cleave Zhang Ruochen with her sword, aiming at his penis.

Zhang Ruochen was shocked by the feeling of a chill passing over the lower part of his body. He stepped backward immediately and narrowly escaped from Huang Yanchen’s attack.

Huang Yanchen was really not letting this go. She gathered the Sword Breath and thrust at him again.


Duanmu Xingling also took out her sword and waved backhanded to counter Huang Yanchen’s movement, saying, “Sister Chen, calm down. Please listen…”

Seeing that Duanmu Xingling had made a move, Huang Yanchen became even angrier. Her endless movements were as fast as the wind, forming a huge Sword Breath vortex.

“Duanmu Xingling, we’ve never battled it out. Today, let’s find out who’s stronger.”

With her long hair flying and her robe waving, in just a few moves of her sword, Huang Yanchen gracefully drew Duanmu Xingling into her Sword Breath vortex.


Two flows of strong Sword Breath crashed together, causing a huge hole in the roof, where azure stones continually fell down from.

The two girls rushed up and out through the hole, flying over the eaves and running on the walls, making the tiles clang.

The sound of the battle was gradually fading away, leaving a terrible mess inside the room. Zhang Ruochen was at a loss for words. “Senior sister apprentice Huang is a real ruffian. Everywhere she goes turns into ruins. It seems that I need a new room now.”

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen sensed a murderous feeling and all of the hair on his body stood up at once.

Zhang Ruochen lunged forward instinctively and rolled over on the ground.


A green poisonous arrow went through the wall, closely passing Zhang Ruochen’s neck, leaving a bloodstain on his skin.

In just the blink of an eye, the skin around the bloodstain became dark purple.

Zhang Ruochen immediately took out a Detoxification Pill from the Time Spinel and swallowed it.

The murderous sense did not disappear. It was like a viper hiding in the dark, ready to shoot again at any moment.

Zhang Ruochen had already practiced the Purifying Jade Genuine Qi, which could purify many poisons. But the poison on the green arrow was especially powerful, and he was only able to suppress the poison from spreading with the help of both the Detoxification Pill and his Purifying Jade Genuine Qi.

“Have the Hades Department assassins come at last?”

Zhang Ruochen lay on his stomach on the ground, not daring to move. He quietly released the Space Domain.

Under the Space Domain, Zhang Ruochen detected the auras of the two assassins. One was hiding in the attic, only seven meters away from him.

The other was farther, hiding in the foliage of a huge iron pine tree. If it were not for his Space Domain, Zhang Ruochen would never have found her.

She had to be the one who shot the poisonous arrow.

Two assassins—one near, one far.

Zhang Ruochen could sense their martial cultivations. They were both in the Completion of the Black Realm. Their Genuine Qi was so strong that either one of them had the power to kill Zhang Ruochen.

“What a coincidence that the assassins would come for me when I’ve just finished practicing in the Divine Power Palace! Does that mean that, apart from Zi Qian, there are other Hades Department assassins among the 12 genius students who practice in the Divine Power Palace?”

Zhang Ruochen thought quickly. The situation was very critical and something had gone badly wrong.

“I hid in Black No.1 so senior sister apprentice Duanmu could help me deal with the assassins. All of a sudden, Huang Yanchen showed up and lured her away. Then, the assassins appeared. How could there be such a coincidence? Maybe Huang Yanchen is also a Hades Department assassin?”

Zhang Ruochen held his breath and covered his aura with the power of the Space Domain. He then had a plan in mind.

His greatest advantage now was that he could locate the two assassins without being located himself.

In that case, he should kill the closer assassin as fast as he could, then kill the farther one.

Yet, they were both in the Completion of the Black Realm and were way more powerful than Zhang Ruochen. It was quite difficult for Zhang Ruochen to kill either one of them. So, how could he kill them both?

Just then, Zhang Ruochen sensed Blackie in the Space Domain.

Blackie had stolen another two books. He tucked them under his forepaws and proudly walked into the room through the front door on his hind paws, not knowing that there were two powerful assassins hiding inside Room One of Titled Black.

Zhang Ruochen summoned the Yin-Yang Wooden Graph from his Qi Pool. He held it in his hand and poured his Genuine Qi into it to send a message to Blackie.

“What the hell is Zhang Ruochen doing? Does he plan to seal me into the Yin-Yang Wooden Graph again?” Blackie felt the sealing power of the Yin-Yang Wooden Graph, which was drawing him inside.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen’s voice reached Blackie’s ears via the Yin-Yang Wooden Graph’s power.

After getting Zhang Ruochen’s message, Blackie’s ears stuck up. He looked over in the direction indicated by Zhang Ruochen with his round eyes.

“It’s no wonder that they are professional assassins. To their credit, they did a good job of hiding. It’s impossible to find them without carefully searching. Now, the show is on!”

Blackie laughed and skittered into the bushes.

With Blackie’s help, Zhang Ruochen was much more confident.

“Weapon of Thunderbolt!”

Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Soul had the nature of space-time and thunderbolt at the same time.

Activated by his Genuine Qi, it gathered all of the Spiritual Qi in a 25-meter radius to form a group of sparks.

The tiny sparks converged and intertwined, becoming stronger.


A thunderbolt flashed across the space void and struck at the assassin who was hiding seven meters away from Zhang Ruochen.


Being caught off guard, the assassin was seriously injured by the thunderbolt. There was smoke all over his body and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

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