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Chapter 115 - Walking on Water

Chapter 115: Walking on Water

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“This is the Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph of predecessor Luo Xu!”

Zhang Ruochen admired Luo Xu so much that he gave a slight bow toward the Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph to show respect to predecessor Luo Xu.

When Luo Shuihan noticed Zhang Ruochen saluting toward the Glyph, her eyes brightened and she gave a slight nod. It was possible that her appreciation of Zhang Ruochen was increasing.

Even though he was an outstanding, talented warrior, he behaved humbly at all times, and that would lead him to a splendid future.

Luo Shuihan said, “There are altogether 1,894 creeks, 325 brooks, 64 rivers, nine streams, and a massive sea on the Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph. The creek, brook, river, stream, and the sea represent five different realms of Spiritual Power. Let’s try and see if you can reach any of the realms!”

Zhang Ruochen nodded. He sat cross-legged under the Glyph and fully released his Spiritual Power.

At the same time, Luo Shuihan lifted up her white rope slightly and sat next to Zhang Ruochen. She also activated her Spiritual Power and looked closely at the Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph.



Shortly after, both of their Spiritual Power had simultaneously entered the Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph and arrived on a piece of land that was surrounded by water that was shuttling back and forth.

Luo Shuihan looked like a white Sacred Butterfly as she exposed her snow-white legs with bare feet and walked into the water. Eventually, she walked to the middle of the creek, looking like something out of a fairytale.

She turned around and looked at Zhang Ruochen, who was standing on the shore. She said with her soft voice, as if she had turned into an angel, “There are thousands of pathways for cultivation. Yet, all the pathways will, in the end, converge into one and lead everyone in the same direction.”

“In the world, 3,000 pathways, and yet, the same goal will be reached,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Then, he walked over to the creek and closed his eyes. When he lifted up his leg and stepped on the surface of the water, his sole sunk down slightly but did not fall into the water in the end.

He did not think too much, but just kept walking. Both of his feet moved along the water’s surface toward Luo Shuihan as if he was walking on the ground.

When Luo Shuihan noticed that Zhang Ruochen could walk on the surface of the water, she nodded her head slightly. She continued to walk following the water current.

Zhang Ruochen quickened his pace and caught up with Luo Shuihan on her left. They walked side by side with both of their eyes shut. There was a sense of peacefulness and coziness and no words could explain how amazing that was.

“Zhang Ruochen, your talent is indeed very high, higher than all the geniuses that I’ve ever met. Can you tell me how you cultivate your Spiritual Power to such heights?” Luo Shuihan kept her eyes closed and continued walking by relying on her instincts.

“Senior sister apprentice Luo, I’m sorry but I can’t expose that to anyone. I’d prefer keeping the secret to myself,” Zhang Ruochen said as an apology.

Luo Shuihan did not force him to answer. She then asked, “Well, do you know what exactly the Spiritual Power is?”

Zhang Ruochen responded, “Since human brains are full of potential, the Spiritual Power comes from the Spiritual Stage of our brains. Ordinary people can only utilize one-tenth of their brains. Therefore, their Spiritual Power is only at level 10. By practicing Spiritual Power, we can open up the treasure house in our brains and display different possibilities.

“It is said that if ordinary people who have never practiced Martial Arts were able to use up to 50% of their brain, which is equal to level 50 of their Spiritual Power, then they would be able to break through the limitation of human beings and become Saints by refining Spiritual Power.”

“A Spiritual Power Saint is scarier than a Martial Arts Saint. Some of them are able to summon thunderbolts, some of them can control the clouds and rains, some can awaken dead bodies that have been dead for thousands of years, some can communicate with the gods, and some can predict the future.”

Luo Shuihan nodded and said, “Spiritual Power Saints are indeed stronger and stranger than Martial Arts Saints. Yet, becoming a Spiritual Power Saint is hundreds or a thousand times harder than becoming a Martial Arts Saint. When it comes to the later stage of practicing Spiritual Power, the degree of difficulty will be doubled. Elevating to one level higher is as difficult as climbing up into the sky. For example, Elder Yue Jingchan, who has practiced Spiritual Power for 80 years and reached level 39, needs at least 40 more years, if he wants to reach level 40 of his Spiritual Power. But, do you think he still has 40 more years left to live?”

At this time, they had passed through the creek and entered a brook.

Once again, they walked on the brook’s surface and made their way toward the river.

The water current in the brook became rapid. There was a strong wind on the water’s surface, which stopped Luo Shuihan and Zhang Ruochen from going forward.

Shortly after, they entered the river.

The water current of the river was even more turbulent. The wind on the water’s surface was also getting stronger, it seemed as if both of them were going to be blown away.

When they had finally crossed half of the river, Luo Shuihan’s voice entered into Zhang Ruochen’s ears.

She said, “This is my limit, I can’t go any farther!”

Zhang Ruochen stopped and looked at Luo Shuihan next to him. Luo Shuihan’s entire body had been submerged in the water with only her beautiful face barely remaining above the water’s surface. He had no idea when it had happened.

If she kept going forward, she would definitely drown.

Luo Shuihan said, “I’ll stay and practice here. Once my Spiritual Power has increased, I’ll be able to float up and go farther.

“Take care!”

Zhang Ruochen could do nothing to help so he kept moving forward, hoping that Luo Shuihan would be able to catch up with him.

Walking out from the river, Zhang Ruochen entered a wider stream.

If he followed the water flow of the stream, he would be able to reach the sea.

From the creek to the brook, the brook to the river, the river to the stream, and the stream to the sea… Zhang Ruochen’s field of view had been getting wider, which required a stronger Spiritual Power the farther that he went.

When he first stepped into the stream, he legs sunk down slightly with the water coming up to his ankles.

He continued moving 3,000 meters forward, where the water reached his knees.

2,000 meters more and the water had risen to his waist.

Another 2,000 meters and the water was up to his chest.

Despite the difficulties and obstacles, Zhang Ruochen kept going step by step, requiring overwhelming effort to move forward. Yet, he never thought of giving up.

The water in the stream had been hammering his Spiritual Power.

When he was immersed in the water up to his neck, Zhang Ruochen did not have a choice but to stop and struggle with the water current so he could maintain his breathing and not drown.

Time slowly passed by. Zhang Ruochen’s body eventually floated up and the water had gone down to his waist.

Suddenly, Luo Shuihan shouted from the shore, “Zhang Ruochen, it’s time!”

Zhang Ruochen awoke from the process of elevating his Spiritual Power. He looked toward Luo Shuihan at the shore and asked, “That’s too fast!”

Luo Shuihan said, “If you decide to choose the path of the Spiritual Power Saint, I can lend you this Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph so that you can keep refining your Spiritual Power. But, you’ll have to give up practicing Martial Arts.”

“If you decide to continue practicing Martial Arts, you have to leave the Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph now!”

Zhang Ruochen certainly understood what Luo Shuihan meant.

A warrior could surely practice both Martial Arts and Spiritual Power. However, he could not overindulge himself in practicing Spiritual Power. Otherwise, it would greatly affect his Martial Arts. This was a taboo that a warrior always needed to avoid.

It was impossible for Zhang Ruochen to give up Martial Arts. Therefore, he made his way toward the shore.

At the same time, he noticed that there was a faint human shadow on the river’s surface far away. The shadow stood in the middle of the water’s surface as if he was demonstrating a high-level fist technique.

Yet, the human shadow disappeared in a second when Zhang Ruochen looked over again.

“What are you looking at?” Luo Shuihan asked.

“I think I just saw a human shadow that looked very much like predecessor Luo Xu,” Zhang Ruochen responded.

Luo Shuihan was surprised. There was a sense of curiosity showing in her eyes. She asked instantly, “What was the human shadow doing?”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly and said, “When I looked over again, the shadow had already disappeared. Perhaps I didn’t see clearly.”

Luo Shuihan looked disappointed and said, “Maybe you did see clearly. There’s a high possibility that it was the illusory image of my ancestor practicing his Martial Arts.”

“Maybe!” Zhang Ruochen did not worry too much about it. He left the water and went over to the shore.

Luo Shuihan appeared to be frustrated. She glanced at Zhang Ruochen and asked, “Do you know which level your Spiritual Power is at after practicing in the Glyph?”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and replied, “I’m not too sure.”

“Level 34,” Luo Shuihan exclaimed.”

Zhang Ruochen was not surprised by his achievement. The Chord of Gods had greatly elevated his Spiritual Power last time. Reaching level 34 was not something that was out of his expectation.

Luo Shuihan continued, “Do you know what the level of my ancestor’s Spiritual Power was when he reached Half-Saint? His Spiritual Power was only at level 38 at that time. And when he became a saint, he had broken through level 40.”

“Zhang Ruochen, you have already reached level 34 at the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm. I guess you can be ranked in the top 10 throughout the history of the entire Kunlun’s Field. If you give up Martial Arts and focus on Spiritual Power now, there will be a 50% chance for you to become a Spiritual Power Saint.”

Zhang Ruochen certainly understood what Luo Shuihan was saying. He looked determined and said, “There’s no way that I’ll give up Martial Arts.”

“Okay then. You are the one who decides which way to go. Follow your heart!” Luo Shuihan added, “Regarding your Spiritual Power level, I won’t tell anyone. This secret is safe with me!”

“Thank you so much, senior sister apprentice Luo!” Zhang Ruochen said with appreciation.

Afterward, Luo Shuihan and Zhang Ruochen left the Half-Saint’s Sacred Glyph and walked toward the Divine Power Palace.

Watching Luo Shuihan and Zhang Ruochen walking out of Divine Power Palace together, the students that had been waiting outside the Palace all revealed looks of jealousy and envy.

Especially Yuchi Tiancong and Prince Huo Xing—they were extremely jealous of Zhang Ruochen. They kept staring at Zhang Ruochen as if they wanted to kill him with their menacing gazes.

The door of the Divine Power Palace had been closed again. The 12 students all made their way and left the palace.

Going back to Black No.1, Zhang Ruochen was going to enter the Time and Space Spinel and practice the sword technique to prepare for the quarterly assessment held in two months.

“Bang!” The door of his room was opened by a palm. Duanmu Xingling rushed into his room with a weird smile on her face. She asked, “Zhang Ruochen, has senior sister apprentice Luo brought you to the third level of the Divine Power Palace?”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “Yes, she did.”

Duanmu Xingling asked, “What is on the third level of Divine Power Palace?”

“That I can’t tell you,” Zhang Ruochen responded.

Duanmu Xingling stared at him angrily and said, “Fine! Keep the secret to yourself. I was going to tell you what you need to pay attention to at the quarterly assessment in two months. But since you won’t tell me about the third level, I won’t tell you about that either!”

Zhang Ruochen laughed bitterly and exclaimed, “Senior sister apprentice Duanmu, I really can’t tell you!”

Duanmu Xingling stared at Zhang Ruochen harshly. All of a sudden, she put a gorgeous smile on her face. “Okay. But you need to tell me your method to practice Spiritual Power to such a terrifying level!”

Zhang Ruochen thought for a while and said with sincerity, “Talent.”

Duanmu Xingling clenched her fists tightly and wanted to choke him to death.

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