God Emperor

Chapter 117 - Big Fish Falls

Chapter 117: Big Fish Falls

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“Where did the thunderbolt came from?”

The killer was shocked and decided to retreat at once.


After knocking down the wall, Zhang Ruochen thrust his Flash Shining Sword to the killer’s glabella at high speed.

However, the killer in black was more nimble than Zhang Ruochen’s sword and he drew back after hearing the sound of wind.


Zhang Ruochen waved his arm and cut a piece of black lapel from the killer’s neck.

That killer touched his neck, discovering his head was still attached, he sighed with relief, “You indeed have some superiorities and deserve the first one. Can you tell me what’s going on with that thunderbolt?”

Zhang Ruochen knew the killer was putting him off and waiting for another faraway slayer killing him, thus he continued his sword and said, “Go ask the King of Hell!”

“Humph! You are just a freshman in the Advanced Stage of the Black realm. You attempt to kill a stronger person in the completion of the Black Realm? You are too arrogant!”

A cold glare emerged in the killer’s eyes and he took out a very thin sword from one sleeve.

Fish Intestines Sword Hidden in Sleeve.


With glittering flashlights, the Sword Breath like a white rainbow stabbed to Zhang Ruochen’s heart.

His speed was inconceivable fast at the speed of 50 meters per second, in a flash, his sword stabbed towards Zhang Ruochen’s heart.

Just when he thought he would surely be able to kill Zhang Ruochen, suddenly, the space in front of Zhang Ruochen distorted. The sword unexpectedly changed its direction, stabbing through Zhang Ruochen’s one armpit.

“How could this be? No!”

That killer could be no more frightened.

For two Martial Arts masters who were fighting with each other, a little mistake meant a dead end to each of them.


Zhang Ruochen pierced his sword to the ankles of that killer, having his legs’ tendons picked off.

Then, Zhang Ruochen twisted his body, coming behind the killer and pointed to the Sacred Merdian of the kill’s spine with his two fingers together.


His Sacred Merdian was broken and cultivation was scrapped.

The killer in black fell to the ground!

Zhang Ruochen had no time to look at the appearance of that killer in black, carrying the Flash Shining Sword and jumping down the attic, he went to another killer by leaps who was 40 meters away.

That killer, hiding behind the leaves of a giant pine tree, was shocked when she seeing Zhang Ruochen rushing to her with a sword.

“How did he find out where I was hiding?”

This female killer drew out two green long poison arrows from her back, while riding them on the bowstring, and then she pulled the black longbow like a full moon.

She was very confident of her archery. Even a completion warrior of the Black realm could not survive within 40 meters.


At this moment, she heard a voice of meow behind her.

A black shadow quickly flashed through in front of her eyes.

That black shadow stretched out a sharp paw and stroke on her one wrist.


The right hand of her was cut off by the paw and fell down from the tree.

Crimson blood gushed from her wrist and dyed her black robe to red.

A sharp pain came from her wrist so that she made a muffled voice.


Below her, Zhang Ruochen chopped the giant pine tree trunk off, making the tree crash down.

Falling heavily on the ground from an over 20-meter high tree, the female killer was just trying to escape while she found a sword tip with a cold light pointing to her head.

“Still want to run away?”

Zhang Ruochen picked out the veil from the female killer’s face with his sword, a quite gorgeous face exposed.

“It’s you!” Zhang Ruochen was amazed slightly.

This female killer was Hua Lian, the newborn first of Western Campus six years ago.

Hua Lian bit her teeth tightly, revealing a hint of sneer and looked at Blackie who was not far away, then said unwillingly, “I did not expect you have raised a strong savage beast, we are miscalculated!”

“You called who is a savage beast? Your ancestors had not yet been born when I was shocking the world,” Blackie said unpleasantly.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Tell me, in Western Campus who else are Hades Department Killers?”

“Zhang Ruochen, you looked down on me!” Hua Lian showed a strange smile.


A five-meter-diameter Blood Wave took shape under Hua Lian’s feet, emitting glaring blood lights, which shook Zhang Ruochen and Blackie away together.

“Go to hell!”

Drawing a thin sword from her one sleeve, Hua Lian stabbed it to the glabella of Zhang Ruochen as quick as a flash.

It was so fast.

Zhang Ruochen hardly saw her techniques clearly.

“Damn, I looked down upon her. Hua Lian was the newborn first six years ago, and her cultivation was definitely very profound. Even if she was not a Warrior of Division Profound she could not be much weaker than them.”

Zhang Ruochen quickly ran the Genuine Qi in his body and was ready to exert the power of space warps again.


A sound of blade piercing into flesh went off loudly.

Hua Lian’s whole body shook and fell to the ground after she suddenly stopped her paces, starring at Zhang Ruochen who was in front of her.

Standing behind Hua Lian, Huang Yanchen withdrew her bloody sword and hummed coldly, “The killers of Hades Department are increasingly rampant, they even dare to kill people in Dragon Martial Temple.”

Zhang Ruochen looked toward Hua Lian who was lying on the ground. Huang Yanchen’s sword was very precise, she pierced the heart of Hua Lian accurately from the back.

Staring at Huang Yanchen, Zhang Ruochen asked, “Why did you kill her?”

Huang Yanchen frowned slightly and said very unhappily, “If I hadn’t killed her, you could have been killed by her. Could you dodge her sword techniques just now?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “You just could break down her Sacred Merdian or destroy her cultivation, why you had to kill her? Maybe we could get some information from her if she were still alive.”

Huang Yanchen laughed, “You are too naive, I can’t believe you intended to ask something out from the killers of Hades Department?”


Huang Yanchen withdrew her sword and turned away.

Staring at the back of Huang Yanchen, Zhang Ruochen was very puzzled, “Whether she is a killer of Hades Department or not?”

“What are you thinking about?”

Duanmu Xingling stood next to Zhang Ruochen and looked at the direction where Zhang Ruochen was staring at Huang Yanchen’s exquisite back shadow, then asked in surprise, “Aren’t you doubting that Sister Chen is another killer from the Hades Department?”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “I just feel it was too coincidental!”

“Yes, it is.”

Duanmu Xingling nodded and said, “But you don’t need to doubt her because she absolutely can’t be a killer of Hades Department.”

“Why?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“First of all, killers of Hades Department mainly committed crimes in Western Nine Prefectures and Sister Chen is not from there. Secondly, killers are mainly for wealth to kill people and Sister Chen neither lacks money nor practice resources. By the way, do you know Sister Chen has another identity?” said Duanmu Xingling.

“What identity?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“She is the favorite daughter of Qianshui Commandery Prince. You should have heard of Qianshui Commandery, do you?” said Duanmu Xingling.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “Yes, I do. But I really didn’t expect that she has such a distinguished identity.”

As a superior class commandery, Qianshui Commandery doesn’t belong to the Western Nine Prefectures but nearby.

The whole territories of Western Nine Prefectures are less one quarter than that of Qianshui Commandery.

The east of Yunwu Commandery was bordered by the Qianshui Commandery, and in a sense, Yunwu Commandery was even attached to Qianshui Commandery.

Every year Yunwu Commandery sent a large number of tributes to Qianshui Commandery in order to obtain asylum of it, otherwise, the Yunwu Commandery would have been annexed by Square Commandery.

Since Huang Yanchen was the daughter of Qianshui Commandery Prince, then there was no possibility that she was a killer of Hades Department.

“Senior sister apprentice Huang has a hot-tempered, not like a princess at all.” Zhang Ruochen shook his head.

“Sister Chen’s character is straight and she doesn’t know how to disguise. If you contact her for a long time, you will find that she is actually a very good girl.” Duanmu Xingling laughed.

Zhang Ruochen went back to Black No.1 to check the killer who was destroyed cultivation by him.

When he returned he found that killer had been murdered.

“He died from a strong palm which shattered his heart.” Zhang Ruochen touched the kill’s heart and it had been torn apart.

Duanmu Xingling chased up and saw it. “How could this be? We were in the courtyard where was only 30 meters away from the attic. Who did this without a trace?”

Zhang Ruochen’s face fell and said, “At least the one who killed him has cultivation reached the completion of the Earth realm , even the myth of martial arts of the Heaven realm.”

Duanmu Xingling was surprised and said, “There is a terrible killer lurking in Western Campus, we shall tell the Lord.”

“No need! The Big fish has been caught!”

The lord of Western Campus bore his hands and walked in from outside with a faint smile on his face.

“Who?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

Looking toward a rockery in the distance, the lord of the Western Campus said, “Why do you hide yourself when you already have come, Elder Situ?”

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