God and Devil World

Chapter 9: Small Fireball

Chapter 9: Small Fireball

Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and White Bones, the 3 together fought while running toward a pavilion on the lake.

The pavilion has a narrow pathway that only one person can pass, surrounded by water, it was an easily defensible fortress against zombies.

Fleeing to the pavilion, White Bones stood in the middle of the pathway, the zombies that was attracted to them were chopped by the ax sending their head flying.

By himself in the narrow pathway, the zombies were no match for White Bones.

Ji Qing Wu eyed Yue, using a seductive voice, asked him:

“Hello there! I’m Ji Qing Wu, classmate, may I ask what is your name?”

Yue looked at Ji Qing Wu, and gave a slight chuckle:

“Ji sister, my name Yue Zhong. I think inside the school those that do not know you are rare!”

In front of the girl who has smooth glossy black shoulder length hair, an exquisitely pretty face, tall and buxom, eyes black and white, skin white as white jade, is recognized as the most beautiful in Yun Hua University, Ji Qing Wu.

Over a year ago at the New Year’s party, Ji Qing Wu performed a sword dance at Yun Hua University, most of the people were totally entranced by this pretty and beautiful girl. She also became the lover in most of the boy’s dream at the University. It is said that many wealthy sons outside the school also came in luxury car to find her.

Although Yue did not pay too much attention to this aspect, but because of the stunning sword dance at the New Year’s party that he recognized her. Yue did not think that the stunning and exquisite Ji Qing Wu would have such courage to fight those zombies, and yet so powerful.

Ji Qing Wu glance at White Bones, and asked directly:

“It is an ability that you got?”

Yue nodded and replied:


Ji Qing Wu with a pair of big eyes stared at Yue, earnestly said:

“I need your help, please accompany me in a trip to the girl’s dormitory. My friend is trapped in the dormitory, can you please go with me to save her!”

Inside the girl’s dormitory, there are a lot of zombies wandering around, Ji Qing Wu though powerful, can not by herself alone kill so many zombies to save her friend.

Yue nodded, and made a request:

“No problem! However, Ji sister, I also have a buddy to save, so after things are more stable, I hope you can help me save him!”

Does not know what kind of ability Ji Qing Wu obtained, but even with just her superb practical swordsmanship, it is already the best companion. With this mutated world, Ji Qing Wu is one of the best companion.


“Ji Qing Wu nodded in replied.

“Did you have a good rest here? If there are no problem, then please follow me!”

10 minutes later, Ji Qing Wu asked Yue.

Yue stood up and said:

“Good! Let’s go!”

Yue’s stamina has been restored to 10 points, is able to fight for a long time.

Ji Qing Wu holding the novice staff in hand, quickly went out.

On the pathway, there were body of headless zombies everywhere, more than 10 zombies that were attracted by Yue and Ji Qing Wu was killed by White Bones.

White Bones was faster than Yue and already gotten to level 6, his stats was once again increased.

Ji Qing Wu looked at White Bones, then smiled at Yue and said:

“This ability of your is really useful.”

White Bones is an undead, with superior fighting ability, his ability to fight continuously was greater than Yue and Ji Qing Wu.


Yue smiled, walking among the corpses, began collecting the Life Coin and see if there was and items.

“This is a skill book!”

Suddenly Yue eyes lit up, on one side of the pile of corpses, quietly lay a book, he immediately steps forward and picked up the book.

“Level 1 Skill Book – Small Fireball. Can release a small fireball to attack the enemy. This skill was a demon profession that a mage practice, before upgrading the skill to level 2, can only release the skill once every 3 days, Sell for 100 Life Coins!”

“This skill is not suited for me.”

Yue picked up the skill book, quickly a thought flashed.

Ji Qing Wu came to take a look, and asked Yue:

“What is this skill book?”

Yue raised the skill book and asked Ji Qing Wu:

“Level 1 Skill Book, Small Fireball. You want it?”

Ji Qing Wu looked at the skill book in Yue hand, shook her head and said:

“No need, lets go!”

Yue put the skill book in his backpack, straightened the stuff, and immediately follow Ji Qing Wu towards the outside.

Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and White Bones leaving the pavilion not too long, when the zombies wandering in the neighbourhood, immediately staggered towards the 3 of them .


Ji Qing Wu shouted, as if a whirlwind was heading toward the zombies in front of her. .

If they did not break through the 12 zombies in front, they wouldn’t be able to reach the girl’s dormitory.

Ji Qing Wu speed was very quick, taking a long stride forward she put some distance from Yue, apparently her agility is not low.

“White Bones! Forward!” Yue order White Bones.

Having receive the command from Yue, an inflame soul flashed in White Bones magical eyes, quickly moving up, like a god of war rushing pass Ji Qing Wu towards the group of zombie. Raising his ax, like a tornado cut down a zombie head, sending the head flying high, foul blood splattering.

“This skeleton is amazing!”

Ji Qing Wu look at White Bones as he pass her and reached the group of zombies, a bit of surprise flashed in her eyes. She immediately follow close to the side of White Bones, a novice staff in hand like a snake strike, quickly smashing into the zombie head in front.

Yue soon arrived, using his novice staff, smash the head of the zombie crooked to the side.

The trio working together, soon killed 8 of the 12 zombies blocking their way, and rushed pass.


Ji Qing Wu glanced at the 8 zombie bodies, then continue dashing forward.

The zombies are encircling them, once surrounded, the trio will die there.

“The Apple of Vitality? Great!”

Yue was about to leave, when he suddenly saw the vibrant apple falling next to a corpse, so he bent down and picked up the apple and quickly head forward.

The trio broke through the wave of zombies and and kill 6 zombies wandering around, then rushed to the girl’s dormitory.

In front of the girl’s dormitory, 10 of the zombies standing outside quickly turned, and staggered towards the trio.

“What a pity!”

Yue looked at the 10 female zombies, their young and lively face have been bitten ragged looking extremely wretched. Originally these girls are supposed to enjoy their life as young university students, but now has become zombies that only know how to eat human flesh .

White Bones did not have emotion like Yue, came forward, swinging its ax and chopping off a female zombie head, sending it flying.

Ji Qing Wu like a whirlwind head into the group of zombies, using her novice staff like a snake, strike the head of a zombie, causing it to be askew.

Yue also penetrated the group, very neatly slaying the zombies.

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