God and Devil World

Chapter 8: Ji Qing Wu

Chapter 8: Ji Qing Wu

Yue words had hardly faded, Sun Yu eagerly asked:

“You killed so many zombies, do you have any extra skill books? Give us a copy, we can also help you kill zombies!


Yue glimpse at Sun Yu, lightly said.

Not continuing on the subject, Yue look at the three continue to say:

“Using the novice staff to kill enough zombies, can help you get physical enhancement!”

Yue look at the hands of the three, asked:

“Where is your novice staff?”

“Threw it away when we were escaping.”

Chen Gang said, a bit ashamed.

Sun Yu and Wang Shuang were also ashamed, a novice staff 1 meter long, weight several kilogram, while escaping was trash, so would not bring it with them.

Hearing that using the novice staff and killing zombie can make them stronger, Chen Gang, Sun Yu, and Wang Shuang were full of regrets for discarding their novice staff.

“Can any of you 3 drive?” Yue asked.

The road exiting the school have more than 30 zombies wandering. Yue and White Bones can slowly get rid of the zombies, but the stamina consumption would not be small. Only by taking the school bus can they smash through the zombies blockade.

“I know how to drive!”

Chen Gang and Sun Yu shook their head, while Wang Shuang suddenly said.

Staring at Wang Shuang, Yue continue to asked

“Can you drive the school bus?”

Wang Shuang looked at Yue and said:

“I have only driven a car, haven’t driven a school bus yet, but I think their principles should be the same!”

Yue thought for a moment, said:

“It seems like that the only choice! We have to go get a school bus!”

Sun Yu opened his mouth and protested:

“That is too dangerous! Outside is full of zombies, why don’t we hide in here. As you can see, there is water and food, the surrounding zombies have been dealt with. As long as we hide here, absolutely do not have to worry about water and food. Zombies are only undead, if confronted by a modern army, they are absolutely no match. We can just wait here for the army to rescue us, it that not better?”

Although Yue had level 3 times, but not strong to the point of not fearing any zombies, if he is faces with dozens of zombies and needs to avoid them. There are over 1000 zombies around the campus, the slightest mistake will die. Sun Yu does not want to take big risks.

Chen Gang and Wang Shuang also quiet down, people are fearful, if given a choice, who would choose to take the risks, and not choose a safe place to hide. A small supermarket with water and food, with the surrounding zombies dealt with by Yue and White Bones, is an ideal shelter.

“Alright! You guys stay here, I will go out.”

Yue eyed the three, shouldered his back pack and marched outside.

Even though Yue saved the 3 of them, but he did not have the power to tell them what to do, if the other side is not willing to act together with him, he will not force them.

Yue and White Bones had just walked out of the small supermarket, a surge of fear quickly strike the heart of the three, without a strong defender, in this zombie world, their future feel very bleaked.

“Had I known that, I would have learn to drive better!”

Out of the small supermarket, Yue look at the direction of the school bus parking lot, a slight smile on his face. His family was poor, naturally don’t have the extra money to learn how to drive.

“It seems I can only rely on myself! Hopefully the key is inside!”

Yue took a deep breath, immediately head toward the top of a ramp, the school bus had stopped at the top of the ramp.

Yun Hua University School Bus quality is good, can easily run through something like zombies, ordinary cars can not do it.

On top of that ramp, 8 zombies were staggering around, heard the sound of Yue and White Bones footsteps, the 8 zombies immediately staggered towards them.

White Bones leading, charged forward, swinging his ax and cutting a zombie in 2.

Yue was also not weaker, quickly head forward, swing his novice staff and smash a zombie head, sending it crooked to the side. His power had increased by 4 points, had increased by more than 40%, killing the zombies was more easy.

One person, one skeleton, was unhindered, soon killed the 8 zombies. Yue had use up 1 stamina point.

“You have advance to level 5, please assign the 2 stats points!

After killing the 8 zombies, heard a soft sound, came the sweet sound of levelling.

“Distribute 2 points to Stamina immediately!”

Yue decided quickly.

Without sufficient stamina, Yue cannot fight for long. Stamina, good for fighting, and fleeing. If not strong enough, just fighting for a while, there is no stamina left.

A warm stream surge through Yue body, his consume stamina has been restored, and also had increased.

Location of the school bus is near the basketball court, on the basketball court, dozens of men have been turned into zombies. When Yue and White Bones were fight the 8 zombies, the zombies on near the basketball court were attracted to the sound, and staggered over.

Yue glance at the dozens of zombies, then looked at the school bus, saw that no one was on the school bus, immediately rushed to it.

“Damn it! No car keys!”

Yue got in the school bus, and found out that there was no keys.

Rummaging around for a moment, Yue quickly jumped out of the bus.

At this time dozen of zombies had staggered towards Yue.

In addition to the basketball courts, in the nearby residential area, there are more than 10 zombies attracted to the sounds, staggered towards Yue.

“Break through it!”

Yue glance at the dozens of zombies, with the desire to retreat, so many zombies, even if he use up all his stamina to fight the zombies, its impossible to kill them all.

At the same time, a girl with smooth long black hair wearing jeans holding the novice staff in her hand rushed over from the side.

Seeing the girl in jeans moving like whirlwind, swordsmanship exquisite, the staff in her hands like a snake hit the head of a zombie, causing the zombie head to tilt to one side.

The zombies that were attack by the girl in jeans was like grass scattered all around, none of the zombies can touch the girl.

“Follow me quickly!” The girl rushed to Yue side and said to him.

“Ji Qing Wu! Could she be?”

Yue looked at the girl, an idea crossed his mind, and followed the girl rushing away.

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