God and Devil World

Chapter 10: The Girl’s Dormitory

Chapter 10: The Girl’s Dormitory

The trio working together, soon killed all the zombies surrounding the girl’s dormitory.

Yue quickly rushed into the security room of the girl’s dormitory, took a bunch of keys and a lock, then ran out to the gate of the girl’s dormitory locking it with the lock.

Outside the girl’s dormitory, there are about 100 zombies walking unsteadily by. Those zombies were attracted to the commotion caused by Yue and Ji Qing Wu.

Compare to the boy’s dormitory, Yun Hua University girl’s dormitory was built more carefully and look better. The boy’s dormitory doors are thin, tattered wooden doors, while the girl’s dormitory door are made from aluminium, therefore the defence was better than the boy’s dormitory.

That is because Yun Hua University had an extremely bad case of burglary, in order to protect the safety of the girls, in the aftermath of that event, all the girl’s dormitory wooden doors were replaced by aluminium.

In the girl’s dormitory, the zombies heard the noise outside, staggered out from the rooms, many of the zombies were stuck at the door constantly banging against it. When the end of the world occurred, many were resting in the afternoon, so there were quite a few room door that was closed.

But even so, there were still over 20 zombies that staggered out from the rooms.

Outside the dormitory, nearly 100 zombies was surrounding the area, the situation was extremely dire. If completely surrounded by zombies, the trio would die by the bites of the zombies.

“Follow me.” Ji Qing Wu looked at the surrounding zombies heading towards their direction, and quickly rushed up the stairs.

Yue and White Bones closely followed behind Ji Qing Wu up the stairs.

In the stairs, there were a couple zombies wandering around. Ji Qing Wu, Yue and White Bones all rushed forward, in just a blink of the eye slaughter all the zombies.

Ji Qing Wu had just reached the 3rd floor, all of a sudden, 4 zombies suddenly showed up in the stairwell, wildly rushed towards Ji Qing Wu.

The 4 zombies completely blocked the stairway up, Ji Qing Wu is unable to avoid them.

Ji Qing Wu uses her snake like strike to smash the zombie in the head, smashing it to the side.

The remaining 3 zombies unabated pounce towards Ji Qing Wu, she is unable to avoid them.

Seeing that Ji Qing Wu was about to be caught the 3 zombies, White Bones swung his ax, like a cyclone coming through, crushing a zombie head like paste.

Yue also took a long stride forward, smashing his staff onto the head of a zombie, causing it to twist to the side, at the same time hitting Ji Qing Wu knocking her to the ground.

The remaining zombie viciously clawed Yue left arm, his sleeve completely ripped. His left arm was almost broken by the power of the zombie.

That female zombie was so close to Yue, he could smell the rancid odour coming from the zombie body. The female zombie with her tattered face from being bitten made Yue wanted to barf, he did not want to turn into that.

Yue brutally kick the female zombie in the abdomen, his strength from levelling erupted, sending the zombie flying 2 meters. White Bones stepped forward, with his ax chopping at the female zombie head, killing it.

Right as the female zombie died, a white treasure box appeared next to its body.

Ji Qing Wu quickly got up from the ground, with a paled face came towards Yue, her worried face looking at his injured left arm: “Yue, are you alright!”

The most scary thing about fighting against zombies is that with just a little scratch, the person will get infected and turn into a zombie, with no cure.

“It’s alright, I am wearing a protective garment, it can fend off the zombie attack 3 times.” Yue pale face slowly said. This was the most dangerous moment he experienced, if he didn’t have the protective garment, at this time would already be infected .

Ji Qing Wu with pure eyes looked at Yue, solemnly thanked him: “Thank you for saving my life, Yue. This kindness, I will find a way to repay you!”

“Go look for your friends. We do not have time!” Yue looked at the surrounding, quickly grab the white treasure box and put it in his backpack. Behind them, the female zombies are walking towards them. In the rooms on the 3rd floor, there were also female zombies staggering out.

Ji Qing Wu not dragging her feet, took a stride forward with a explosive strike killed 2 zombies, before rushing to room 304, and said: “Chen Yao! It’s Ji Qing Wu, I’m here to save you, open the door!”

“Qing Wu, it’s you? You came! Quickly move the stuff away!” In that room, suddenly there came a cry of joy and the rustling sound of things being move around.

At this point, on the 3rd floor, the zombies were coming out more and more.

“I’m going to take care of them for a bit, watch this place!” Yue seeing that the zombie numbers were growing, his eyes flashed a grim look, turned toward Ji Qing Wu and said.

The zombies were growing in numbers, if he didn’t kill some now, it would be too difficult to take care of them later.

Ji Qing Wu eyed flash with a light, came toward Yue, with a smile said: “I will go with you!”

“Okay!” Yue nodded, along with White Bones strode forward, rushing towards those zombies.

Ji Qing Wu followed behind the two. The trio together kill each zombie that was heading towards the 3rd floor.

“Amazing!” A round-face girl looked out from within, seeing Ji Qing Wu, Yue, and White Bones continuing to kill the zombies, her eyes flashed with admiration.

There were over 100 zombies on the 3rd floor of the dormitory, after a while, the trio felt their stamina continuously being consume, causing their body to fell heavy.

Yu having strengthen himself a couple times, reluctantly endured it. But Ji Qing Wu was already dripping with sweat, breathing heavily, was not as powerful as before. Her speed has slowed a lot, and several times came close to being captured by the zombies.

“Qing Wu, come over here!” At this critical moment, Chen Yao’s dormitory door finally opened. Chen Yao sticking her head out, shouted loudly towards Ji Qing Wu.

The trio soon rushed into the dorm, quickly shutting the door.

With the door shut, the 4 girls immediately pushed a computer desk, a small table, and cabinets on top to block the door.

Entering the dorm, Ji Qing Wu sat on a bed panting heavily, sweats like rain falling on the ground. The fighting earlier was too fierce, draining all her stamina. If Yue was not there to help, she absolutely could not have made it up to the girl’s dorm.

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