God and Devil World

Chapter 49: 6th Degree Treasure

Chapter 49: 6th Degree Treasure

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At this time, White Bones who was beside Yue wielded his axe, creating a sharp wind which cut the Hunter into two pieces. The foul blood and entrails splashed all over Yue.

A big ball of white light flew into White Bone’s body, raising its level.

Scattered around the Hunter was a green treasure box, a skill book, four white treasure boxes, and $200 of Survival Coins. [Translator Note: I don’t know what is up with the color lol.]

After the two Hunters were killed, Yue heaved a sigh of relief. Their options had run out. If they had not gotten rid of the two Hunters, they would have all die there.

Yue picked up all the items that were dropped by the two Hunters.

“3rd Degree Item: Magic Gem. This is a magical gem; it is necessary for upgrading weapons.”

“Level 3 Skill: Devil Flame. Activating the skill will consume 5 SP and 5 MP. After the skill is activated, 2 SP and 2 MP will be consumed every 10 seconds. The Devil Flame’s power is dependent on the user’s Spirit, Stamina, Strength, and Vitality.”

[Translator Note: I’m going to just call Stamina Point: SP, from now on. MP is Spirit Point. I would have call it SP, but MP is a more common terminology in RPG system.]

“Level 3 Skill: Plant Manipulation. Activating the skill will consume 3 SP and 3 MP. After the skill is activated, 1 SP and 1 MP will be consumed every second. The power of manipulation is dependent on the user Spirit and Stamina.”

Yue opened the green box, a ball of green light surged out, condensing into a 2 meters long green spear engraved with strange patterns.

“3rd Degree Item: Green Devil Spear! The spear is extremely sharp; it can cut through gold and jade.”

Yue opened the white treasure boxes one by one. Between the light flashing, eight white treasure boxes had just turned into two Imitation Tang Swords, while the rest dissipated into thin air.

Yue looked at the four treasures dropped by the two Hunters, thinking for a moment, and then chose the Devil Flame and the Magic Gem: “I want the Devil Flame skill book and Magic Gem.”

The skill books and items dropped by the two Hunters were high quality. Yue had to carefully consider before making a choice.

Chi Yang looked at both the skill book and the Green Devil Spear, then said to Ji Qing Wu: “You can choose first!”

Ji Qing Wu checked out the Green Devil Spear and Plant Manipulation skill for a while, and finally looked up at Chen Yao while holding the skill book and said: “I want this, you guys can have the rest.”

Chi Yang stored the Imitation Tang Sword behind him, and quietly picked up the Green Devil Spear.

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Yue looked at the bizarre gate on the other side of the bridge, his eyes flashed with a burning desire and said: “I will go over there to complete a mission. Wait for me here.”

After he finished saying, Yue and White Bones set off toward the other side of Lei Jiang Bridge.

There were vehicle’s wreckage everywhere, even the guardrails were broken and shattered. Everywhere were stained with black blood, but there were no zombie’s corpses. Even in the vehicles, there were no zombies.

Yue rushed all the way, looking at the strange sight, and thought in his mind: “Did the two Hunters ate all the zombies?”

Yue did not think too much about it, and quickly rushed to the other side of the bridge.

The bizarre gate with the particles of light appeared before Yue. He could not see the boundary of those particles of light. He saw an ocean of zombies crowded together in that particles of light. A crowd of hundreds of zombies was paled in comparison. Yue could only feel helplessness, even though he had level many times.[Translator Note: It seems like the the particles of light encompassed a huge area and within that is the gate along with an ocean of zombies probably on the other side.

The ocean of zombies was cover in a mysterious force, and did not pay attention to Yue getting closer. Otherwise, Yue would not dare get even half a step closer to those particles of light.

Yue stepped towards the bizarre gate, his body abruptly disappearing before everyone.

With a flashed of white light, Yue emerged in a bizarre, fantasy style place, brimming with strange symbols.

“Congratulations, you have completed the novice quest; Searching for Novice Village Lei Jiang. You have been awarded $1000 of Survival Coins as a quest’s reward. As the first to complete the quest and discover the existence of Lei Jiang, you have win a treasure raffle prize. It’s a prize wheel, there are treasures from 2nd Degree to 6th Degree.”

With a voice sounding in Yue’s head and a flashed of light, a round roulette board rose up in front of his eyes.

On the roulette board, each golden section is engraved with a number, ranging from 1 to 999.

“Please select the number you want!” A message automatically sounded in Yue’s head.

Yue took a careful look at the roulette board. After not being able to discovered any clues, he then picked a number: “536.”

The golden section lit up. That golden section with the number 536 flew out, a light flashing, then condensed into a black ring with ancient and mystical runes. Falling automatically into Yue’s hand.

“6th Degree Treasure: Storage Ring, Spirit +15. This precious ring is created by spacial technology. Within this ring is a 3x3x3 storage space. With this ring, you will be able to better store your personal items.”[Translator Note: It just listed a 3x3x3 space, with no units type. I guess it’s probably meters.]

“This is truly a great treasure.” Yue put the ring on his finger, and stared at the storage ring, his eyes flashing with joy. With this storage ring, he would be able to store many treasures and supplies.

After the storage ring fell into Yue’s hand, the golden roulette board immediately disappeared into the ground.

After the golden roulette board disappeared, the alert sound did not disappear: “Since you are the first to complete the novice quest, the system will award you a 3rd Degree Protective Garment. In addition, you have received the title of Lei Jiang Village Discover.”

“Lei Jiang Village Discover effect: Power +1, Agility +1, Vitality +1, Stamina +1, Spirit +1, Strength +1.”

“3rd Degree Protective Garment. Can resist the infections of level 30 or below 50 times. Can also defend against 12.7 mm caliber bullets. Bonus: Power +10, Agility +10, Vitality +10, Stamina +10, Spirit +10, Strength +10. Bonus stats will not stack with other protective garments from the Magical System. Durability 50/50. Magical System Sell Price: $1000 Survival Coins.”

Yue looked at the 3rd Degree Protective Garment, his eyes full of surprise: “The 3rd Protective Garment is amazing. With the defence against 12.7 mm caliber bullets, it would mean that even heavy machine guns cannot penetrate it defences.”

Yue took off the 2nd Degree Protective Garment and put on the 3rd Degree Protective Garment. After wearing the 3rd Degree Protective Garment, he felt much lighter than in the past.

This mysterious area was just like the Earth. Rays of sunlight shining down the from the sky.

The ground was all made up of marble, it was bright, clean, and beautiful. Underneath Yue’s foot was a huge magical array filling it with a magical atmosphere. This mysterious region was filled with buildings.

Yue current location was an empty square. Hanging over the square was a strange crystal ball. Inside that crystal were burning flames forming the words for 24.

The streets were empty with no sign of human population; Yue was the only one.

Yue looked around a bit, then walked into nearest bar from the square.

The bar and the outside world was completely different.

The bar was filled with metallic rock music, colorful neon lights, and bartenders serving drinks. On the stage were dancers dancing, wearing only bras and panties. There were loud cheer from the audiences on the side, and majestic bears drinking big mouthful of beer with the temperament of a mercenary.

The whole bar was filled with a weird and fantastical atmosphere. Most people only glimpsed at Yue after he entered the bar, then ignored him.

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