God and Devil World

Chapter 50: Gathering Information

Chapter 50: Gathering Information

Yue went straight to the counter and sat down.

A middle-aged man wearing a bartender uniform walked by, Yue was handed a copy of the menu, he then smiled and said: “Young man, welcome to Lei Jiang bar. This is the bar’s menu.”

Yue took the menu and carefully looked at it. He saw that the menu was filled with a wide range of alcohol. There were Chateau Lafite and Flying Maotai, they were precious alcohol worth several millions as well as ordinary alcohol, but here it was only $1 Survival Coin for a large glass. [Translator Note: No idea what he is talking about, they are expensive wine and liquor, but definitely not worth several millions. Not the one he listed anyway.]

In addition to the various alcohol from the real world, on the last page of the menu was two bizarre drinks: Stamina Recovery Fruit Juice and Spirit Recovery Fruit Juice.

“Stamina Recovery Fruit Juice. After drinking, will restore 15 SP after 5 minutes, $20 Survival Coins for a glass.”

“Spirit Recovery Fruit Juice. After drinking, will restore 15 MP after 5 minutes, $20 Survival Coins for a glass. ” [Translator Note: Remember, SP = Stamina Points. MP = Spirit/Mind Points]

Yue had no interest in the alcohol, pointed to the two fruit juices and asked the bartender: “Can I pack the fruit juice to go?”

The bartender laughed and said: “Of course not. You can only enjoy these fruit juices here. However, for the other alcohols, as long as you can pay, you can package them to go. You must pay for the drinks first.”

Yue pulled out a $20 Survival Coin and threw it to the bartender: “A glass of Stamina Recovery Fruit Juice.”

Bartender took Yue’s money and retreated to the back, then soon handed Yue a green drink.

Yue drank the Stamina Recover Fruit Juice slowly, a sweet and sour taste spreading throughout his taste buds. He soon drank the juice in one gulp.

A warmth feeling flowed throughout his body, and he was able to feel his body recovered.

After finished drinking the fruit juice, Yue started at the bartender and asked: “Are you human?”

The bartender smiled and said: “Of course I am human.”

Yue continued to ask: “You are a human of this world?”

The bartender’s eyes shrank slightly, still keeping that smile: “Your gaze is pretty good, I’m not a human of your world.”

Yue curiously asked: “What world are you from?”

The bartender smiled wryly and said: “System restriction, no comment.”

Yue continued asking: “The existence of the Magical System of the Gods, have you seen it?”

The bartender sighed and said: “In the face of that kind of existence, we are nothing but ants, how can we see it.”

Yue thought for a moment, then frowned and said: “Why did you come to our world? Your strength is not weak.” [Translator Note: The word for ‘strength’ here is different than the stats. Yes, there are many words that translates to strength from Chinese. :/]

Yue’s spirit after increasing several times had become more sensitive. He could feel that the very nice bartender was like a fierce beast, with strength far above him.

The bartender with massive strength smiled, with long sighed said: “Back in my world, the living environment is 10 times worse than here, and the enemies are more frightening. In our world, even at my strength, must struggled hard for a full meal each day. In constant fear becoming a slave, entirely at the mercy of others. Although I have now become a subsidiary of the system, similar to a NPC in your game, and is subject to the system. But life is a hundred times better than in the past, and this kind of life have been very satisfying.”

Listening to the bartender’s words, Yue felt a sense of urgency. The bartender’s strength was far above him. Even such a strong person was willing to become a NPC of the system, can show us how cruel and terrifying that world was.

Yue asked: “In the square, what does that flaming number in the crystal ball means?”

Bartender stretched out his hand and said: “Information cost $5 Survival Coin. You must pay the appropriate fee in order to get any information from me. This is a system regulation.”

Yue pulled out a $5 Survival Coin and threw it to the bartender.

“It represents the end of the time limit. Now that you have found the novice village, then 24 hours later, the system that have been restricting the zombies inside the shopping district of Lei Jiang City will be lifted. They will be wandering Le Jiang City in accordance with their instinct. Various zombie evolutions will be lifted at that time. Hunting zombies in Lei Jiang City will be 10 times more dangerous than in the past.”

After listening to the bartender’s words, Yue had gone cold. The zombies was already terrifying enough now, and its evolution was restricted. Once their evolution is lifted, he does not know what they would evolve into.

Yue frowned, and slowly said: “Don’t tell me that the restriction is lifted because of me? ”

The bartender shook his head and said: “No! The system was going to give one month time, after a month, the restriction on the zombies everywhere will be lifted. A month after that, Searching for the Novice Village mission will end. Novice villages that are not found will disappear. The people in those areas will not have the opportunity to change their job, or purchase a variety of items beyond the technology of this world.

Hearing the bartender’s words, Yue relaxed slightly, and immediately asked: “What are the requirements for the appearance of a novice village?”

“$10 Survival Coin.”

Yue threw the $10 Survival Coin to the bartender.

The bartender said: “Each of the city’s busiest shopping district with a population surpassing one million will have the appearance of a novice village.”

Yue asked: “How much does it cost for the information on zombie’s evolution?”

The bartender shook his head and said: “The system does not permit the sale of this information.”

Yue once again asked about issues that concerned him.

“The system does not permit the sale of this information … …”

The bartender only answered with that one phrase when asked with various important questions, just like a NPC in the game. Looks nothing like a flesh and blood human that comprehend.

Yue pushed a $10 Survival Coin in front of the bartender and said: “Finally, I want to buy a piece of advice, do you have any good suggestions?”

After taking Yue’s money, the bartender with a solemn look said: “You have reached level 10. Go change jobs, and buy all the items you need to survive, then immediately escape Le Jiang City. When the zombies evolved, you currently do not have the capability to deal with them. Changing job is necessary because not only does it come with a skill, but you can also use Survival Coins to buy job’s skills in the career center. You should already know the power of a skill, one more skill mean more abilities and hidden trump card. Before level 30, most people can only learn three active skills. But learning job’s skills have no limits.”

Yue nodded, then immediately stood up from the seat, and quickly walked outside.

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