God and Devil World

Chapter 48: Fierce Battle With the Hunters

Chapter 48: Fierce Battle With the Hunters

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Immediately from the flames, came the sound of explosions. The two Hunters were burning and the odor wafted through the air. the two Hunters rushed out despite this.

Different from the normal zombies, Hunters have evolved vision, smell, and pain sensation. They would not die when hit by bullets, but they can feel pain. The pain can help them avoid fatal damage unlike the ordinary zombies, and were not as stupid to get beheaded without evading.

Lu Wen looked up at the still burning body of the two Hunters, her eyes filled with horror: “How can this be? They actually didn’t die?”

If ordinary people were in those kind of flames, they would have long been charred.

Wang Shuang looked at the two burnt Hunters, feeling extremely tensed, and stepped on the pedal hard.

“Chen Yao, use your skill, attack the Hunter’s head!” Yue said while facing a Hunter.

Chen Yao nervously nodded, then pointed toward one of the Hunters, and unconsciously started chanting a mysterious mantra that she did not understand.

Chen Yao mantra chanting lasted for 20 seconds. A strange magic flame then appeared before her fingers out of thin air.

The next moment, a fist-sized red fireball flew toward the Hunter’s head.

The ball was too fast, and the Hunter only had time to move away slightly. The fireball struck the Hunter’s body.

As if hit by a rocket artillery, the hunter’s right shoulder was instantly blown off by the fireball. The blast was so powerful that it pierced through without dispersing and flew directly to the ground.

“Such powerful magic!” Yue was slightly surprised. The magical power released by Chen Yao was greater than he had expected, but the drawbacks of the magic release was also very obvious. The cast time was too long so Chen Yao could only cast a limited number of times.

After releasing the fireball, Chen Yao became somewhat sluggish.

“Stop the truck!” Yue shouted in a deep voice.

Wang Shuang stepped on the brakes, causing the Dongfeng truck to come to a stop.

Once the truck stopped, Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang took their Type 79 submachine guns, then quickly jumped down from the back.

The Hunters quickly headed towards trio, they were within 40 meters.

The trio immediately pointed their gun at the Hunters and started wildly shooting.

The shower of bullets caused the two Hunters’ bodies to be full of bloody holes, but they chose to continue advancing.

The Hunters were blazing fast, their bodies flashing a couple times before appearing in front of Yue, with a claw outstretched, trying to grab him.

When Yue activated the Shadow Step skill, his agility increased tremendously, to the point where it was on the same level as the Hunters. He then held the Stinger Pistol up toward the Hunter and fired.

The Hunter premonition of danger was extremely sharp. The moment that Yue took out his Stinger Pistol, gave birth to a feeling of extreme danger, so the Hunter twisted its body slightly.

With a loud bang of gunfire, the Hunter’s right shoulder and arm was completely blown off from its body. If it did not make an attempt to avoid in advance, the gun would have blown off its head.

Under great impact, the Hunter was thrown backwards. As it was flying back, it opened its big mouth, and its tongue like a sharp arrow shot towards Yue’s head.

At this time, White Bones, who was standing besides Yue, got in front of him. The Hunter’s tongue immediately pierced into the body of White Bones.

While Ji Qing Wu activated her High Speed Movement skill and Weapon Enhancement skill. The Imitation Tang Sword was covered in a layer blue light. As a master of martial arts, she took advantage of the situation that appeared before the Hunter, striking the Hunter’s leg with her sword.

The Hunter swung its tail while in mid-air, aiming for Ji Qing Wu’s head. Ji Qing Wu’s head would be crushed if it was hit.

In this time of crisis, Ji Qing Wu bent her body slightly, sword twisting, and slashed at the Hunter’s tail.

The Imitation Tang Sword enhanced by the Weapon Enhancement skill was very powerful. The sword cut off the Hunter’s tail like it was tofu, splattering blood on Ji Qing Wu.

Chi Yang had used this time to change the Type 79 submachine gun’s magazine. He began to shoot wildly at the escaping Hunters, emptying the magazine after 20 shots.

Most of the bullets missed. Only a few hit the Hunter but did not cause much damage.

White Bones grabbed the Hunter’s tongue. Taking advantage of it while it was in mid-air, White use his power to pulled the Hunter towards Yue. (Editor: Why is the hunter still in mid-air? -.-)[Translator Note: It’s still in mid-air from the impact of the gun.]

Yue calmly stood there without moving. Coldness flashed in his eyes and he was extremely calm. When the Hunter was pulled in front of him, he quickly brought the Stinger Pistol up to the Hunter’s head and pulled the trigger.

With a loud bang, when the Hunter’s head was shot by Yue’s gun, foul blood splashing everywhere. A big ball of white light flew into Yue.

A skill book, a red gem, four white treasure boxes, and $200 of Survival Coins appeared next to the dead Hunter.

“You have been promoted to level 15 ….”

“You have been promoted to level 16 …”.

After killing the Hunter, two sweet sound of levelling rang out in Yue’s head.

“Distribute all to Agility!”

Yue decided to put all four stats points into Agility, then quickly rushed forward.

The Hunter that got its shoulder blown off by Chen Yao, at this moment, was rushing over like a speeding cheetah.

Chi Yang pointed toward the Hunter and a light flashed from the ring on his hand. Afterwards a yellow light fell upon the ground. A three meter tall spike rose out of the ground, piercing towards the Hunter.

The Hunter’s reaction was extremely fast, coiling its tail around the spike. Relying on its tail to stop, it escaped unharmed.

The Hunter released it’s tail from the spike and jumped down.

Yue rushed at the Hunter like an arrow, aiming his Stinger Pistol at the head of the Hunter and pulled the trigger.

The Hunter has already seen the Stinger Pistol’s power. It smacked its tail on the ground and flew to the side.

With a loud bang, a big hole appeared on the right side of the Hunter. With crushed bones, shattered internal organs, foul blood splashed everywhere.

Ordinary creatures that receive such damage would have died long ago. However, the Hunter was still not dead, with its tail curled around the spike. The Hunter shot towards Yue like an arrow, aiming a claw at his heart.

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