God and Devil World

Chapter 47: Incineration

Chapter 47: Incineration

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Chen Yao took the bundle of money to Yue and asked: “What about the money?” Her pedigree was excellent; the $10,000 Yuan was not much in her eyes.

Yue, without looking at it, said: “Whatever, whoever wants it can have it.”

Now that the world has changed, even if you have money, it cannot be used to buy anything. Even if used as toilet paper, Yue would complain that it’s too rough. Now it’s just paper.

But Wang Fang quickly said: “I want it! Give it to me!”

Chen Yao glimpsed at Wang Fang, then threw the bundle of money to her.

Wang Fang looked at everyone, and in her mind she sneered: “A bunch of fools. The government has established a survivor enclave; you will know the pain of having no money when you get there.”

Money represents the trustworthiness of the government. If there is no government, then the Yuan is equivalent to worthless paper. With the existence of the government, the Yuan is not worthless and still has the power to purchase. How much it’s worth, however, is the question.

Ji Qing Wu went besides Yue, and asked: “We don’t have enough food supplies. When will we search for more?

Yue unhesitatingly said: “Tomorrow!”

Early the next morning, Yue convened everyone in the apartment.

Zhang Li, Lin Qi, and Su Ru Xue were left behind to guard, while Yue led the others to the two Dongfeng trucks and left.

“They’ve set off again!” On the 6th floor, Zhao Li looked out the window, watching with envy as Yue left on the Dongfeng truck. She did not have the ability to go out and gather supplies with the others.

Using the two Dongfeng trucks, Yue cleared the zombies around two nearby convenience stores. After loading all the edible provisions, they returned home.

This time, no one complained. Besides Chen Yao, Lu Wen, and Ji Qing Wu, all the girls were involved in handling the supplies. Compared to Zhao Li, they were very lucky to not have to worry about food.

Back home, the girls moved the supplies to the apartment. Yue killed any zombies that interfered, but otherwise did not help the girls with their job.

These girls were afraid of fighting zombies, and Yue also did not have sufficient ammunition to convert them into marksmen. Their only role right now was to transport supplies.

After they finished, Yue took Chen Yao, Lu Wen, Wang Shuang, Ji QIng Wu, and Chi Yang to the two Dongfeng trucks and left.

He led them to a gas station to fill the two trucks and containers with all kind of gasoline and diesel. They even filled water bottles and loaded them all onto the vehicles.

Ji Qing Wu looked at Yue’s strange behavior, frowned and asked: “What are you planning?”

Yue in a deep voice, said: “I will kill the two Hunters today.”

“Why? Our levels are still too low, fighting the two Hunters will be very dangerous!” Ji Qing Wu argued. After yesterday’s battle, she had also advanced to level 8, but she understands how terrifying the two Hunters are. Even if she were to use her High Speed Movement skill, she would still be slower than them.

Yue slowly said: “The zombies are evolving too quickly. The city will be a more dangerous place, so we have to leave as soon as possible. Even a minute earlier would be better.”

Yue and his team were able to kill swarms of zombies, only because they had leveled many times and therefore were strengthened. Their power was far above normal zombies, but Yue, who has been observing the zombies, was able to clearly see that they were constantly evolving. The world had changed for less than a month, but the zombies have already evolved into S1 zombies, L1 zombies, and even terrifying Hunters.

If they stayed in Lei Jiang City, in terms of 100,000 zombies, even if one zombie evolved the ability to command the other zombies, all of them would die without having a place to be buried.

In addition, the Searching for Novice Village mission was very tempting to Yue. He wanted to get the rewards first and then immediately evacuate.

Chi Yang, who was a person of few words, came up and said: “I agree with Yue. We’re surrounded by zombies, but are currently safe. Once there are intelligent zombies, we will be the first to be eliminated because of our aggressive hunting of their kind.”

Ji Qing Wu frowned and thought for a moment, then said to Yue: “Okay! Tell me about your plan.”

The Dongfeng truck drove near Lei Jiang Bridge, and the roaring sounds of the truck attracted the two Hunters. The two Hunters were like cheetahs, hurling towards them.

As the two Hunters moved, the truck also began to retreat.

Yue sat there, quietly watching the situation.

He observed that the two Hunters did not stay at the bridge, but after rushing out for 500 meters, they returned to their post. Compared to pursuing the enemies, it seems that guarding the gate was more important.

Yue noticing the two Hunters turned around, immediately said: “Go back!”

Wang Shuang once again drove the Dongfeng truck near Lei Jiang Bridge.

Seeing the truck returning, the two Hunters came hurtling towards them once again.


Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang took the loaded containers of gasoline and diesel and crazily poured them out on the road. Lu Wen and Chen Yao also squeezed in, throwing the bottles filled with gasoline and diesel out the back of the truck.

The Dongfeng truck driven by Wang Shuang, then began to retreat.

This time under the command of Yue, the truck got very close to the bridge, so that two Hunters would quickly rush out and approach them.

As the Hunters rushed out of Lei Jiang Bridge, droplets of gasoline and diesel splashed as they sped through the road.

After seeing that the two Hunters had covered 200 meters, Yue immediately lit up a homemade torch and threw it at them.

The torch fell on the gasoline soaked ground, and immediately began to burn.

The flames burned along the road, and quickly caught up to the two Hunters. The Hunters with gasoline and diesel on their limbs were engulfed by the flames.

In the midst of the fire, one of the bottles filled with gasoline and diesel exploded, blowing thick smoke into the sky.

“Are they dead yet?” Yue stared at the flames and hoped that the two Hunters had been incinerated.

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