God and Devil World

Chapter 46: Touching Moment

Chapter 46: Touching Moment

After resting for more than two hours, Yue’s team once again walked toward Xing Ning Road.

Once on Xing Ning Road, the four of them quickly took care of the zombies that they encountered, cleaning up all the scattered zombies.

Yue, White Bones, Chi Yang, and Ji Qing Wu, each one of them is not weak. After a long time, the four of them was able to cleared Xing Ning Road of zombies.

After they cleared up the zombies on Xing Ning Road, there were only a few zombies left scattered around the area. Most of those zombies were trapped in apartments, offices, and shops.

Having killed more than 200 zombies, Ji Qing Wu and Chi Yang were extremely tired and could no longer fight. Yue did not force it and returned home with both of them.

Yue was lying on top of the bed on the fourth day, when Lei Jiang City’s power grid stopped working. The electricity in the apartment building was completely shut off. In the afternoon, they had to retreat into the apartment. [Translator Note: They are talking about the 4th day that he was healing, not 4 days after he just killed hundreds of zombies.]

Back home, after supper, Yue sat on the sofa and quietly looked at the skill book in his hand.

“Level 1 Skill: Critical Strike. After using the skill, 7 points of stamina will be consume, the next attack will have double the destructive power (weapon damage is not consider).”

Yue looked at the Critical Strike skill book, and slightly frowned. The skill’s power is good, but compared to second and third tier skills, it was far worse. Seven points of stamina consumption was too much, Yue also could not afford to squandered it. This skill was of little value to Yue, who had the Stinger Pistol.

“Is anybody here? I’m begging you, please open the door!” Accompanied by the sound of knocking at the door, came the voice of a woman pleading.

Chen Yao took a look at Yue, seeking his opinion.

At this time with the fighting force in the small group present, also with guns in hand, among the apartment building, there was no threat to them.

Seeing Yue nodded, Chen Yao went to the front door and looked through the peep hole.

Through the peep hole, Chen Yao clearly saw that outside the door stood a plump and demure dress young woman standing next to a 11 year old boy.

“A woman and a small child!” Before opening the door, Chen Yao reported to Yue. After being attacked by the mob of thugs, Chen Yao was now more careful.

Yue frowned, thinking for a moment, and slowly said: “Let them come in.”

Chen Yao opened the door.

“Hello, miss. My name is Zhao Li, would you give us something to eat? We have not eaten for two days!” Zhao Li grabbed Chen Yao’s hand and pleadingly said.

At this point, Wang Fang was eating a cookie, and walked over. She was curious to see Zhao Li and her son.

“MOM, I’m hungry! I want to eat cookies! I want to eat cookies!” The boy’s eyes lit up when he saw the cookie in Wang Fang’s hand, and noisily pleaded while grabbing Zhao Li’s dress.

Zhao Li’s eyes were red, with tears running down her face, pulled out a stack of bills and handed it to Chen Yao: “Miss, please. Give us something to eat. I’m not asking it for nothing, here is $10,000 Yuan for you. Please give us something to eat, or else we are going to be starved to death. ” [Translator Note: Yuan is the name of the Chinese currency if you did not know. $1 US = $6.21 Yuan currently. So about $1611 US]

Seeing the 10,000 Yuan in Zhao Li’s hand, Wang Fang’s eyes lit up. She came from an ordinary family, and have rarely seen a bundle of $10,000 Yuan.

Chen Yao, after all, is still a kind girl even after experiencing the thugs event. She still was not able to get rid of her kindness: “Sister, you don’t have to do that. Wait a bit, I’ll get you something to eat.”

Chen Yao was stopped by Wang Fang, with a serious face said: “Wait a minute! Chen Yao, we don’t have much food, how can you just give it to others?”

In Chen Yao’s apartment, there was three rooms. There were more than a dozen people in two of the rooms. The food consumption of a dozen people was not small. Especially Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang, whose enhanced body consumed a lot of food. Over these dozen days, the supplies that they gathered from the two small supermarkets was almost used up. With such unrestrained consumption of supplies, at best they can only hold on for five or six days.

On hearing the news, the others gathered in the room.

Chen Yao’s eyes red with anger towards Wang Fang said: “Wang Fang, how can you say that? They are mother and son that have been hungry for two days! Don’t tell me that you want them to die and not help?”

Wang Fang harshly said: “It’s just their story. Chen Yao, all of these supplies are hard to come by. You just give people food, did you ask everyone? You know our food reserves, at best, we can only have enough for five days. You are a good person to give away food to others, do you want us to starve?”

Listening to Wang Fang’s words, Chen Yao and the rest of the girls that were going to help, all shut their mouth. They are afraid that if the food runs out, at that time, they would not know what to do. Deep down, they are not willing to feed others, but saying no like Wang Fang cause their consciences to feel guilty. So they can only choose to be silent. The world have not changed too long ago, they have not gone through too much suffering, so their conscience have not disappeared.

Seeing the other girls were quiet, Zhao Li’s eyes filled with fear. Her son and she have been hungry for two days to the point of exhaustion. Otherwise, she did not dare to take the child out of the safety of the room.

At this point, Yue came over with two bags of instant noodles in hand, under the gaze of everyone, and said: “For you. You should go back.”

Seeing Yue, Wang Fang did not dare to say anything else. She is a very wise person and don’t want to be kicked out of the team by Yue.

Zhao Li took the two bags of instant noodles, with eyes full of tears, constantly said words of thanks: “Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you, you are a good person!! Come, Xiao Bao, thank big brother!”

With the two packets of instant noodles to eat, it enables them to live a little longer.

The 11 year old little boy looked up at Yue and in a young voice said his thanks: “Thank you, brother!!”

After saying their thanks, Zhao Li took the bundle of $10,000 Yuan and put it into Chen Yao’s hands, then took her son and quickly headed toward the stairs.

Seeing Zhao Li act like that, the girls in the room were touched. Under the protection of Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang, they have been well fed the last dozen plus days. Seeing Zhao Li begging and crying over two bags of instant noodles, left a tremendous impact on their minds.

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