God and Devil World

Chapter 45: Stinger Pistol Power

Chapter 45: Stinger Pistol Power

Seeing the trio killed the three S1 zombies, the remaining seven S1 zombies were unafraid and charged towards them. The S1 zombies evolved with speed beyond ordinary human, but their evolution still lacks the emotion of fear.

With two S1 zombies left behind, five S1 formed a small group rushing towards Yue’s team.

The group of five S1 zombies was a greater threat than a group of 100 ordinary zombies.

“Retreat!” Yue shouted loudly, leading everyone back.

Chi Yang and White Bones immediately followed by Yue’s side.

The trio used speed that transcend ordinary people in retreating, distancing themselves with that huge group of several hundred zombies.

The seven S1 zombie speed are above the other zombies, and continues to approached Yue’s team.

After 10 seconds, the five S1 zombies were within 10 meters of the trio.

Yue in a deep voice shouted: “The Thorns!”

Chi Yang pointed toward the five S1 zombies, a gray ray of light from the Thorn Ring shot out, and hit the ground where the 5 S1 zombies were.

The ground in front of the zombies suddenly rumble, a sharp thorn of about 3 meters surged out of the ground, and directly impaling the head of an S1 zombie, nailing it on top of the thorn.

White Bones dashed forward, swing his axe with a piercing wind toward a S1 zombie, and cutting its head into two pieces.

Almost in an instant, the three S1 zombies took the opportunity to attack White Bones body.

After obtaining the Reinforced Bones skill, White Bones bones were no longer weak. The three S1 claws only left scratches, no longer able to remove any bones.

While the three S1 zombies were occupied with White Bones, Yue approached a S1 zombie and beheaded it with his sword. Chi Yang also took the opportunity and approached another S1 zombie, decapitating it with his sword.

The remaining S1 zombie did not have a chance to react, when White Bones struck with his axe, cutting the zombie into 2 parts. Intestines and foul blood falling all over the floor.

The last two S1 zombies charged at the trio.

The pressure that Yue felt toward the remaining two S1 zombies was a lot lighter. Yue facing the five S1 zombies alone was indeed very difficult. But facing two S1 zombies while wearing the 2nd Degree Protective Garment and having level so many times was not a difficult task.

White Bones took a step forward, with one strike, directly splitting the S1 zombie into two parts, foul blood splashing everywhere.

Yue took out the Stinger Pistol, took a step forward, aimed at the head of the S1 zombie, and pulled the trigger.

With a loud boom, and head of the S1 zombie instantly exploded when struck by the stinger bullet, like if it was struck by and artillery shell. Black brain matters and blood flying everywhere.

“This is an amazing gun! You could call it a portable cannon.” Looking at the exploded zombie’s head, Yue’s eyes sparkled. With the Stinger Pistol, if the Hunter’s head is hit by the stinger bullet, it will be blown to pieces. Even if he can’t hit the Hunter’s head, he can still shoot at any of the Hunter’s body part.

The Stinger Pistol’s recoil was not as great as Yue had imagined. The recoil was like a normal Type 54 pistol’s recoil, and not monstrous.

“You have been promoted to level 14, earning 2 stats points, please assigned the points.”

After the gun blasted off the head of the S1 zombie, a sweet sound ringed in Yue’s head.

“Assign 2 points to Agility.” Yue quickly selected.

When the world changed, Yue has been increasing Power and Stamina. That is because using the novice club to kill zombies consumed too much stamina. He wanted enough power and stamina to fight the zombies. But now fighting with the evolved zombies, especially the level 20 Hunters, what he need the most is agility when using a firearm.

The seven S1 zombies that were killed, dropped a skill book, six white white treasure boxes, and $70 of Survival Coins.

Yue quickly picked up all the items on the floor, then retreated with Chi Yang.

The 10 S1 zombies were killed by the trio, the rest of the zombies were of no threat to them.

Ordinary zombie is extremely slow, even slower than the average person. The speed of the power evolved L1 zombie was only that of an average person. They could not keep up with Yue and Chi Yang who had been strengthened from leveling up many times.

Yue and Chi Yang used White Bones as the core, first killing all the L1 zombies. Fighting while retreating, they killed all the ordinary zombies.

After White Bones was strengthened, only in battle can it show it ferocity. Ordinary zombies could not hurt White Bones at all. White Bones in the midst of the group of zombies, wielding its axe, easily slaying the surrounding zombies.

Without White Bones acting as a shield to draw the attacks of the zombies, Yue and Chi Yang would not be able to fight the zombies for too long. Fighting while retreating already consumed a lot of stamina.

The trio killed more than 150 zombies, then quickly withdrew, heading towards Ji Qing Wu.

The stamina consumption when fighting a group of zombies is completely different from fighting a single zombie. Even after leveling many times, killing 100 zombies would be somewhat tired.

But if surrounded by 300 zombies, Yue after killing 60 zombies would consumed a lot of stamina. There was no way he could kill all the zombies.

Speeding all the way, soon returned to where Ji Qing Wu was.

Upon returning to a safe place, Yue and Chi Yang each ate an Apple of Vitality?

Ji Qing Wu walked beside Yue and asked: “How is it?”

Yue in a deep voice said: “The evolved zombies have been cleared up. About 200 ordinary zombies left.”

Of course there are more than 300 residents on Xing Ning Road. It was about 2PM when the world changed, at that point in time, most of the people gathered at the shopping district on the other side of Lei Jiang Bridge. A street exclusive for pedestrian.

Those who survived fled to the surrounding area, causing the zombies to turn to other places. At the same time, Lei Jiang was shrouded by a mysterious force. The zombies on the other side of the bridge could not get through, which is why there was so few zombies on Xing Ning Road.

Ji Qing Wu with eagerness in her eyes, stared at the Yue and said: “Now we’ll go clear them up?”

Ji Qing Wu in the past was a fencing expert, she also has a great desire to get stronger. Those days in bed had greatly hold her back.

Ji Qing Wu alone can not deal with 200 ordinary zombies. But with Yue, Chi Yang, and White Bones help, they absolutely can kill more than 200 ordinary zombies if they spent some time.

Yue nodded: “Yes.”

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