God and Devil World

Chapter 44: Clearing Xing Ning Road

Chapter 44: Clearing Xing Ning Road

Yue looked at Chi Yang, and said: “Chi Yang, this Thorn Ring, Imitation Tang Sword, and $200 of Survival Coins is for you. While I want the Body Enhancement skill and Stinger Pistol.”

The Stinger Pistol is powerful, but recoil is also great. Among the others, only Yue was the one with enough Power stats in order to use the weapon.

“Okay!” Chi Yang did not have any objection.

Yue seriously said: “Chi Yang, Ji Qing Wu, Wang Shuang, Chen Yao, and Lu Wen, the six of us will go clear the zombies on Xing Ning Road.”

“Yue, you still want to go provoke those monsters?” A worried Wang Shuang said. He did not forgot the two terrifying Hunters. The four of them were nearly wiped out by the two Hunters the last time.

Ji Qing Wu frowned and said: “Yue, I think we need to raise our level first before challenging the two Hunters. Our level are too low. Except for you, the rest of use don’t even have the power to fight when facing the two Hunters.”

Ji Qing Wu has already experience the terrifying power of the two Hunters. Even though she now has the 3rd Degree skill Weapon Enhancement, in the face of a Hunter she still isn’t match.

Yue was the only one who could compete with the Hunters out of the team’s fighting force.

Yue said, “I know, this time I’m just going to clear the zombies on Xing Ning Road. At the same time, helping you all increase your levels. Lei Jiang Bridge is guarded by the two Hunters, I have no plans to mess with them right now.”

Hearing that they were not going to fight the two Hunters, Ji Qing Wu did not oppose Yue’s plan.

Without any objection, Yue quickly got on the Dongfeng truck and headed to the truck dealers on Green Shade Street of Jiangnan District.

Chen Yao was the driver of the second Dongfeng truck, following the first truck. Yue now have 2 mean of transport.

The two Dongfeng truck quickly arrived at Xing Ning Road. The zombies on Xing Ning Road was immediately attracted to the two truck noises. The zombies formed large and small groups, then headed towards the two trucks.

Xing Ning Road is the road to Lei Jiang City’s most bustling commercial district. Although not as bustling as the other side of Lei Jiang Bridge, it still has a lot of zombies. There were hundred of zombies heading towards the two trucks, which was extremely scary.

Among the hundreds of zombies, 10 bluish gray zombies took the lead. As if like a bunch of monkeys heading towards Yue’s team.

“Ten S1 zombies? So many S1 zombies have evolved after just 6 days? Too scary.” Yue’s eyes flashed a touch of horror looking at the 10 S1 zombies. When he came here before, there was not that many zombies, and there was no S1 zombies. Just after six days, 10 S1 zombies have evolved. The zombie’s evolution speed is so fast that humans simply cannot survive.

“Retreat!” Yue decisively ordered. In addition to the 10 S1 zombies, he also saw L1 zombies among the hundreds of zombies.

Listening to Yue’s order, Chen Yao and Wang Shuang immediately drove the two Dongfeng truck and fled away.

The S1 zombies were very fast, but ultimately they were slower compared to the Hunters. They were unable to catch up with the Dongfeng truck, and shortly was left behind.

Driven to a quiet and safe street, Wang Shuang looked at Yue and said, “What do we do? Where shall we go now?”

Yue thought for a moment: “Chen Yao immediately drive back. Ji Qing Wu, Lu Wen and you stay here, and responsible for our get away. Chi Yang and I will go to Xing Ning Road and take a look at the situation.”

With that, Yue got off the truck, looked at Ji Qing Wu and spoke his mind.

Ji Qing Wu frowned and said: “Just the two of you, it’s too dangerous.”

In the hundreds of zombies, not only was there S1 zombies but also L1 zombies. With those special zombies, the threat was far beyond the regular hundreds of zombies. Chi Yang and Yue strength were still too weak.

Yue smile: “Do not worry, if the situation appears to be bad we will immediately withdraw. As long as you protect the escape route for us.”

After Yue finished speaking, Chi Yang and him headed towards Xing Ning Road.

On the way, Yue and Chi Yang encountered more than 10 zombies that were scattered. They easily killed those zombies.

Without the sound of the engine to attract them, the zombies scattered, forming several groups. More than 10 groups of zombies were wandering on the streets.

The two of them carefully sneaked all the way to Xing Ning Road. They had just arrived at Xing Ning Road, when 13 zombies were immediately attracted to their footsteps. The zombies then staggered towards them.

Yue charged forward, reaching the zombies after several steps. With a sword slashed, beheaded a zombie.

Just as the two zombies beside Yue got closer, White Bones swung his axe and cut the two zombies into halves, foul blood splashing everywhere.

Chi Yang had also changed his weapon to the Imitation Tang Sword. He quickly rushed in front of a zombie, and beheaded the zombie.

The trio had gotten stronger from raising their level many times, and soon killed the 13 zombies.

The trio killing the 13 zombies created some noise. Those Zombies that were attracted by the sound staggered over. The zombies continue to merged, forming a mass of corpses.

The 10 bluish gray S1 zombies also headed toward the trio from all directions.

“The left!” Yue immediately rushed toward the left. On the left there was one S1 zombie moving towards them, this S1 zombie was the one nearest them.

In the span of a few breaths, Yue had already rushed in front of the S1 zombie.

The S1 zombie rushed forward like a monkey, and very agilely leapt over Yue’s head. A claw trying to hit his head.

Yue’s agility was in no way inferior to the S1 zombie. He evaded the claws of a S1 zombie. A sword with a beautiful arc beheaded the S1 zombie, sending its head flying, foul blood splashing everywhere.

Yue had just beheaded the S1 zombies, when two more S1 zombies came running over towards him.

At the same time, White Bones who had been following Yue around like a shadow charged forward. With one swing, carrying the sound of the piercing wind, cut the head of a S1 zombie into halves.

Yue also took the chance to slashed at the head of the S1 zombie that was approaching. The S1 zombie pulled back slightly, avoiding Yue’s slash. However, its right hand was cut off by the slash.

Chi Yang took the chance and got behind the S1 zombie, then beheaded the S1 zombie.

After killing three S1 zombies, Chi Yang absorbed the balls of white light and was promoted to level 8. The three S1 only dropped three white treasure boxes and $30 of Survival Coins.

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