God and Devil World

Chapter 43: Big Loots

Chapter 43: Big Loots

Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang were the main force fighting the Hunters. They were seriously injured, and was only able to rest at home the next day.

As Lu Wen recovered her MP, she used Minor Injury Healing on Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang. Under Lu Wen’s skill, the trio’s injuries were contained, and began to recover.

With the trio being injured, exploring the world and the searching for supplies of the small team came to a standstill. Even though Wang Shuang was now level 3, without Yue accompanying him, he did not dare fight those zombies. The rest of the girls were even more afraid of fighting zombies.

“White Bones! Grab my bag.” Lying down on the bed, Yue looked at White Bones, and ordered.

The soul magic flashed in White Bone’s eyes, it then picked up the heavy backpack and gave it to Yue. In the last couple days, White Bones has been guarding Yue and his backpack.

Inside the backpack was the two skill books and treasures dropped by the two Hunters.

Every piece of treasure and skill book was extremely rare in this post apocalyptic world. If they did not have the Minor Injury Healing skill and could not find a doctor; Chi Yang and Ji Qing Wu would have die. While Yue would be lying in bed for a few months in ordered to naturally heal.

Sitting beside Yue, Lu Wen quickly opened the backpack. Yue took out the two skill books with his left hand.

“Level 3 Skill: Weapon Enhancement. Skill Description: Consuming 2 MP and 2 Stamina points to strengthen the weapon, making it sharper. In the weapon’s strengthen state, 1 MP and 1 Stamina point are consumed every 10 seconds. The weapon enhancement effect depends on the user’s body. When the user has 10 times the physical fitness of ordinary people, with this skill, the user can attack with even a blade of grass.” [Translator Note: Was difficult trying to understand the last line. yè fēi huā yě just mean flower leaf or something. However, in wuxia they like to talk about how if you reached the expert level, you can attack with even a blade of grass. So I believe this is a correct translation.]

“Level 3 Skill: Body Enhancement. Skill Description: This skill is a passive skill. After learning this skill, the user will permanently gain 5 Strength points and 3 Vitality points. After transferring to Warrior job class, the user will gain 5 Strength points and 3 Vitality points.”

Yue looked at the two level 3 skills, his eyes flashed a hint of desire. Both of these level 3 skills are very strong skills, each is useful to him.

The higher the strength, the greater the body can resist attacks. While the higher the vitality, the faster the body would recover. Yue did not increased strength and vitality before because even with higher strength and vitality, just getting scratched by zombies, he would become infected and dies. These two stats are not useless, but Yue was most in need of stamina, agility, and power. Those stats allowed him to survive and fight longer.

Yue hesitated and did not immediately learn these two precious and powerful level 3 skills. Instead, he took out the two blue treasure boxes.

Yue have only seen L1 zombie, S1 zombie, and evolved zombies dropped blue treasure boxes. Normal zombies only dropped white treasure boxes. [Translator Note: Not sure if the author is messing up his color or typo. Cause in chapter 21, it definitely say bronze and not blue/cyan. ]

Yue opened the blue treasure box, a blue light flashing, condensing into a silvery, thick barrel revolver.

“3rd Degree Item: Stinger Pistol. Item Description: This pistol is 20 years ahead of the world’s current gun manufacturing technology. 17.5 mm caliber, three rounds payload. It can shoot and kill a large beast. Can automatically generate a special Stinger bullet every day. Drawbacks, high recoil.”

“Great stuff!” Yue looked at the Stinger Pistol, and thought.

Currently the world’s largest pistol caliber is the Smith & Wesson’s American M500 revolver. The pistol has a caliber of 12.7 mm, and can shoot down lions and tigers. This Stinger ammunition of 17.5 mm caliber is close to artillery weapons, its power can be imagined. [Translator Note: The smallest artillery caliber is 20mm, so 17.5mm is pretty powerful for a pistol. I doubt normal people can handle the recoil. It would break your arm.]

Yue could not wait and open another blue treasure box, blue light flashing, condensed into a blue ring engraved with ancient patterns.

“3rd Degree Treasure: Thorn Ring. After equipping this item, +6 Spirit. Supplementary Skill: Thorn. Skill Description: The user can raise a 3 meters high thorn from the ground to attack the enemy. Limited to within 50 meters of the user. Cooldown Time: 24 hours. Can be equipped by anyone.” [Translator Note: Not sure if it translate to treasure of jewelry.]

The two blue treasure boxes that Yue opened were great items. He then continued to open the remaining six white treasure boxes.

Among the six white treasure boxes, four boxes were empty, the remaining two boxes produced two Imitation Tang Sword.

“Wen Wen, wear this ring and heal me.” Yue Zhong took the Thorn Ring and handed it Lu Wen.

“This is my engagement ring right, hee hee?” Lu Wen smiled and took the Thorn Ring. She then put the ring on the ring finger her right hand, and carefully eyed the beautiful ring. The Thorn Ring was an exquisite jewelry, engraved with strange and mysterious runes, looking extremely beautiful.

Yue with wry smile said: “I will let you wear this temporary. After I recovered, I’m going to wear it out in battles.”

The Thorn Ring has a supplementary skill with strong destructive power, and if necessary, even kill a powerful enemy to save their lives . This treasure, as the main fight force Yue must equip this himself.

“Cheapskate.” Lu Wen pouted, putting her hands on top of Yue’s right hand, and uses her healing skill.

Under the treatment two white light flashed, Yue’s swollen and fracture right hand began to slowly heal.

Seeing Lu Wen concentrated on healing him, Yue was filled with warmth.

Treatments from the Minor Injury Healing was not all powerful. The trio’s injuries was too serious. After a full 10 days under Lu Wen’s treatment, Ji Qing Wu, Yue, and Chi Yang made a full recovery.

Yue spread the items out in front of Ji Qing Wu and asked: “These are the items that was dropped from the two Hunters. This Level 3 Weapon Enhancement skill book, Imitation Tang Sword, and $200 Survival Coins is your. The rest belong to Chi Yang and me, do you have any objection?”

Loot distribution is critical for a team, with unfair distribution, there is the possibility of the entire team collapsing. Even though Yue contributed the most, he did not want to take all the loots.

“No objection!” Ji Qing Wu carefully looked at the items that was spread out, and nodded in satisfaction. With her extraordinary skill, what is lacking most is power. This Weapon Enhancement skill enables her to have more destructive power and combat effectiveness. She did not have any objection towards Yue’s distribution.

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