God and Devil World

Chapter 42: Lu Wen Confession

Chapter 42: Lu Wen Confession

At night, Yue was attracted to the scent of food, and opened his eyes.

Yue after a day of fierce fighting, was very hungry and did not have any energy left. He opened his eyes and saw Chen Yao come in with a big bowl of food.

The big bowl was filled with steaming rice, covered with four slices of luncheon meat, and a layer of stir fried vegetables. He could not help but show his appetite.

Seeing Yue opened his eyes, Chen Yao with a look of guilt said: “Are you awake? Sorry Yue, I should not have scream at you today.”

Yue was the temporary leader of this team, undertaking the most dangerous tasks, and also did not use his strength to force the girls to do any dirty things. Chen Yao could see this, and felt ashamed for her behavior in the afternoon.

“It’s okay.” Yue did not mind and said. He could understand Chen Yao’s feelings, if their position were reverse, he would have made it worse.

Yue reached out and wanted to get the bowl of rice, but the slightest movement aggravated his chest injuries, causing his face to be distorted with pain again.

Lu Wen sitting next to him was somewhat distressed. She received the meal from Chen Yao, and said: “Let me feed you! Big brother Yue!”

Lu Wen was by Yue’s side taking care of him since the afternoon. Even after Yue slept, she was still by his side. If her parents saw the little witch caring for someone, they would certainly be surprise. Before the world changed, Lu Wen was a fearless tricky little witch and extremely headstrong. Even though she got along well with Yue, she still caused many difficult problems for him.

“Then I will rely on you!” Yue did not force it. The bones in his right hand was broke by the Hunter. Without Lu Wen’s healing skill, and without medical treatment, it would take him months to fully recover.

Lu Wen sat next to Yue, and carefully picked up the luncheon meat with her chopsticks. Then spooned soup along with rice into Yue’s mouth.

Chen Yao watched as Lu Wen took care of Yue, her eyes flashing with a strange light. She hesitated for a moment, while staring at Yue, slowly asked: “Yue, today, why did you not save Qing Wu first.”

Yue very calmly looked at Chen Yao, and slowly said each word: “In my mind, Chi Yang is more important than Ji Qing Wu! If there is a next time, I would choose the same!”

Chen Yao looked at Yue’s earnest admission, her heart twitching, and couldn’t help blurting out: “Don’t you think it is too selfish and not like a gentleman?”

Yue slowly said: “I’m sorry, I’m just one guy, awareness is not high. I can only do so much.”

Chen Yao was silent for a moment, with a surge of feeling, blurted out: “If today Chi Yang and I suffered injuries, and you could only save one person. Which one will you save?”

Yue did not hesitate and bluntly said: “Chi Yang!”

The room was suddenly thrown into an awkward atmosphere.

Chen Yao heard Yue’s reply, was silent for a moment, then lightly said one sentence: “Yue, you have a good rest.”

With that, Chen Yao then turned and left the room.

Lu Wen blinked her large, bright eyes and said with a smile: “Big brother Yue, you’re really dumb. Just now if you had said you would choose to save Chen Yao, then maybe she would have agree to be your girlfriend. Chen Yao sister is really beautiful!”

“How can it be that simple? Chen Yao is remarkable, why would she fancy me.” Yue lightly said, “And I don’t want to lie to her, that does not make sense.”

Lu Wen eyes blinking, suddenly said: “Yes, big brother Yue, do you and Chi Yang have that kind of love relationship? Otherwise, how can you not be tempted when Chen Yao is so beautiful?”

This phrase cause Yue to spring up. He suddenly pinched Lu Wen face with his left hand, gritted his teeth and said: “This little demon, what’s inside your head?”

Lu Wen did not dare to struggle, with her suffering little face said: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know I was wrong!”

Yue let go of the hand pinching Lu Wen’s face, and with a helpless smile said: “I don’t have that kind of hobby. Are you happy?”

With the information of modern society, a variety of information is available on the internet for the world to see. Modern youths know more than ever, even more outlandish information. Lu Wen is a clever and curious little witch that know a lot of stuff. When Yue was her tutor, he has on many occasions experience her amazing remarks.

Lu Wen opened her her beautiful clear eyes and carefully said: “Then I’ll be your girlfriend, OK?”

The room’s atmosphere was awkward again.

Yue now looked at Lu Wen carefully.

Lu Wen’s hair was tied into a single ponytail. She has full figure for her age, small C cup in a tight white t-shirt, and skin is of a healthy wheat color. It is because she likes to exercise. A small, delicate, and beautiful face with big eyes. Looking like a youthful modern girl.

“Lu Wen is also a feminine girl.” Yue carefully looked at Lu Wen as a woman, his heart can’t help but move a bit. Prior to that, he saw her as a little sister, and never had a trace of feeling for her.

Lu Wen leaned slightly forward, her pretty face blushing, and aggressively asked Yue: “Your answer? If you are a man, then seriously answer me.”

Yue leaned slightly backward, his manner somewhat weak, hesitated for a moment and said: “If you become my girlfriend, then am I not committing a crime?”

Lu Wen with a laugh said: “Big brother Yue, how can it be? I’m 15, I will be 16 years old in a few months. By that time I would have reach adulthood. In Japan, 16 years old can marry and have children. Besides, the world has become like this, who’s going to care about these things. Even if I take 10,000 steps back in the previous world, if I voluntarily be your girlfriend then it is not a crime.”

Yue hesitated, suddenly, he was not sure how he felt about Lu Wen. After all, before he did not have any feelings for her.

Lu Wen looked at Yue, then scooped up a spoonful of food into Yue’s mouth, and quickly said: “If you don’t answer, I’ll take that as your agreement. Eat quickly! Dinner is getting cold.”

Yue looked at Lu Wen, and thought back to the anxiety and fear she had when she saw that he was hurt, and carefully taking care of him. He felt slightly warm inside, and his emotion has undergone a subtle change.

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