God and Devil World

Chapter 41: Choosing

Chapter 41: Choosing

Wang Shuang sped all the way, quickly returned to the neighborhood.

Noticing Wang Shuang below, the girls in the room flooded out and went down.

Seeing Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang covered with blood; the girls were in disbelief. In particular was Yue, they could not think of anything that could injured him so severely. Especially when he can fight in a swarm of zombies like it was nothing.

After arriving below, Lu Wen looked at Yue’s face, which was frowning and full of blood. Her eyes were suddenly misty and full of distressed, put her hands on Yue’s body: “Big brother Yue, how did you get hurt so badly? You wait, I will heal you right now! ”

After after resting all morning, Lu Wen had restored some MP.

“No! Immediately treats Chi Yang!! Cough Cough! I can still hold on.” Holding Lu Wen’s hands, Yue coughed up some blood and adamantly said.

Chen Yao rushed in front of Yue, and softly pleaded: “Yue, first save Qing Wu! Please, save Qing Wu first! Her injuries are too serious.”

The Hunter’s power was far superior to that of the L1 zombies. With just a strike, both Ji Qing Wu and Chi Yang were seriously hurt. If they do not receive timely treatment, both of them will die.

“Lu Wen, I will kneel here, I beg you, help Qing Wu!” Chen Yao holding Lu Wen’s pants, crying on her knees in front of Lu Wen and pleaded.

Ji Qing Wu had risked her life to come to the girl’s dormitory to save Chen Yao, showing how close their relationship were. Chen Yao would also make a great effort for Ji Qing Wu.

Lu Wen was suddenly perplexed, and looked at Yue.

Yue wiped his bloody mouth, gasped and said: “After you heal Chi Yang once with your skill, then heal Ji Qing Wu with it. Quickly!”

Between Yue’s words, White Bones caught Chen Yao’s hands, and pulled her away from Lu Wen.

After Chen Yao was grabbed by White Bones, she cried to Yue and pleaded: “Please, Yue! Save Qing Wu!! Afterwards, I will listen to whatever you say! I beg you, help Qing Wu!”

Lu Wen has the ability to heal, but her spirit was too low. The recovery so far from the morning only allowed her to use the skill once, maybe able to save one person.

Lu Wen by Chi Yang side, activated her Minor Injury Healing. Releasing two white lights into Chi Yang’s body, and soon his pale face had a hint of color. .

“Thank you!” Zhang Xin who was by Chi Yang, thanked Lu Wen.

Lu Wen lightly nodded, with a weary face, looked at Yue. With some distressed, glanced at Ji Qing Wu and said: “Big brother Yue, I don’t have enough MP, and can not activate the skill to save Ji Qing Wu sister.”

Hearing the words of Lu Wen, Chen Yao’s eyes flashed with despair. Her face Ashen, in desperation, couldn’t help crying and cursed loudly: “Yue, you bastard! You bastard, I won’t let you go! [Whimpering]!! Bastard, why didn’t you save Qing Wu? Why is that?”

“Wear this Protective Garment! Go heal her!” Yue endured the pain of the broken bones, took off the 2nd Degree Protective Garment and gave it to Lu Wen.

2nd Degree Protective Garment have all stats +5. It could give Lu Wen the 4 MP she needed for using the Minor Injury Healing. [Translator Note: Seems like Spirit and MP are directly related]

After Lu Wen put on the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, she suddenly felt her body improved significantly. She immediately went to the Ji Qing Wu side, and facing Ji Qing Wu, used her Minor Injury Healing.

Under the treatment of Lu Wen’s skill, which was a very serious injury, and occasionally coughing up blood, was restored to normal. Apparently her life was saved.

After taking off the Protective Garment, Yue felt the importance of the 5 points of Vitality. With the Protective Garment, Yue could still moved around. But once he took off the Protective Garment, even breathing cause a lot of pain in his chest; extremely difficult to bear.

“Go inside!” Yue gritted his teeth and ordered, letting White Bones support him while they walked inside.

Chen Yao was holding the coma Ji Qing Wu, while Wang Qian and Zhang Xin was holding the unconscious Chi Yang. A line of people carefully returned inside.

“What really happened? How could it become like this?” Zhang Li went to Wang Shuang, who was the only one that was uninjured, and asked.

The others also looked over, they wanted to know what kind of force could injured someone strong like Yue to this condition.

Wang Shuang with a forced smile, explained from the beginning to end: “After we found the vehicles, Yue said he wanted to go to the Lei Jiang Bridge and see……”

When they heard that the Hunters blew away Ji Qing Wu, Chi Yang, and White Bones with one hit, they couldn’t help but gasped. They all knew how strong those four were, if instead they were to encounter the Hunters; they would all be killed within the first glimpse.

“It seems that it is even more dangerous out there, even Yue was no match for the monster.” In the room, everyone’s heart was enveloped in a layer of haze.

It has only been 3 days since the world ended, Yue had hardly suffered any injury, it was the first time he was wounded. But the injuries was serious enough to the point where he could not walk. Everyone in the room was worried about the future.

In the master bedroom, Lu Wen looked at the suffering Yue, who was occasionally coughing up blood, and with distressed said: “Big brother Yue, I will take off the Protective Garment, so you can put it on, okay?”

“No!” Before you recover 6 points of MP, do not take off the Protective Garment! [Cough Cough]! If you do that, you will be subjected to a mental backfire.” Yue painfully coughed a few times, gasping for air. As soon as he took off his Protective Garment, he became so weak. It was clear that if Lu Wen took off his Protective Garment, she would have mental injuries.

“I won’t take it off! I’m not taking it off!” Lu Wen looked Yue on the bed, with her eyes red. She was distressed while holding his left hand.

Yue right hand was broken by the grasp of the Hunter. It was now swollen purple-black looking extremely nasty.

Yue ordered White Bones to protect him. He was lying in bed, gasping for breath, and could not even eat rice. If he did not add four points to Vitality, he would be dead now.

It was now nearly dusk when Lu Wen had recovered enough MP and used it to healed Yue. He soon fell asleep after the tortured of the pain he had to go through.

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