God and Devil World

Chapter 40: Serious Injuries

Chapter 40: Serious Injuries

Without any hesitation, Yue activated the Shadow Step skill, his speed suddenly soared. He rushed forward like an arrow, slashing at the Hunter’s head.

30 points increased in Agility had made Yue’s speed extremely frightening. Almost instantaneously, Yue’s sword appeared before the Hunter’s head.

At this moment, a tongue like a bullet shot from the Hunter, hitting Yue’s sword. It knocked the sword aside, causing the sword to cut the shoulders of the hunters. A metallic sound rang out, and the sword was embedded in the Hunter’s shoulder bone.

The Hunter immediately opened its bloody mouth. It’s tongue shot towards Yue’s face like a bullet.

At the same time, White Bones charged forward. Swinging its axe like a whirlwind, striking down on the Hunter’s tongue that was attacking Yue. Cutting the head hunter’s tongue into two parts, foul blood splattering everywhere.

At the same time, Ji Qing Wu also activated her Level 2 High Speed Movement skill, and with the sword, slashed at the Hunter’s body. The sharp sword cut through the Hunter’s skin and embedded in its bones, but it is unable to cut through.

“Cut it off!” Yue roared, and uses all his power to press down on the sword. Cutting off the Hunter’s right paw with the sharp sword.

When the Hunter’s right paw was cut off, it swung its tail heavily, smashing Chi Yang in the chest.

Chi Yang was sent flying, hitting the top of the truck. He spewed a mouthful of blood, and have several broken ribs. He had completely lost his fighting capability.

The other Hunter rushed towards Yue, and with a lightning fast claw, grabbing at Yue.

The Hunter’s speed was too terrifying, Yue could only abandoned the sword. Then with his right hand grabbing the Hunter’s right claw.

The Hunter’s right claw closed shut. The terrifying power of the gripped cause bone cracking sound to issue from Yue’s right hand. If Yue did not wore the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, he would already be infected.

Taking advantage of Yue sealing the attack of the Hunter for a moment, White Bones swung his axe like a tornado, cutting into the head of the Hunter.

Foul blood splashing everywhere, the Hunter’s head was instantly cut off, and sent flying. The headless Hunter’s body fell to the floor, when suddenly a blue treasure box, three white treasure boxes, a precious skill book, and $200 worth of Survival Coin burst out. A big ball of white light flew into White Bones, causing it to be promoted to the next level.

Just as Yue was able to killed a Hunter, the remaining Hunter swung it’s claws at Yue’s heart.

Yue was in the Shadow Step mode, but he only had time to twist his body slightly. The Hunter struck him on the chest instead of his heart.

Even though Yue was wearing the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, he was still badly injured from the power of the Hunter’s blow, but it did not cut his body. But the Hunter’s powerful blow broke several of his ribs, and sent him flying several meters to the ground.

At this moment, Ji Qing Wu extracted her sword. Once again with the sword, slashing at the Hunter’s head.

The Hunter without any worry, smashing its tail like a hammer against Ji Qing Wu’s body. Ji Qing Wu like a rag, immediately flew 7 to 8 meters, as if hit by a speeding truck. She immediately spit out a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground, not knowing if she is alive or dead.

“Yue, catch!” At this point, Wang Shuang had finished replacing the cartridge of the Type 79 submachine gun. He knows that he is no match for the Hunter, and he could only count on Yue.

The Hunter could tell that Yue was its greatest enemy. It quickly rushed towards Yue, trying to smash Yue’s head with its claw.

At this time, White Bones appeared in front of the Hunter, with its axe cleaving at the Hunter’s head.

The Hunter was like a cat, and evaded the strike of White Bones. Its tail like a hammer, smashed against White Bone’s body. Sending White Bones 7 to 8 meters away.

“Go to hell!” After seeing the Hunter break through White Bones defensive line, Yue suppressed the pain. Spit out a mouthful of blood, then holding the Type 79 submachine gun, started firing wildly at the Hunter.

Yue’s shooting technique was terrible, but the distance between him and the Hunter was merely 2 meters. At this distance it was impossible to miss.

The 20 bullets shot through the Hunter’s body. Its body was full of bloody holes. Two bullets was lucky enough to hit the Hunter’s spine. The Hunter then dropped to ground from the air.

Yue was gasping for air, quickly picked up the sword. With his left hand tried to cut off the Hunter’s head with all his power, chopping directly down on the Hunter’s head.

The Hunter’s head fell to the ground. A blue treasure box, a skill book, three white treasure boxes, and a $200 worth of Survival Coin burst out. A big ball of white light from the Hunter’s body flew into Yue’s body, and the sweet sound rang in his mind.

“Congratulations, you have been promoted to Level 12, you have earned 2 stats points.”

“Congratulations, you have been promoted to Level 13, you have earned 2 stats points.”

In a flash, the two sweet sounds of promotion rang out in Yue’s mind.

Yue endure the pain and made the choice: “Assigned 4 points to Vitality!”

Vitality determines the speed of recovery for muscle strength and body. Yue was able to stand up and fight was thanks to the 2nd Degree Protective Garment protecting him from the powerful blow of the Hunter. His body and muscle strength exceeded Ji Qing Wu and Chi Yang by 50%.

Yue did not cared about future development at this time. He can only choose to increased vitality, so that his bones can heal faster.

A small stream trickling through his body, Yue’s body had been strengthened again. After the strengthening, he felt little bit better.

“Chi Yang!” Yue did not stayed still. Brimming with chest pain from the broken bones, quickly rushed to Chi Yang, whose face was covered with blood.

“Fortunately!” Yue inspected Chi Yang breathing, and found him still breathing, breathing out a sigh of relief. Chi Yang, but his most important friend and companion.

Afterwards, Yue then check on Ji Qing Wu’s conditions. He found her still breathing. Then quickly took the items dropped from the two Hunters, and put it into his backpack. Then let White Bones carried Ji Qing Wu and Chi Yang into the truck.

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