God and Devil World

Chapter 39: Hunters

Chapter 39: Hunters

Yue shook his head and said: “We don’t have the drivers. We can only drive one truck at this time.”

After getting on the truck, Wang Shuang sat in the driver’s seat and asked Yue: “Where do we go now?”

Yue thought for a moment, and said: “Go to Xing Ning Road, Lei Jiang Bridge!”

Hearing Yue’s words, Wang Shuang looked shocked: “We have to go through the mountain pass to get to Xing Ning Road of Lei Jiang Bridge. But that place is the shopping district of Lei Jiang City. The zombies there will be dozens of times more than elsewhere! Yue, do you really want to go to that place?”

“That’s right!” Yue said with a deep voice.

“I understand!” Wang Shuang gritted hit teeth, turned the truck around and head toward the Lei Jiang Bridge.

There were broken vehicles everywhere on top of Lei Jiang Bride, even the guard rail were smashed. The whole bridge was blocked by vehicles, with the zombies wandering through lanes.

This was a bustling shopping district, and the streets have been blocked by abandoned vehicles. Only those streets that are not bustling will have little traffic. When the world changed, there were a lot of people stuck in traffic, so they were bitten by zombies.

On the other side of Lei Jiang Bride was the city most bustling commercial district; where every Sunday more than 10 thousand people gathered to shop and sightsee.

The most prosperous district of Lei Jiang City, was now the city most dangerous areas.

They had arrived at Lei Jiang Bridge. Yue saw that on the bridge, there were so many zombies wondering around.

Sitting in the truck, Yue looked at the end of the bridge on the other side.

He saw that at the end of the bridge, there stood a extremely bizarre gate that was emitting continuous particles of light. There was four figures guarding in front of that bizarre gate. Those four figures had a long tail, quadruped, body with dark brown, and 2 meters in length with an ugly and ferocious humanoid look.

“Level 20 Boss, Hunter Type 1. This is a being eroded by the virus infection, taking another path of evolution. They only have survival instinct left. Oppressive fighting instincts, speed and power are without flaw. Have Skills: Viral Infections.”

As if they were alerted by the engine sounds, the Hunter that was lying on the floor eating a zombie, raised its head. Then quickly abandoning its food, dashing towards Yue’s team.

The four Hunters were extremely keen, speeding through the vehicle wreckage like a cheetah. Jumping over the group of zombies, their speed was extremely alarming, wildly heading towards Yue’s team.

“Reverse!” Yue’s face became paled, and shouted toward Wang Shuang.

Wang Shuang without replying, immediately turned the truck around and stepped on the gas pedal, fleeing toward the rear with urgency.

The Dong Feng truck knocked away all the zombies that blocking its way, fleeing far away. [Translator Note: They call the truck dōng fēng dà kǎ = Dong Feng Kilocalories lol. I’m just gonna call it Deng Feng truck. Not sure which one, but I would like to think it’s this one.]

The four Hunters were in hot pursuit from the rear. After chasing out of the bridge, two Hunters stopped, and one returned to guarding the gate. While the other was guarding the entrance of the bridge. The remaining two Hunters were like cheetahs, chasing after Yue’s team.

The two hunters are indeed a Level 20 Boss, under their full speed, it was above the maximum speed of 80 km/h of the Dong Feng truck.

Little by little the two Hunters constantly got closer to the Dong Feng truck.

“What now? Yue?” Wang Shuang asked Yue with a pale face and cold sweat, after looking at the two Hunters in the rear view mirror. This was the first time that he have saw a monster’s speed that was faster than a vehicle. He instinctively felt how terrifying the two Hunters were. He was definitely no match for them.

“Faster!” Yue said in a deep voice.

Wang Shuang nodded, and immediately drove toward the highway.

“It’s over!” Wang Shuang, his face turned white with despaired and thought. As they had just gotten near the highway, and saw the condition of it.

The highway was crowded with all kind of vehicles, firmly blocking the highway. Apparently when the world changed, most of the drivers wanted to escape using the highway, but did not think that they would get stuck in there as well.

The Dong Feng truck simply can not get through the blocked highway.

Yue’s eyes flashed a touch of coldness and said: “Stop! Get ready to fight.”

Wang Shuang knows that the Hunter’s speed was faster than the truck’ speed. They simply could not escape. He gritted his teeth and immediately stopped the truck.

“Use the gun! Do not use the novice club!” Yue took off the Type 79 submachine gun from his chest, then jumped off the truck. Facing the Level 20 Boss Hunter, using the novice club in close combat is simply seeking death. This time when they went to look for a vehicle, each person was carrying a Type 79 submachine gun and six magazines.

At this point it is life and death. Even though Wang Shuang did not have the courage, he still took the Type 79 submachine gun off his chest, and jumped off the truck. Then walked to the Yue’s side. Only by standing next to Yue, did it give him some courage.

Chi Yang and Ji Qing Wu also quickly jumped off the truck, holding tightly to the Type 79 submachine gun.

The speed of the two Hunters was very fast, in a blink, they were only 50 meters way.

“Fire!” Yue roar loudly, releasing all his fear, and pulled the trigger. Shooting wildly at the two Hunters.

Wang Shuang, Chi Yang, and Ji Qing Wu at the same time pulled the trigger and shot at the two hunters.

A barrage of bullets flying, even though their shooting skills is extremely bad, but with the dense barrage of bullets, it was able to hit the Hunter’s body. The bullet made a hole in the Hunter’s body, black blood flowing out. Because the Hunter’s speed was too fast, the bullet enter their bodies and exited out the back.

With bullets going through the body, if it was ordinary creatures, it would have slumped to the ground by now. The two Hunters were very sharp, and jumped to the side. The two Hunters were completely different from the normal zombies. They immediately made the motion to evade, dodging to the side, executing irregular evasive moments.

Even Hunters, if their brains were hit by bullets and destroyed, they too will die. Also if their joints were hit by bullets, their movements would also be affected.

Their shooting were not accurate, and the two Hunters were able to dodge. With their very high speed, Yue’s team simply can not him them.

The 20 rounds cartridge of ammunition was soon empty. Taking advantage of the four people when changing the cartridges, the two Hunters rushed towards them like a cheetah.

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