God and Devil World

Chapter 38: More Death

Chapter 38: More Death

At this moment, suddenly there was a crashing sound. Two S1 zombies broke the window, and jumped into the car.

One S1 zombie grabbed a girl, then bit the in the throat. The blood immediately gushed out from her throat and drenched the zombie.

The other S1 zombie clawed another girl, easily leaving a deep gash.

“Help!! Help!!” Suddenly on the school bus, there was chaos in the team. The remaining girls screamed and ran toward Zhao Zhen.

In the midst of this small team, Zhao Zhen was their leader, but also their backbone.

After biting the girl to death, the S1 zombie continues to pounce forward. As if like Cheetah, pounce towards a girl. The zombie, opened it bloody mouth wide and bit hard on the girl’s neck, breaking her throat.

The other S1 zombie also pounce on its prey, biting off another girl’s throat.

In just the span of a few breaths, three girls had died on the school bus. Their eyes were filled with regrets and unwillingness. If they had chosen to stay with Yue, at this moment they would be alive and well.

Zhao Zhen also saw the two powerful S1 zombies, it is far beyond the normal zombies. He suddenly shouted: “Stop! Stop the car!”

Yun Yi completely trusting Zhao Zhen, immediately slammed on the brakes.

Under the effect of the inertia, the two S1 zombies was thrown to the front. They quickly stood up, and lunged toward the bunch of people.

Just at this moment, Zhao Zhen holding the novice club, jumped out of the side window. Abandoning everyone, and fled away. He has judged that even all together, although they may be able to eventually kill the two S1 zombies, he would definitely be infected as the main fighting force.

Everyone was shocked after seeing Zhao Zhen fled the school bus. Prior to this, Zhao Zhen had swore to protect them with his own life, but in the face of danger, he was the first to flee. The trust in all their hearts had collapsed.

Li Manni was the first to react, biting her teeth, jumped out of the side window, and fleeing away. While she didn’t know where she could run to in the darkness, but it was much better than dying in the school bus.

This woke the others up, also started jumping out the windows of the school bus.

Yun Yi was also quick to leave the driver’s seat. When he tried to escape outwards, a S1 zombie pounced on his body, throwing them to the ground. The zombie then opened its mouth and bit his throat.

The other S1 zombie pounced on a boy who tried to escape, and bit off the boy’s throat.

After killing all those that were alive on the school bus, the two S1 zombie did not pursue the rest. They instead started devouring the flesh of the fresh bodies. The various bodies were bitten and torn.

The school bus has seven fresh corpses, enough for the two S1 zombies to devour.

In the darkness, the zombies were attracted to the sounds of the survivor, and staggered after them.

The next morning, Yue woke the others.

Yue quickly asked Lu Wen: “Wen Wen, how much have you MP recovered?”

Lu Wen with a smiled, said: “It has been completely restored.”

Yue quickly said: “Immediately treat Ji Qing Wu!”

“Okay!” Lu Wen nodded and place her hands on Ji Qing Wu’s body. Two white light pouring from her hands into Ji Qing Wu’s body.

Yuan Ying and the girls gathered around. This was the first time that they saw someone use a skill to treat a person’s injuries. They have never seen such magical ability before.

Under the pouring light, Ji Qing Wu pale face began to show a hint of color.

Yue asked: “How are you?”

Ji Qing Wu moved her body, her eyes flashing with joy, looked up at Yue and said: “It is a lot better.”

Yue said to Lu Wen: “Continued treating her.”

Lu Wen used her skill again, two balls of white light went into Ji Qing Wu’s body.

The white light disappearing, Yue with concern asked: “How do you feel?”

Ji Qing Wu stood up from the sofa and began stretch her wonderful body and warm up.

Ji Qing Wu trained for many years to forged an exquisitely sensual body. With ample chest and wide hips, her elegant and beautiful face, valiant temperament, was extremely charming.

Yue seeing Ji Qing Wu stretching her glamorous body, his eyes couldn’t help but got lost in it.

After Ji Qing Wu finished stretching, looked at Yue and said: “Recovered more than 50%, should be able to fight!”

“Good! Today is the people going to search for a new mean of transport is me, Ji Qing Wu, Chi Yang, and Wang Shuang. The remaining people are to stay at home. Chen Yao is in charged.” Yue looked at Chen Yao, with a serious tone, said: “Chen Yao, remember what I said, no matter how they cried out, don’t let anyone in. If someone forcibly break in, use the guns to shoot them, understand?”

“I understand!” She quickly replied. After the thugs attacked Chen Yao, she already understood the cruelty of this post apocalyptic world.

With the explanation completed, Yue and Ji Qing Wu quickly left the community.

Outside the community, Wang Shuang asked: “Where shall we go now? ”

Yue has already thought of it, immediately said: “Jiangnan district, Green Shade Street, where the flow of people is small, and they sell large vehicles.”

Ordinary vehicles hitting several zombies will scrapped, only large vehicles can hit zombies without damage.

Without the protection of a school bus, Yue can only leads the others in a cirlce, in order to avoid the dense zombies in the downtown section. Heading towards Green Shade Street in Jiangnan district.

The 4 people walking in remote sections, was easily able to dealt with the scattered zombies.

With the help of Yue, Wang Shuang successfully challenged a zombie. He finally had the courage to fight the zombie in close combat.

They cautiously killed dozens of zombies while heading to Green Shade Street.

Green Shade Street, the area was in the outskirts, so there was not many zombies. They successfully made it to the shop that sell Dong Feng truck.[Translator Note: Dong Feng Truck]

In front of the shop, there was three big blue Dong Feng truck.

A sword cut off the head of the uniform wearing zombie. Yue quickly search in the pockets of a zombie and found a bunch of car keys.

“We taking the 3 vehicles?” Chi Yang said to Yue. They had passed the obstacle and found the keys to 3 trucks.

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