God and Devil World

Chapter 37: School Bus Stolen

Chapter 37: School Bus Stolen

“Really relaxing!” With his body submerged in hot water, Yue uttered a sigh of happiness. Being able to take a bath after strenuous fighting was a rare treat. Not to mention the scarcity of water now.

Chi Yang was squatting in font of a bucket of hot water, revealing a rare smile said: “Remember when we were in middle school.”

Yue and Chi Yang remember when they were in a boarding school in middle school, during the summer a bunch of boys bathing around a basin. In the winter, everyone took a bucket of hot water to bathe.

Yue was silent for a moment, slowly said: “I wonder how Panther is now.” [Translator Note: Baozi translate to leopard. While ‘Bào’ is a feline that can be leopard or panther. I use panther instead since that is more commonly use as a name/nickname.]

Panther was one of Yue’s buddies. After the university entrance exam, everyone went their separate ways.

Chi Yang said: “Don’t worry, they had a tough life, so they won’t die so easily.”


After the bath, Yue and Chi Yang returned to their room to sleep.

In a small room, Yuan Ying suddenly said: “Zhang Li, I have my sight on Yue, I want him to be my boyfriend. Will you support me?”

Zhang Li was surprised for a moment. Yue’s figure killing zombies flashed in her eyes, and hesitating for a moment said: “Okay, I will help you.”

Yuan Ying look at Lin Qi next to her and asked; “Lin Qi, you will support me, right? If Yue become my boyfriend, I’ll ask him to protect you.”

Lin Qi suddenly fell silent. She also had a good impression of Yue, though not up to the level of love. However, she is not someone that easily gives up her rights. But her character was introverted and weak, not good at rejecting other.

“Too scheming. Yuan Ying, if you like Yue, then use your own ability to capture his heart. What’s the use of saying it here? Getting your friends to give up and reducing the competitions?” At this moment, Zhang Xin(Jeung Sam) with her eyes wide, looking at Yuan Ying, ridiculed. [Translator Note: This Zhang Xin(Jeung Sam) is from Chapter 33, the one that ridiculed Yue but ended up staying. While the other Zhang Xin(Jeung Yan) is chasing after Chi Yang]

Yuan Ying angrily retorted: “This is something between us, what’s it to you?”

Yuan Ying was not thinking about reducing the competitions. She is a very beautiful girl with class. But Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu was prettier than her. She was not confident that she would beat the other two girls. There was also Wang Qian and Zhang Xin(Jeung Yan) by Chi Yang side. The two girls was not less pretty compare to her. Zhang Xuan was also cute, which made Yuan Ying felt uneasy.

Zhang Xin sneered and said: “This is not related to me. My only pet peeve is about your approach. You don’t really like Yue. You are only looking for a protector. Your scheme can not fool anyone.”

Yuan Ying was flushed with anger, shouted: “What you say is nonsense!”

Zhang Li quickly smooth things over and said: “Knock it off. We need to get a good rest, I reckon that tomorrow is our turn to go hunting and to level up. If you do not have a good rest, tomorrow you won’t have the strength to hunt zombies.”

After listening to Zhang Li’s speech, Yuan Ying and Zhang Xin stopped fighting, coldly snorted and then went to sleep.

It was after 12AM, in apartment 208, when the door opened. Zhao Zhen and his team quietly exited the room, then quickly headed to the school bus.

On the school bus, Zhao Zhen took out a bunch of keys, and then inserted a key into the ignition.

Yun Yi then sat in the driver’s seat and immediately started the school bus.

Accompanied by the roaring sound of the engine, the school bus sped out of the area.

“What is that sound!” At the time when the engine was started, Yue’s team was abruptly awoken.

Dressed in pajamas, Yue immediately rushed to the balcony, only to see the school bus speeding away, and a somber look on his face.

Chen Yao also came dressed in pajamas, with a worried look, asked Yue: “Yue, what happened?”

Chen Yao also vaguely guessed the truth, but she just did not want to believe it.

Yue with an ashen face, said: “The school bus was stolen by someone.”

Yuan Ying with a very pale face said: “What will we do? How will we get to Long Hai City?”

In the room, everyone eyes fell on Yue. Besides Chi Yang and Ji Qing Wu, the other’s eyes were filled with fear. Without a good means of transportation, traveling the 50 or so kilometers to Long Hai City would be almost impossible. [Translator Note: Another thing machine translation won’t catch. The author uses li, which is 1/2 a kilometer. 100 li = 50 kilometers. Not 100 miles.]

Yue lightly said: “Don’t worry, tomorrow I will go find another vehicle. Everyone go back to sleep.”

Hearing Yue say this, the others hesitated a bit, then returned to their room to sleep. The school bus has been stolen, even if they worried about it, it would do no good.

“It’s really hard to predict a person’s mind!” Yue looking out and slowly sigh. He did not thought that the people he just saved would turned around and steal the school bus that was.

Chi Yang came over to console Yue, and said: “Don’t be too angry, the school bus is gone, tomorrow we will go find another one vehicle!”


Yue quickly adjusted his mood, and went back to his room to sleep.

Zhao Zhen’s team was driving away from the neighborhood, heading to Long Hai City.

After traveling for some distance, Li Manni hesitantly said: “Zhao Zhen, should we have done that? Yue did saved us after all.”

Listening to Li Manni words, the people on the school felt a bit ashamed. The world has ended not too long, so their dignity was not completely gone.

Zhao Zhen console: “To get to Long Hai City, we can only use this method. If we did not do it, we wouldn’t be able to get to Long Hai City. Manni, do not worry, Yue is so powerful, he will be able to easily find a second vehicle.”

Another boy name Ji Yun, who was a bit resentful said: “Yeah! Manni, look at Yue, he only just saved us, but is high and mighty. Wanting all of us to listen to his orders. Who does he think he is? He have no class at all.”

“Precisely!” The others also agreed. Belittling Yue can lessen their guilt.

At this time, the school bus was heading to the Qing Yun area, which is one of the busiest areas in Lei Jiang City. There were vehicles everywhere on the streets.

The zombies were scattered everywhere.

Yun Yi suddenly slowed down and shouted: “Zhao Zhen, there is a blockade in front, what should I do?”

In front of them, 8 or 9 vehicles piled up, blocking their way.

Zhao Zhen was shocked, acted quickly and shouted: “Reverse! Reverse immediately! The school bus must not stop.”

Once the car stopped, it will be surrounded by zombies. They will not be able to fight the zombies.

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