God and Devil World

Chapter 34: Power Leveling

Chapter 34: Power Leveling (Assist in Leveling)

Yue quickly said: “Okay, now Chen Yao, Lu Wen, Wang Shuang, Zhang Xuan, Wang Fang, and Cai Xiao, you all come with me. The rest stay here, and listen to Chi Yang’s order.”

Yuan Ying worried asked, “Where are you going? ”

“Yes, Yue where are we going?” Wang Fang also nervously asked. She did not want to leave the safety of the house.

Yue replied: “To help you get stronger!”

It is already afternoon, Yue didn’t want to waste any time. He guessed that the zombies are somehow evolving and getting stronger, so he didn’t want to waste too much time.

Hearing Yue’s words, that he would help everyone gain experience to advance to the next level, all their eyes lit up.

At this time almost all of them want to advance to the next level. To become strong like Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang. So that they can survive and live easier in this world.

Yuan Ying extremely excited said: “I want to go!”

Other girls also loudly said: “I want to go too! Yue, take me to go get stronger!”

“Quiet!” Yue shouted and frowned.

The girls immediately fell silent.

Yue Zhong surveyed all the women, in a deep voice said: “There is no problem if you want to come. However, I alone can not protect so many people, so when something unforeseen happens, I will not be responsible.”

The rest of the girls were silent, they were well aware of the dangers when fighting zombies. Without Yue’s protection, they would die, let alone advancing to the next level.

With the plan set, Yue brought the others downstairs and to the school bus.

“Where do we go?” Chen Yao asked Yue.

Yue thought for a moment and said: “Nebula Avenue, the number of zombies there should be low.” [Translator Note: It’s actually Xing Yun Avenue, but I’m going to change the name of some of these places so it be easier to remember.]

Nebula Avenue is a commercial street, but it did not prospered. So the surrounding buildings are old, run down, and deserted.

The school bus arrived at the area, they saw only a little more than 10 zombies lurking in the street. The streets were littered with wreckage of vehicles that crashed into the guardrail.

“Wen wen, get off!”

When the school bus stopped, Yue and White Bones jumped out the bus.

Lu Wen had faith in Yue; Yue words had hardly faded, when she also got down.

Wang Fang with jealousy in her eyes, looked at Lu Wen, and thought: “Yue is really good to this little girl. What is their relationship? ”

In this post apocalyptic world, there were dangers everywhere. Without the protection of someone strong, it would be difficult to survive for someone weak like her. Wang Fang seeing that Yue was focus on Lu Wen, became jealous.

Being attracted by the sound of the school bus’s engine, the zombies on the street staggered over.

Yue Zhong ordered White Bones: “Go and cut off their limbs for me!”

Having received Yue’s order, White Bones rushed forward with his axe, like a cyclone cutting the zombies.

After getting the skill Reinforced Bones, White Bones had became very powerful. Normal zombies was no longer able to pull out the bones of White Bones. It was now more than twice as strong as an ordinary man, so slaying ordinary zombies had became really easily. Before long, more than 10 zombies had their limbs cut off, and fell to the ground.

Yue handed the 1st Degree Protective Garment to Lu Wen and said: “Go! Cut off those zombies head, you will be able to be able to gain experience. This is a protective garment so put it on!”

Lu Wen took the piece of protective garment and sensing its properties, in her heart, felt braver and said: “Great!”

“I have to change my clothes, can you turn around?” Lu Wen looked at Yue with baby eyes. She felt very embarrassed if Yue saw her changed her clothes.

Yue starring at Lu Wen, seriously asked: “You know it is very dangerous. If I don’t see you, and while you are changing your clothes, something bad may happen. We don’t know what kind of abilities the evolved zombies will have. Are you sure you want to let me look away? Can’t you just put this protective garment over your clothes?”

Lu Wen glance at Yue and shook her head: “Big brother Yue, you really do not understand a girl’s mind, it’s no surprise that you don’t have a girlfriend. Come on, telling you these things is a waste of effort.”

Hesitating a bit, Lu Wen listened to Yue and wore the protective clothing over her clothes.

Lu Wen holding the Imitation Tang Sword, walked over to the zombies that had its limbs cut off. The zombie with its limbs cut off by White Bones was still alive. The zombie sensing that Lu Wen was nearby started to constantly struggled, opening and closing its mouth.

Seeing the struggling zombie, Lu Wen was startled and quickly took a few steps back, with a pale face.

The zombie’s appearance was too scary. Once hurt by the zombie, you would turn into a zombie. Which is why all the people feared them. Few people can muster up the courage and fight the zombies in melee. If Yue had not reached a dead end, it would be difficult for him to muster up the courage and fight the zombies in melee.

After a while, Lu Wen realized that the protective garment can resist the zombie’s infection, which caused her fears to settled down. Watching the limbless zombie lying on the ground, she stepped forward and slash at it’s head.

Lu Wen sword slashed fell on the shoulder of the zombie, the sharp sword embedded in the bones of the zombie.

That zombie immediately struggled, scaring her so bad that she was trembling and wanted to throw the sword away and escape. Seeing the zombie unable to chase her, the fear subsided in her heart. She was a girl that never even killed a chicken before. Asking her to kill a zombie was too difficult.

Lu Wen watched the zombies on the ground, took a deep breath for a moment, then continuously slashing at the zombie’s head. Slashing six times in a row, she eventually cut off the zombie’s head A ball of white light from the zombie body flew out into her body.

“Big brother Yue! I killed a zombie!” After killing the zombies, Lu Wen proudly said to Yue while looking a bit pale.

“That is great! Wen Wen, well done.” Yue rubbed Lu Wen’s head and praised her.

“Hehe!” Lu Wen smile sweetly at Yue’s praise. The fear in her heart has lessened.

“Why didn’t I get promoted?” After calming down, Lu Wen curiously asked Yue.

Yue said: “Continue to kill zombies, you have to kill more zombies in order to raise your level.”

“Okay! I will go kill more.” Lu Wen nodded, holding the Imitation Tang Sword, walked towards those limbless zombies on the ground. Killing the first zombie had lessened her fears of zombies, while increasing her courage to fight. It’s always difficult at the beginning, but then it would get easier.

Lu Wen with the sword, continues to kill the zombies. After killing the 12th zombies, her face had a look of surprised, loudly cried towards Yue: “Big brother Yue, I was promoted, I got the stats points.”

Yue has been observing Lu Wen as she beheaded the zombies. After hearing the surprise sound from Lu Wen, he quietly thought: “With the help of others, it takes 4 times as many monsters to level up?”

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