God and Devil World

Chapter 35: A Sense of Crisis

Chapter 35: A Sense of Crisis

Finished speaking, came over to Yue and asked: “Big brother Yue, what stats should I increase?”

Yue quickly said: “Spirit! You should increase Spirit. You are mainly responsible for the rear support, while I will be responsible for the front.”

Lu Wen is not suitable for combat, Yue decided to have her train as a priest class or a healer. The only girl that Yue saw that dare to fight the zombies was Ji Qing Wu.

A healer is crucial in this post apocalyptic world. Doctors are scarce, medicines are scarce, at this time, a healer will make the team survival much better.

“Okay!” Lu Wen quickly chose to assign to Spirit. She also didn’t want to fight those nasty zombies, that’s the riskiest thing.

Yue said, “You’re tired! Go rest! Give the sword to Wang Shuang, and tell him to come out.”

“Got it!” Lu Wen quickly ran to the school bus.

“Did you level up?” As Lu Wen got on the bus, Wang Fang came up and hastily asked.

Lu Wen said proudly: “Yep!”

Zhang Xuan, Cai Xiao, Wang Shuang, and Wang Fang had hint of envy in their eyes. They also want to level up and grow stronger. Without leveling up, they felt inferior.

Chen Yao, fortunately was able to learn the skill Small Fireball, which equivalent to an ability. It can also be considered having level up.

“Wang Shuang, Yue said to go out.” Lu Wen handed the Imitation Tang Sword to Wang Shuang and said.

Wang Shuang face lit up, accepted the sword and then got off the bus. He also wanted to level up and grow as strong as Yue.

Wang Fang looking at Lu Wen wearing the protective garment revealed a hint of desire burning in her eyes: “Lu Wen, we should have a talk. Can you lend me that protective garment for a moment?”

Wang Fang is very smart, she saw that Yue has been wearing the protective garment, followed by Chi Yang, and now Lu Wen is wearing it. Obviously this protective garment is a great piece of equipment.

Lu Wen hesitated for a moment, took off off the protective garment and gave it to Wang Fang.

“This is amazing! It can fend off zombie’s attacks twice, this is the equivalent of two lives. This Lu Wen really is important to Yue. Who is she to Yue?” Wang Fang wearing the protective garment immediately felt different, her body was light by bit. Her thoughts was full of jealousy.

“Let me and Zhang Xuan try it!” Cai Xiao stared, and said to Wang Fang.

Wang Fang see Cai Xiao and Zhang Xuan, and remembered the escape scene, with a guilty conscience, took off the protective clothing and handed it to Cai Xiao.

“This is amazing. Seems like Yue really value this Lu Wen.” Cai Xiao and Zhang Xuan wore the protective garment and thought.

Killing those limbless zombies is not a difficult thing; the psychological pressure compared to killing a normal zombie was completely different. With the help of Yue, Wang Shuang killing 12 zombies soon also level up.

Wang Shuang after leveling up, immediately asked Yue: “Yue, what stats should I choose?”

Yue said: “Agility! You should put all your stats point into agility, when your agility is more than 13 points, put it into power and strength. When fighting zombies, reaction time is most critical. As long as you are not hit, they are no match for us. ”

Wang Shuang is also one of the fighting force that Yue is developing. Yue’s team fighting force is currently only Yue, Chi Yang, and Ji Qing Wu. This fight force is just too weak.

“Okay!” Wang Shuang did not hesitate to immediately assigned the stats points.

Wang Shuang stamina was much more than Lu Wen. Yue help Wang Shuang to kill the zombies until Wang Shuang was promoted to level 3 before they stopped hunting.

Beheading zombies was hard labor. Especially Wang Shuang with the help of Yue, had to kill a lot more in order to advance to level 3. Afterwards, Wang Shuang was too tired and headed back to the school bus.

Zhang Xuan, Cai Xiao, and Wang Fang with Yue’s help advance to level 2. Yue also urged them to assigns the points to Agility and Stamina.

Chen Yao also advanced to level 2. Following Yue’s advice, she assigns her points to Spirit. Chen Yao was also a focus of Yue to train.

After everyone had level up, it was getting dark. Yue did not dare to fight the zombies in the dark, and quickly returned home.

“You are back! Come and eat!” Back home, Yuan Ying and Zhang Le greeted with a smile on their face, while looking at Yue and said.

A girl immediately went into the kitchen and brought out a tray of dishes.

Dinner is stir fried vegetables, white rice, beef cooked with potatoes, stir fried ham with tomatoes and eggs. The group of people sat around the table and began to eat.

The girl’s appetite was small and the meal was not lavish. But each of the girls ate three bowls of rice, before putting down their chopsticks. Especially for Zhang Li and Yuan Ying who was trap in the dorm room for a couple days. It has only been a couple days since the world ended, but for them, it was so long.

After the meal, Zhang Li immediately started clearing the dishes.

Yuan Ying and Lin Qi hesitated for a moment but also started helping.

The rest of the girls then woke up, rushing to gathered up the dishes.[Translator Note: Woke up as in from their relaxation not from sleep]

Ji Qing Wu looked at the girls and lightly said: “Take turns to do it, first is Zhang Li, Yuan Ying, and Lin Qi, then substitute.”

Hearing Ji Qing Wu say that, the other girls immediately stopped and circle around Lu Wen and Wang Fang. Then started asking them about the leveling up process.

Sitting on the couch, Chi Yang holding a bottle of sport drinks, asked Yue: “Are you going to go out in the dark?”

Yue know that Chi Yang understand Yue very well. Know that in moment of crisis, Yue would never waste a minute of time.

Yue Zhong with his fingers overlapping, hesitated for a moment before slowly said: “It is too dangerous out there at night. I do not know what have happen to the world. In the darkness, if you are suddenly attacked, something bad may happen.”

Yue Zhong’s stamina through constant leveling have already more than double an ordinary person. Compared with the first day, he was not as tired. In the dark streets, it was extremely dangerous, if he encountered some S1 zombie that attacked, he might be injured.

Chi Yang said: “We taking the initiative is indeed dangerous, but let them take the initiative to come to die. Would that not minimize the risk?” [Translator Note: What he is saying is that instead of attacking the zombies, lured them to a place where you can fight them easily.]

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