God and Devil World

Chapter 33: Teams

Chapter 33: Teams

For a short moment, there was silence in the room. Besides Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu, Lu Wen, Wang Shuang, Chi Yang, Zhang Xuan, Wang Fang, and Cai Xiao, the rest of the people raised their hands. Few people were willing to stay there.

Seeing so many people raised their hands in response to the proposal, Li Manni with a look of satisfaction said to Yue: “More than half agreed to leave at once. Proposal approved.”

“Good!” Yue nodded.

Seeing Yue nodded, those people who raised their hands were relieved, but Yue next sentence cause their hearts to fall from heaven to hell.

Yue look at the eyes of the others, then lightly said: “You people can leave now! I’m not stopping you. You can bring five days of supplies with you.”

Yue had saved these people because he had promised to save them, but to them it was not enough. In peace time, when you save people they will turn around and blame you, not to mention in this post apocalyptic world. He also did not want to take a bunch of people that harbor dissent towards him and struggled with them in this post apocalyptic world. [Translator Note: fǎn yǎo yī kǒu = to make a false counter-charge. Basically what Yue is trying to say is that even though he saved them, they turn around and accused him of being selfish because he wanted to do his things.]

Listening to Yue’s words, the others turned very paled.

The outside world is full of zombies, they are just ordinary people that have not been strengthened, so even taking a step forward is difficult. While procuring supplies was even harder.

Zhao Zhen stepped forward to Li Manni’s rescue: “Yue, enough joking. Li Manni didn’t mean any harm, she just wants you to listen to everyone’s opinion.”

“I’m not joking. I take this opportunity to tell you clearly.” Yue looked at everyone, with a serious expression said: “Whoever wants to leave, I will not stop you. You can take five days of supplies, then leave and fend for yourself. If you want to stay, the guys must obey my commands to join and fight zombies. While the girls must do the logistical work, such as transporting supplies, cooking, cleaning and so on. The girls would need to fight when necessary. This team does not need people that do not contributes.”

Yue then lightly said: “I have cleared the zombies in this building, if you choose to leave, you can choose a room to stay in. But I will say this clearly, I have done what I can for you. If in the future you do not have supplies, do not ask me, as I will not give any to you.”

A pretty and petite girl name Zhang Xin frowned, and said to Yue: “Is it not a man’s duty to protect women? You are too petty, and do not act like a man. Haven’t you heard of the phrase, with great power comes great responsibility?” [Translator Note: LOL, spiderman quote. ]

Zhang Xin is an only child, is pretty, and pampered from childhood. She had more courage at this time as she was in a safe place.

Yue looked at Zhang Xin, lightly said: “Let me ask you, many refugees in Africa have nothing to eat, is that not sad?”

Zhang Xin blankly said: “It is sad!”

Yue looking at Zhang Xin continues to asked: “They are so poor, why don’t you sell your family’s assets and donates to them? In the past, if you just sell all your family’s possessions and donated it, you can save the lives of hundreds, or even thousands of African refugees. You have the ability to save them, but refused to help, then what is that call? You spent hundreds of dollars on a bottle of cosmetics, which can buy how many kilograms of rice, and save how many African refugees, so why do you not save them?”

“Let’s just talk about the countryside and not some place far away; there are still many people that can not read because of a lack of money for school. Since you are so noble, why don’t you donate half of your living expenses to help them? Perhaps your dinner can help pay for a student to learn to read.”

Zhang Xin was not mentally prepared, so she was speechless when asked a series of questions by Yue.

Yue lightly said: “After all, you are but a hypocrite. If you can not do it, what right do you have to force someone else to do it? I admit that I can not do that, I’m just an ordinary guy, and I’m not great enough to sell all that I have to save some stranger. Before this, you and I were just strangers. After saving you, what right do you have to demand that I protect you? You can find someone that will dedicate themselves to protect you guys, I’m sorry, that is not me.”

Zhang Xin was silent, Yue’s attitude was very clear and without room to manoeuvre. While she could not refute Yue’s reasoning.

Zhao Zhen thought for a moment, then looked at Yue and asked: “Yue, could you please give us some firearms and ammunition? As long as you give us some firearms and ammunition, we can fend for ourselves.”

Lu Wen gave Zhao Zhen a contemptuous look: “You really are thick skin. We had to risk our lives to get those firearms and ammunition, why should we give them to you.”

Zhao Zhen did not say anything else, and just stared at her.

Yue outright refused: “No way! I can not give you firearms and ammunition.”

“Without firearms and ammunition, how could we survive out there? You are just going to let us die?” Yun Yi, the guy wearing glasses beside Zhao Zhen said.

Yue in a deep voice said: “Killing zombies can give you experience. I’ve already told you. As long as you have the courage to fight the zombies, you will gain experience and get stronger. That is all I will say. I ask that you make your choice immediately: stay, or leave.”

Yun Yi, Li Manni, and two other students looked at Zhao Zhen. Rather than believing in Yue, who saved their lives, they were more willing to believe Zhao Zhen as they were friends.

Zhao Zhen with a determined face, quickly stood up, looked around, and very passionately said: “Yue, thank you for saving me. However, I cannot agree with your idea; men should protect women by nature. Everyone, I will leave as soon as possible, and go to Long Hai City. If any of you want to come with me, then I promise you, I will risk my life to protect you. I will not give up on anyone and bring all of you safely to Long Hai City.”

A lot of the girls had a strange light in their eyes. To them, Zhao Zhen was a true man with his inspirational words, handsomeness, and being the Student Council President.

The 12 girls of the girl’s dormitory soon split into two halves, six girls chose to stay with Yue. While six girls wanted to leave with Zhao Zhen. Those girls were reluctant to stay there another day. Yue compared to Zhao Zhen did not speak as well and was not a gentlemen. It has not been long since the end of the world, the girl’s naivety has not been changed by the cruel world yet.

After collecting the supplies for five days, Zhao Zhen took his team and left.

“Why did you not leave?” Yue looked at Zhang Xin with curiosity and asked. Zhang Xin was one of the girls that questioned him; he thought she would follow Zhao Zhen and leave too.

Zhang Xin looked at Yue and said: “If Zhao Zhen had the courage to fight the zombies, at this time he would not be here. They have no weapons, and have no power, following them is like looking for death. Only those naive girls would be persuaded by his sweet words and trust his promises.”

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