God and Devil World

Chapter 32: Differences

Chapter 32: Differences

In the girl’s dormitory, in addition to the three girls, Yue also found 9 girls while searching the remaining dorm rooms.

This dormitory can hold hundreds of people, but only 12 survivors. The rest of the people if they didn’t turn into zombies in the beginning, then they are devoured by the zombies.

Yue took the 12 surviving girls back to the school bus, after sitting down said to Chen Yao: “Go to the General Office building.”

Chen Yao did not ask, immediately started the school bus and headed toward the General Office.

There were not many zombies around the office building, Yue then rushed to the front of the building.

After getting off the school bus, Yue quickly went to the Accounting Office.

At this time, the Accounting Office’s door was close, with not even the slightest movement.

Yue shouted towards the Accounting Office: “I’m Yue, Zhao Zhen are you still there?”

“I’m here!” From the Accounting Office came a sound, then the door opened wide. Zhao Zhen with a surprised look on his face, stared at Yue. He really did not expect that Yue would come back to save them, he had thought that Yue would not come back at all.

Zhao Zhen with a look of gratitude toward Yue said: “Yue, thank you very much.”

Yue not being too modest towards Zhao Zhen urged: “Come on! ”

Zhao Zhen is also very decisive, quickly replied: “Yes!”

Zhao Zhen took his group and followed Yue, quickly heading towards the school bus.

Chen Yao watched Zhao Zhen’s group of people getting on the bus and asked Yue: “Are we heading back?”

Yue quickly replied: “No, go to the small supermarket at the intersection! We need to get more supplies.”

Shortly after the school bus stopped in front of the small supermarket.

Being attracted by the sound of the engine, the surrounding zombies staggered over towards the small supermarket. There were dozens of zombies.

Zhao Zhen looking at the dozens of zombies, his eyes flashed with fear: “Do we really need to stop here? There are so many zombies!”

The guy with glasses, Chen Ye, also echo the sentiment: “Yes! We could wait a few days to find the supplies. It is too dangerous here. Chen Yao, drive! We have to leave here at once.”

Chen Yao ignored Chen Ye, while looking at Yue. She was fully aware of who is the indispensable member of the group.

Chen ye seeing his words having no effect, felt a bit awkward.

Yue Zhong frowned, just lightly said: “Open the door!”

Chen Yao immediately opened the door.

Yue towards White Bones, ordered: “Take care of them.”

Receiving the order from Yue, White Bones alone rushed towards the group of zombies.

Yue looked at all the people on the bus and ordered: “Everyone except Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu, and Lu Wen, immediately head down and transport the supplies!”

Wang Shuang hearing Yue’s words immediately responded by getting off the bus and rushed toward the small supermarket. He was fully aware Yue’s personality, if they did not act, the first to be abandoned in the future is someone that is useless.

Except for Wang Shuang, the rest were silent. Surrounded by zombies everywhere, there was dangers on the street. They don’t have courage to leave the safety of the school bus.

Yue frowned, then glanced at Zhang Lie, his voice became cold: “You don’t have to transport the supplies, but people that don’t transport the supplies do not eat. In the future, you will also have to find your own supplies.”

In this post apocalyptic world, even Yue have to labor in order to survive. He simply can not afford to take care of a bunch of people that were not willing to do anything.

Zhang is also very intelligent, responded: “Come on! Ying Ying, Qi Qi, we will go transport the supplies.”

With that, Zhang Li quickly jumped off the school bus, and rushed toward the small supermarket.

Yuan Ying pouting, stared at Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu, and Lu Wen. Feeling resentment, got off and ran toward the small supermarket. She also knows that now isn’t the time to disobey Yue.

“Everyone come help transport the supplies! Right now we are like a rope twisted together, we must closely unite and work hard in order to survive.” Zhao Zhen was trying to persuade his people in the bus. Then with his team of five people, got off the bus and joined the ranks of those transporting the supplies.

Under the leadership of Zhang Li and Zhao Zhen, the rest of the girls in the bus hesitated, eventually got off the bus, and joined the ranks of those transporting the supplies.

Yue told Chi Yang to stay on the bus and guard the firearms, while he got off the bus to keep watch.

“Amazing!” Zhao Zhen while transporting the supplies took a glance at White Bones, and filled his heart with shock.

Seeing White Bones wielding his axe killing dozens of zombies, each swing killing a zombie, not one zombie could withstand White Bones strike.

“If I have this ability it would great.” After seeing that White Bones power was beyond the average human, Zhao Zhen’s eyes flashed with a burning desire.

To become Yun Hua Student Union President, Zhao Zhen is not a stupid man. He very clear that the world has changed, and only gaining power can one survive this post apocalyptic world. In order to get stronger, he needed to risk his life and fight the zombies. However, he did not have the courage.

Under the efforts of all the people, most of the supplies in the small supermarket was moved on to school bus.

“Drive home!” On the school bus, Yue said to Chen Yao.

Chen Yao started the school bus and immediately drove away.

All the way without incident, they safely returned to Chen Yao’s apartment.

After all the supplies were transported to Chen Yao’s apartment, under her arrangements began to eat.

The various firearms and ammunitions that they brought back were stored in Yue’s room, and was guarded by White Bones.

Zhao Zhen holding a can of 8 Treasures Congee sat down beside Yue, with an earnest face asked: “Yue, the next step, what’s your plan? Now head to Long Hai City enclave?”

Zhao Zhen learned about Long Hai City enclave from the other people.

Listening to the words of Zhao Zhen, all the survivors in the room look at Yue, their eyes full of hope. Most people are eager to go to Long Hai City enclave formed by the government, rather than staying in a place where zombies are everywhere.

Yue after eating an Apple of Vitality, lightly said: “No!” I would like to stay in Lei Jiang City for some time.” [Translator Note: Should I change it to Thunder River City? lol]

“How can you be like this? Because of you, the rest of us have to stay with you in Lei Jiang City, which is full of zombies? Why don’t we have a show of hands, according to a democracy, the vote is stay in Lei Jiang City or go to Long Hai City. Agree to stay in Lei Jiang City, raise your hand!” The guy with glasses, who looks very handsome, and capable. Who follows Zhao Zhen and the girl Li Manni, said with dissatisfaction, and was the first to raised his hand.

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