God and Devil World

Chapter 31: Dead Person

Chapter 31: Dead Person

“Great, this time we are saved.” After seeing the school bus, Yuan Ying cried out.

Trapped in the girl’s dormitory, seeing no chance of survival, if not dying of starvation or thirst, then will die from being eaten by a zombie. With this reality, if it was not for the girls encouraging each others, it would have made them go crazy.

“We will be saved!” Lin Qi and Chen Ying holding each other, crying tears of joy.

At the same time, the zombies outside the door headed toward the girls ‘ dorm room, began to strike at it violently.

The four girls closed their mouth, did not even dared to move, standing together quietly. Looking at the door with fear, in their eyes, the door represented their escape and survival.

After striking a while, those zombie’s strikes suddenly disappeared.

The four girls felt relieved, when all of a sudden, the dormitory door moved. The door was pushed open along with the large pile of debris.

A body full of open sores, skin black, two meters tall, and bringing a feeling of endless oppression. It was the L1 zombie, which appeared in front of the four girls. The door and debris could stop normal zombies, but it could not stop the powerful evolved L1 zombie.

“We are finished!”

Seeing the two meters tall, sinister looking L1 zombie, the four girl’s faces were paled from fear. They all know that this time they can not escape death.

Chen Ying, with very little courage, was trembling from fear, and limp on the ground.

Normal zombies do not have vision, only instinct, sound, and smell to find prey. With the evolved L1 zombies, whose sight has been restored, stared at the four girls with its vicious eyes. The four girls were so scared that they could not move at all.

“Join together! Just block it, Yue will come and save us!” Zhang Li gritted her teeth and said to the other three girls. Afterwards, she grabbed a metal pail next to her and threw it at the L1 zombie.

With the metal pail flying at it, the L1 zombie did not dodge and continued forward. The metal pail hit the zombie’s body, but it did not have any effect at all.

Watching this scene, the four girls felt even more fear.

Yuan Ying and Lin Qi gritted their teeth, grabbed the soaps and shampoos, throwing it at the L1 zombie. However, it did not have any effect.

The zombie quickly strode toward the four girls, and grabbed Chen Ying, who was limp on the floor. It opened its jaws and bit hard on Chen Ying’s neck, biting though her throat, causing the blood to flowed out immediately.

Chen Yin eyes were dilated and full of pain. But she continued to struggle in the hands of the zombie.

Seeing this horrible scene, the girls lost their will to fight, and moved towards the window.

“Jump out! Falling to our death is better than being eaten alive by it!” Zhang Li looked decisively, and cried loudly.

Lin Qi and Yuan Ying are afraid to look out the window, hesitated a moment, and didn’t dare to jump out.

After the L1 zombie took a few bite of meats from Chen Ying’s throat, immediately stood up, and stared coldly at the three girls.

Looking at the bloody mouth of the zombie, the three girls were filled with despair.

At this point, Yue finally arrived at the dorm room. With a body movement fast like a Cheetah, rushing to the L1 zombie. With a sword fast as lightning slashing towards the zombie’s neck.

Yue speed was far above the L1 zombie. It did not have time to react, and its head was sent flying with a sword slash.

Yue single strike beheading the zombie was etched into the eyes of the three girls.

At this moment, still tainted by fresh blood on his body, Yue in the eyes of three girls was very cute.

“Come with me!” Yue glanced at the three girls and said.

He then picked up the Survival Coins and three white treasure boxes, did not stay, and immediately rushed out. He continues to look for the survivors in the dormitory, after all, he said he would come back to save them.

The three girls nodded then followed quickly behind Yue. Yuan Ying had something to say, but Yue did not look at her.

After the world changed, Yue has been in a constant state of tension, his nerves on edge, forcing himself to do all kinds of preparations. He still had a great sense of fear for what will happen in the near future.

The three girls had just gotten out of the dorm room, when they saw the terrible scene. In the dormitory hallway was full of bodies of headless zombies and their head.

Watching the zombie disgusting corpses, the three girls were nauseous and had an upset stomach.

“Wait a moment! Hold on!” Seeing Yue quickly running out the fourth floor, Yuan Ying anxiously cried out in a loud voice. This is her only chance of survival, she didn’t want to give up.

Yue looked at the three girls, and frowned: “Come on keep up!”

Yue scolding caused Yuan Ying to felt grievance, with eyes reddening, tears falling down. She grew up being admired by everyone, with a beautiful face, and intelligence that was pursuit by countless guys. This was her first time being so ruthlessly scold by someone. [Translator Note: Was hard to translate this. zhòng xīng pěng yuè translates to “all the stars revolves around the moon”. It basically means that she grew up as the center of attention and was pamper by people. The sentence structure was just weird: she grew up as ….., grew up as …., grew up as …]

At the same time, Zhang Li walked over to Yue and said: “Yue, do you remember me?”

Yue stared at Zhang Li, thinking for a moment, face down, revealing a trace of a smile: “Big sis Zhang Li. Thank you for that time that you introduced me as the tutor.”

The tutoring job to Lu Wen was thanks to Zhang Li, so Yue has felt grateful to her. If it wasn’t for the tutoring job, Yue’s college life would have become very hard.

Li was relieved, smiles and says: “No, that is your own skill. If you couldn’t get the little witch to accept you, I would not have of much help.”

“Big sis Zhang Li, you have not eaten all day. This is a can of 8 Treasures Congee, you go ahead and eat that, to fill your stomach.” Yue quickly took out a can of 8 Treasures Congee from his backpack and gave gave it to Zhang Li.

Yuan Ying and Lin Qi stared at the can of 8 Treasures Congee in Zhang Li’s hand, with their eyes opened wide. The both of them were hungry for more than a day.

Zhang Li gave Yue a look of in need of help.

Yue once again opened the backpack and pulled out two small piece of bread and handed it to Yuan Ying and Lin Qi: “You first eat this! Once we go back you can eat a delicious meal.”

Yue’s backpack of emergency supplies was for him, he will not easily give it to anyone. If he was stuck in a dangerous situation, the emergency supplies would allow him to survive 7 days or so.

“Thank you!” Taking the two palm-sized bread, Yuan Ying and Lin Qi thanked Yue.

“In his mind, am I not important as Zhang Li?” Yuan Ying ate her bread, while feeling unfairness in her heart. She was like a goddess, and looked much more beautiful than Zhang Li. However, Yue was treating Zhang Li better than her, which makes her somewhat resentful.

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