God and Devil World

Chapter 30: Rescue

Chapter 30: Rescue

The school bus was speeding down the road. Yue took out two sweet buns from his backpack, giving one to Chi Yang, and then quickly eating the other one. After fighting all morning, he was hungry and tired.

Lu Wen to Yue said: “Big brother Yue, I’m hungry too. Also give me a sweet bun.”

Yue took another sweet bun from his bag, then gave it to Lu Wen.

Lu Wen sat next to Yue and began gobbling down the sweet bun.

Seeing them eat the sweet buns, Su Ru Xue swallow a mouthful of saliva. She has not eaten for more than a day.

Su Ru Xue hesitated, then said to Yue: “Please give me a little something to eat, I have not eaten for a day.”

Yue looked at Su Ru Xue, then took a can of Eight Treasures Congee from his backpack and toss it to Su Ru Xue.

“Thank you!” After Su Ru Xue politely thanked Yue, immediately opened the can. Not caring about her image, started gulping down the food. She felt that from childhood till now, this was the most delicious congee she have eaten.

The school bus sped towards Yun Hua University.

Hearing the sound of the school bus, the zombies outside the university began to stagger towards the school bus.

Running over dozen of zombies, the school bus finally stopped at the girl’s dormitory.

The zombies surrounding the girl’s dormitory hearing the sound staggered over.

Yue and Chi Yang took out their Type 79 submachine gun and switched off the safety, then pointed it at the zombies and started shooting.

Under the fire of the two submachine guns, the surrounding zombies were mowed down.

After they stopped shooting, the bullet ridden zombies either stood up or crawled over toward Yue and Chi Yang.

Only by damaging the zombie’s brain can you kill them. Yue and Chi Yang fired hundreds of rounds of ammunition, but only killed 5 zombies. Their marksmanship can not compared to trained soldiers.

“I’m not getting any EXP using these heated weapons!” Yue watched those zombies standing up again, and frowned. Even though his marksmanship is terrible, but under the intense fire, several zombies dropped and did not get up again. However, he did not see the ball of white light going into his body.

Also, the zombies that were killed by the bullets did not dropped anything, not even a Survival Coin. When Yue use the novice staff and Imitation Tang Sword to kill zombies, at least a Survival Coin worth $1 will drop.

“Stop shooting! Chi yang, let’s go!” Yue immediately stopped firing, and said to Chi Yang.

Chi yang nodded, picked up the Tang Sword and together with Yue, headed toward the zombies.

White Bones have become unrivaled after his strengthening. Before Yue and Chi Yang broke into the group of zombies, White Bones with his axe in hand was like a whirlwind dancing in the group of zombies. The head of the zombie that got hit by White Bones axe was instantly smashed open.

“Monster! Extremely scary!” On the school bus, Su Ru Xue looked at the unrivaled White Bones, eyes opened wide in astonishment.

“Amazing! When did Yue’s skeleton get so strong?” On the school bus, Chen Yao watched White Bones wading through the group of zombies unhindered. Her eyes flashed a touch of disbelief as White Bones wantonly slaughter the zombies. She has seen how powerful White Bones was before, but it power was still acceptable compared to an average person. However, its strength was now was far beyond ordinary humans.

The dozens of zombies around the girl’s dormitory was quickly eliminated by White Bones, Yue, and Chi Yang. Whites Bones killed more than 20 zombies, while the rest was killed by Yue and Chi Yang.

Dozens of zombies meagerly contributed a few dozens Survival Coins and an Apple of Vitality.

Chi Yang stay behind and guarded the school bus, while Yue head towards the dormitory and rushed up the stairs.

Inside a dorm room on the 4th floor, various items were stacked in front of the door to block it. Four girls were crowded on a bed, eyes filled with fear and exhaustion.

Throughout the room was silence, as if there is no one living there. The atmosphere was extremely depressing. The 4 girls clearly understood that the zombies could tell where they are by sounds. So they dare not talk too loudly.

Chen Ying, a girl whispered, asking: “Zhang Li, I’m hungry, is there anything left to eat?”

Zhang Li, with a wry smile said: “That last piece of chocolate, did we not divided it this morning to eat?”

“Zhang Li, are you saying we are going to die?” All of a sudden, Lin Qi said this while looking at Zhang Li. Her heart was filled with fear and anxiety.

Zhang Li comforts: “Don’t worry about it. We will be save, soon someone will come and save us. Yue said he’d be back for us, didn’t he? We need to believe him.”

Having said this, but in fact, Zhang Li did not have any hope. After all, now that the world has become like this, wanting someone to risk their life to rescue someone, was a slim probability.

“Now whoever save me, I will be his girlfriend.” A beautiful girl name Yuan Ying with long black hair, oval face, big beautiful eyes, tall, and busty said.

Yuan Ying was the most beautiful girl of the musical department at Yun Hua University. She usually have a lot of pursuers. But her her standards were also high, and did not have a boyfriend, like a lofty proud white swan. (Translator Note: basically saying she have really hig standards)

Zhang Li teased: “To be our Swan Princess boyfriend, I don’t know who could be so lucky?”

“He he! Ying Ying, didn’t you say that you did not want a boyfriend while in college?”


Inside the dorm room, that suffocating atmosphere was broken. Several girls in that moment forgot their fear and laughed quietly?

At this moment, suddenly came the sound of impact of a zombie hitting the door. The four girls suddenly shut up, without a word, eyes filled with fear, while holding each other. Their body trembling at the thought that the zombie would smashed through the door. If the dormitory doors was smashed, they would all become food for the zombies.

Shortly outside came the rumbling sound of the school bus engine. That sound of the zombie in front of the dorm room quickly disappeared.

“There are people! Someone came to rescue us!” Hearing the school bus engine sound, a surge of joy welled up in the four girls. They immediately rushed to the window next to the bathroom to look outside.

“It’s Yue Zhong! Yue came back to save us!” Far away, Zhang Li saw Yue’s figure in the school bus, and was suddenly moved to tears.

1: This is the 8 Treasures Congee/Porridge

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