God and Devil World

Chapter 29: Mission

Chapter 29: Mission

Yue and White Bones carrying the guns, along with Su Ru Xue quickly withdrew to the school bus.

“Lots of guns!” Lu Wen rushed over, looked at a pile of guns, picked up a Type 54 pistol while toying with it.

Wang Shuang looked at the pile of guns, his eyes glinting a strange light. The old world order has collapsed, before the new world order is established, having guns mean having power.

Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu were to the side watching. Seeing those guns, both their eyes lit up.

“The bullets?” Chi Yang took a Type 79 submachine gun playing around with it, then asked.

“Not enough hands! Could only take that much at once. Watch her, don’t let her touch the guns. I’ll go find the bullets.” Yue finished saying then rushed off the school bus with White Bones.

Yue soon found the ammunition storage room in the police station.

White Bones broke the ammunition storage room’s lock with his axe. A rotten face zombie dressed in police uniforms staggered towards Yue from inside.

Yue decapitated the zombie with his sword, then a ball of light flew into his body.

“Congratulations, you have been promoted to level 10. You have 2 stats points, please assign you points.”

“Distribute 1 point to Stamina, 1 point to Agility.” Yue quickly made the choice.

“Congratulations, you have been promoted to level 10. You have gain 1 skill point, please select the skill to upgrade, or you can retained it.”

“Skill point?” Yue eyes lit up, immediately made a choice: “Immediately upgrade Summon a Special Skeleton skill!”

From within Yue, a flash of white light surge out of his body into White Bones forming a rune.

The rune on the skeleton absorbing the white lights began to transform. On the skeleton, many esoteric runes appeared.

When after the runes formed, a black light emitted from between Yue’s eyebrows, fell upon White Bones.

Absorbing the black light, White Bones begins to change. It’s bones began to change from all white to cyan.

“Your Special Skeleton has evolved and acquired a new skill. Please select the skill to acquired. Skill 1: Reinforced Bones. This ability allows Special Skull’s bones to become harder, difficult to damage. Skill 2: Bone Manipulation. This skill allows free manipulation of the Special Skeleton’s body, so its attacks will become more bizarre.”

“Select skill 1, Reinforced Bones!” Yue thought for a moment, then made the choice.

Currently, the most important thing missing on Yue’s team is a strong shield. White Bones skeleton body is not very strong, and if surrounded by a group of zombies, all the bones can be removed easily. Thus losing the battle.

After Yue made the choice, a black light flashing, on top of the chest of White Bones, many mysterious black runes appeared. The moment when the runes formed, White Bones body turned an eerie metallic sheen.

Special Skeleton (White Bones) Level 9

Power: 23 (10)

Agility: 23 (10)

Vitality: 23 (10)

Stamina: 16/23 (10)

Spirit: 23/23 (10)

Strength: 35 (10)

Have skills 1: Utilizing Bones

Skill 2: Reinforced Bones

After upgrading Summon a Special Skeleton skill, White Bones not only acquired the skill of Reinforced Bones, its 6 stats also got an extra +5 points. It was now more than twice as strong as an average person.

After the upgrade to White Bones, the sound in Yue’s mind did not stop: “You have already promoted to level 10, is now qualify for a novice mission.”

“Mission summary: Searching for Novice Village! The world has changed, in order to better evolve, the system in each of these cities have established a novice village. Novice village belong to the safe area, does not have mutated monsters. Also have a job change system. Having a job enables you to become more powerful. If you are first entrant to novice village, the system will give you a generous reward.”

The piece of information sounded directly in Yue’s mind.

“Novice village? It seems that I have to change the plan.” Yue quietly thought. He originally intended to prepared by getting their hands on firearms and head to Long Hai city. The novice mission have made him change his mind.

Only the fastest to adapt to this world will get the greatest abilities. Yue right now just want to be able to live a better life.

Yue took a look at the zombie’s corpse on the ground, wearing gloves searched the body for a bit, and found a set of keys.

Yue picked up the keys and tested it on the of ammunition safe, and soon opened the safe, exposing the inside where various ammunition boxes that were stacked neatly.

“Finally!” Yue looked at the boxes of ammunition, and has a satisfied look. With the ammunition, he has a better chance of surviving in this world.

Yue and White Bones transported the ammunitions several times, and soon all the ammunitions was carried to the school bus.

Chi Yang and Yue each on the back carried the Type 79 submachine gun, body covered with magazines, looks like militants on television.

Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu, and Lu Wen is each assigned a Type 54 pistol for self-defense.

Wang Shuang also got a Type 54 pistol and 10 rounds of ammunition.

“Please give me back my pistol! I’m a policeman, I won’t hurt you.” Su Ru Xue looked at Yue’s people, frowned, and requested. Without a pistol, she didn’t feel secured.

Lu Wen seized Yue’s arm and rocking like a baby said: “Big brother Yue, give it back to her! Big sister Ru Xue is not bad. Without pistol, what would she do if she encounter zombies?”

Yue looked at Su Ru Xue and said: “Jiangsu officer! I can give you back your pistol, but I warn you, if you point your gun at us, then we will show you no mercy.”

Su Ru Xue approached Yue and said: “As long as you don’t break the law, I will never point the gun at you.”

Yue Zhong stared at Su Ru Xue, shook his head, still threw the pistol to her.

Su Ru Xue in the past would be a good police officer. But in these last days, with such principles without power or protection, surviving would be difficult.

“Where are we going next?” Chen Yao asked Yue.

Yue thought for a moment, in a deep voice said: “Go back to school, I promised the survivors of the girl’s dormitory, if there is spare capacity, I will go save them. ”

“Okay!” Chen Yao immediately started the school bus and sped away toward the school.

On the way there, the school bus hit a zombies. Because the school bus had too many collisions, it was beaten and bumpy.

“Not good, seems like we need to look for a new vehicles as soon as possible.” Yue looked at the beaten school bus, frowning slightly.

If the school bus continues with these impacts, soon it will be scrapped. After all, the school bus is not a tank, and the extent of China’s school bus can not be as strong compared to the US.

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