God and Devil World

Chapter 28: Firearms

Chapter 28: Firearms

Chen Yao breathed a sigh of relief, wiped her tears, then quickly went to sit in the driver’s seat.

Yue ordered: “Go to the police station.”

Chen Yao immediately started the bus and drove towards the police station.

To Chi Yang, Yue said: “Chi Yang, you stay here to protect them. I will go in and look for weapons. If anything is wrong, immediately call me!”

The other person that was capable of killing an S1 zombie was Ji Qing Wu, but cause of Chen Yao, she was injured with broken bones and can not fight. Yue could only tell Chi Yang to stay and protect Ji Qing Wu.

Chi Yang picked up Ji Qing Wu’s Imitation Tang Sword and replied to Yue: “You can rest assured.”

After the explanation, Yue, White Bones, and Chi Yang quickly got off the school bus, then fiercely started killing the surrounding zombies.

After killing more than 10 zombies outside the school bus, Yue and White Bones then quickly rushed in the police station.

Just having entered the police station, 5 tattered face zombies wearing police uniforms immediately head over towards Yue and White Bones.

Yue charged forward, between the flashing light of his sword, decapitated 3 zombies.

The remaining 2 zombies was easily slayed by White Bones.

After killing the 5 zombies, Yue walked over to their bodies, and with gloves took the pistols from their waists.

Out of the 5 zombies, only 3 of them had pistols. Yue was able to get 3 Type 54 pistols and 15 rounds of ammunition.

Yue then put the pistols and ammunitions into his backpack. Compared his unreliable shooting skills, it was easier to kill the zombies with his sword.

Yue shortly after went to find the firearm’s storeroom.

Firearms and ammunitions storage room is the Police Department most heavily guarded room. Each one equipped with steel doors and anti-theft system. Stand in front of Yue is a tightly closed steel door.

Yue took a look at the tightly closed steel door, then ordered White Bones: “Destroy this door for me!”

White Bones received Yue’s order, fiercely swung the axe to strike the door.

White Bones had been promoted to level 9, so it was 80% stronger than an average person. Hitting the door at full force, was extremely scary. Boom, a tremendous sound rang out. The axe hitting the steel door formed a large dent, revealing a deep axe mark.

With 8 consecutive axe strikes, White Bones was able to split the steel door, then pushed it open.

“Don’t move, get your hands up!”

The steel door had just opened, when from inside a delicate sound rang out.

Yue looked straight ahead, seeing in the storage room, was a woman in police uniform. Her chest rising, looks very beautiful, is about 25 years old. The police officer was armed with the Type 54 pistol, aiming at him.

When Yue eyed the woman officer, that policewoman also carefully looked at Yue. When she saw White Bones, her eyes flashed a hint of disbelief. Skeletons that only appears in magical stories is impossible to see in this world.

“White Bones, grab her!” Yue quickly moved to the side, ordered White Bones.

White Bones received the order and marched towards the policewoman, his right hand fast like a meteor, caught the policewoman.

Bang! Bang!

Crisp sound of gunshots sounded, the female police officer fire several shots at White Bones without hesitation.

The bullets hit White Bones, and just slipped past his bones.

White Bones body just tremble a bit, and soon with a bony hand grab the policewoman’s right hand, took her pistol, and then force the female policewoman on the ground.

Sounds of gunshots dissipated, Yue came in from the main entrance.

“Who are you? This is a police firearms storage room, you are trespassing without permission, have committed a crime.” On the ground, that female police officers stared at Yue, and said.

Yue walked in front of the policewomen, waved his hand at White Bones. White Bones then quickly let go of the policewoman that it suppressed: “My name is Yue Zhong. I’m sorry, but the world have ended, and I need to be armed with weapons in order to survive. Beyond that, I don’t have any malicious intent. Officer, what’s your name?”

“My name is Su Ru Xue. What is this?” Su Ru Xue stood up, pointed to White Bones standing beside Yue, and asked.

Yue asked: “Did you hear the voice that claim to be God?”

“I heard it! Did you?” Su Ru Xue facial expression changed, she thought that she was the only person who heard the strange voice.

Yue explained: “That skeleton was obtained by me in the Magical System of the Gods, it is one of the skills. ”

Su Ru Xue’s eyes flashing with eagerness asked: “How do you get that kind of ability?”

This special skeleton is not afraid of being shot, and have extraordinary fighting abilities. Su Ru Xue also wanted get this magic ability.

Yue casually says: “If you dare to kill zombies, after obtaining the corresponding skill book, you can obtain this skill.”

“You are the one safeguarding the firearms?” Yue asked Su Ru Xue.

Su Ru Xue shook her head, and said: “No! Can you give me the pistol?”

“No!” Yue outright refused. He can’t just let someone who had just threatened him with the weapon have it back.

The level 2 Protective Garment can withstand small calibre bullets, but it can not protect everything. If it hit him in the head, he would die.

“Destroy the safe!” Yue looked at the safe in the room and ordered White Bones.

White Bones immediately swung his axe, smashing the safe’s lock. The safe’s lock broke after 3 hits.

Yue opened the gun safe, revealing row upon row of guns.

“Type 54 pistols, Type 79 submachine gun, Type 85 sniper, good stuff, really good stuff!” Yue stared at row upon row of guns in the safe with a surprised look in his eyes.

Guns represent power, only those with power will have a greater chance of survival in these last days.

Yue after several strengthening is now unafraid of ordinary zombies, but he is only one man after all. So his power and effectiveness is limited. In addition, melee combat consumes a lot of stamina. With firearms, he will be able survive better.

Yue quickly packed the firearms up, carrying some on his back, and some on Whites Bones.

Yue looked at Su Ru Xue and asked: “Are you going to stay here, or come with me?”

“I’ll go with you!” Su Ru Xue said without hesitation. Stay here and die, she didn’t want to die.

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