God and Devil World

Chapter 300 – Turtle to the Rescue! Tong Xiaoyun’s Passion!

Chapter 0300 – Turtle to the Rescue! Tong Xiaoyun’s Passion!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

The number of survivors that chose to dive into the river increased as the zombies neared them, each one franticly trying to make their way across.

At the same time, the slaughter amongst those at the bridge had become even more intense, and devastation and desolation was in every survivors’ eyes.

Yue Zhong shook his head and he proceeded to call for Greenie, to pick him up. All of a sudden, his heart shook, and he looked towards the river.

He was shocked as he observed that the waters were churning, as whole groups of Mutant Crayfish were climbing ashore! As they charged out of the water they immediately started attacking the zombies, using their sharp claws to chop them in two, before gobbling them up.

The waters churned constantly, and the Mutant Crayfish continued to come up in droves. Furthermore, there were 20 Elite Mutant Crayfish as well, followed by a Type 2 Mutant Crayfish, and finally Turtle!

Turtle looked at Yue Zhong, and let out a strange call. The Type 2 Mutant Crayfish also let out a sharp shrill call.


The 20 Elite Mutant Crayfishes rushed into the horde, and started slaughtering the zombies.

Those Mutant Crayfish had hard shells, and the ordinary zombies could do nothing to break them. They also had terribly sharp claws, and were impervious to the zombie virus, thus they were the perfect counter to the zombies.

The moment those Mutant Crayfish joined in the battle, they attacked the zombies in a frenzy, and huge numbers of the zombies were chopped up and dismembered by them, before being eaten.

These Mutant Beasts it seems, like to feast on zombies. If they could swallow the blood essence of the higher level zombies, they could use it to power up as well.

Seeing the Mutant Beasts coming out from the river, all the survivors felt worse, and the fights began to become more vicious. People were killing each other faster and faster as time went on.

Yue Zhong jumped on top of Turtle’s head, and urged it to go to the bridge: “I am Yue Zhong! All of you stop right this instance! The Mutant Beasts are here upon my orders!! Get in line!! Cross the bridge orderly! Otherwise I’ll execute you!”

The frenzied survivors were frightened by Turtle and had stopped in their tracks. They regained their composure, and observed the surrounded Mutant Beasts, before becoming like sheep and getting in line, crossing the bridge according to their lines.

“Turtle! This time, it’s really thanks to you!!” Yue Zhong looked at the subdued survivors crossing as he sighed in relief, patting Turtle’s head.

If Turtle had not appeared with its countless little brothers, the over 10,000 remaining survivors here would have died at the hands of those zombies.

When Turtle was praised by Yue Zhong, it wagged its tail, and thumped it against the ground. It was obviously pleased. After being tamed by Yue Zhong, it had already established a soul link with him, and could understand what he said.

With Turtle’s command, the countless Mutant Crayfishes guarded the 10,000+ survivors across the bridge. However, these weak cowards had to face the cold winds, the terrible chaos that ensued earlier, where there was slaughter amongst themselves, and over a thousand of them had died. Although the loss was huge, the only consolation was that the majority of them had managed to cross the bridge safely.

“Burn the bridge!!” Yue Zhong came to the other side of the bridge, and immediately issued the order!

‘Hong’! With a loud blast, the bridge that was painstakingly built by countless people before the apocalypse was destroyed. The only way for the 800,000-strong horde to reach Ning Guang County was destroyed just like that.

If they wanted to make their way to Ning Guang County, they had to go on a detour for over a 100 km just to find the road.

After gaining these 100,000 survivors of SY County, Yue Zhong’s next aim was Long Hai County!

As long as he conquered Long Hai County, Yue Zhong would obtain factories, and could start manufacturing ammunition. He wouldn’t have to worry about ammunition shortage to deal with a huge horde like that ever again.

The close quarter combat placed too much pressure on the soldiers. Unless they wore Mutant Beasts hides that could prevent even the penetration of guns and knives, the loss of soldiers from fighting zombies was too much to handle.

The huge horde of zombies followed the scent of human to the river where the bridge once stood.

Under the influence of a mysterious command, the zombies plunged into the waters, seemingly trying to use their own bodies to create a path towards the other side. They had been advancing for such a long way with just their masses, crossing whem they saw mountains and crossing water bodies as they saw them.

However, the river was filled with the little brothers of Turtle, and the moment these zombies plunged into the water, they were immediately gobbled up by the Mutant Crayfishes.

After no results from sending countless zombies to their needless deaths, the Z-Types hiding behind the horde also woke up and stopped the useless notion. The entire horde stood at the river looking blank.

After confirming that the horde could not possibly make their way across, he heaved a sigh of relief, and went back to take a bath, before lying on the bed and falling into a deep sleep. He had over-extended himself these past few days, and the moment he could relax, he did not fight it.

Yue Zhong was after all just a human, after experiencing such intense battles, he was on high alert and high strung at all times. The lives and deaths of over a few 100,000 weighed on his shoulders and he had not dared to relax for even a single moment. That sort of intense pressure almost suffocated him. He could finally take a break.

As Yue Zhong was still drowsy and unconscious, he felt his member being grabbed by someone, before entering somewhere moist and warm, and he was woken up from the shock, before looking down.

[Dedition: Fun fact: After long periods of exercise, your body releases dopamine, loads of endorphins along with seratonin. Yue Zhong wouldn’t be interested in sex as his body would already be feeling ‘spent’ as if he had been in an orgy for the whole day.]

Only to see Tong Xiaoyun in a simple white shirt, which was unbuttoned, revealing her beautiful pink mounds and the flawless skin she got after Evolving. She was kneeling in between his legs, grabbing his member, and was revealing an enchanting smile: “Good morning, Yue-gege!”

[TN: Ge-ge is just like brother, but I used it in this sense to highlight the more romantic/desire-mood]

“Xiaoyun, what are you doing?” Yue Zhong looked at that enticing and charming Tong Xiaoyun that was looking extremely feminine and alluring right now, and his heart skipped a beat.

Tong Xiaoyun teasingly licked his member and charmingly said: “Yue-gege, this is called waking you up! Do you like it?”

“Yes!” Yue Zhong reached out to caress her face, and did not hide the rising passion in his eyes, as his body grew warmer. Since the issue with the horde and danger was temporarily over, he wanted to give in to his desires and enjoy himself properly.

“Then, treat me lovingly!” Tong Xiaoyun giggled, and took the initiative to climb on top of Yue Zhong, before sitting down and allowing his member to enter her.

Tong Xiaoyun furrowed her brow slightly in pain and pleasure, as the snow-white bed was stained with a blood-coloured flower, “Love me tenderly ok? Yue-gege! I really like you! Oh!!!” Tong Xiaoyun hugged Yue Zhong tightly, as her huge eyes looked at Yue Zhong pleadingly.

[TN: Not this again hahahaha so many blood flowers. I’m tempted to put play Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘I Really X6 Like You’ here.]

“Of course!! I like you too!!” Tong Xiaoyun’s pleading look was the strongest aphrodisiac and ignited Yue Zhong’s passion. He pushed her on to the bed, and started to thrust in and out with pleasure.

As the room Yue Zhong was in was the temporary dwelling of the cititzens, Tong Xiaoyun’s moans of pleasure could be heard through the walls, as it resounded out.

The little loli Zhang Yulan was currently holding a towel, standing in embarrassment outside Yue Zhong’s room, putting her head to the wall and listening to the ongoings within the room. Her heartbeat was quickening. She had originally wanted to take a towel to help wipe the face of the hero that she idolized so much.

[TN: Zhang Yulan is Zhang He’s sister, the one Yue Zhong saved when he barged into some pervert’s place a few chapters back]

In truth, Yue Zhong’s image amongst the majority of the survivors was not that good. Especially Shen Xue, who hated Yue Zhong to the core. However, Zhang Yulan absolutely adored Yue Zhong as he had saved her. Her heart was filled with only gratitude and reverence towards him.

“What are you doing here?” Just as Zhang Yulan was eavesdropping, Zhuo Yatong’s voice travelled to her ear.

Zhang Yulan was scared and jumped up like a frightened rabbit as she trembled, before looking at Zhuo Yatong, saying on the brink of tears: “Ma’am, I’m sorry!! I didn’t meant to eavesdrop!! I just wanted to take towel to Commander Yue!! I’m sorry!!”

“This husband is also too neglectful!! Xiaoyun also, how could she moan so loudly, giving kids a bad impression.” Zhuo Yatong heard the moans of pleasure from within the room, and couldn’t help but blush and thought to herself with a little jealousy.

Zhuo Yatong smiled tenderly at Zhang Yulan, before receiving the towel and said: “You can scoot along! I’ll help you give it to him!”

“How beautiful!! How tender!! His wives are really all so pretty!! If I can become like them, will he look at me more?” Zhang Yulan looked at the absolute beauty of Zhuo Yatong and her eyes flashed with a hint of yearning, before she replied docilely: “Yes! Ma’am!”

With that, Zhang Yulan left the place obediently.

Zhuo Yatong strided into the room, only to discover Tong Xiaoyun’s arched back, and her body flushed with an enticing pink, breathing erratically while lying in exhaustion in Yue Zhong’s embrace, and her expression one of satisfaction and extreme charm

Yue Zhong took a look at Zhuo Yatong, herself dressed in stunning clothings that accentuated her mature charms, as his eyes brightened up and he smiled: “Yatong! Come over! I want to kiss you!”

Zhuo Yatong first closed the door, then giving Yue Zhong a tender smile, as she went over to him and started making out: “Really! Husband, if you and Xiaoyun-meimei want to do this kind of thing, please notice your surroundings also! What if the kids pick up the bad habits from you!”

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