God and Devil World

Chapter 299: Retreat, Riot, Despair

Chapter 0299 – Retreat, Riot, Despair

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

The appearance of the 6,000 warriors had bought a precious hour of time for the Special Combat Forces as well as the elites under Shen Hongyang. To these Enhancers, an hour was enough for them to recover a huge amount of stamina.

Yue Zhong led the Special Combat Forces as they hunted the zombies everywhere, blocking them from advancing. The main force was slowly making their way towards the back.

Yue Zhong’s Special Combat Forces had absorbed the experts of Liu Huifeng and Luo Tianyi before this battle. By adding on the various Enhancers who have been gaining levels nonstop throughout the battles, the total number of experts had reached 72. Every single one of them was above Level 20, and a number had broke past the Level 30 barrier. Each of them possessed incredible battle ability, however the horde was simply endless, Yue Zhong could only retreat bit by bit with them, and soon they came to the bridge.

At this time, the moving process was still ongoing, and a huge number of women was packed on the bridge. In front of the women, it was Tian Hu and the rest of the 5,000+ warriors.

The 13,000+ cowardly men had started to become fidgety with the approaching sounds of gunfire, and were visibly anxious. They could feel the tension rising as the horde got closer.

“Let us cross!!! Move!!! We want to cross!! Everyone, let’s fight it out with them!” Amongst the survivors, one of them suddenly hollered out these words loudly.

“We want to cross!!”

“We want to cross!!”

“We want to live!!!”

“Get lost!! Damn army dogs! Thugs!!”


The survivors were riled up in an instant, and erupted in rage and chaos as they charged towards Guo Quan.

Seeing the 13,000+ survivors rushing towards them, Guo Quan seemed to hesitate for a moment. This was after all 13,000+ survivors! He might be fierce and threatening, but he did not want to become a murderer of his own kind!!

“Open fire!!” At this time, Yue Zhong’s cold harsh voice resounded from beside Guo Quan.

Guo Quan heard the familiar voice, and did not hesitate further as he also shouted: “Open fire!!”

In an instant, all sorts of heavy weaponry opened fire on the survivors, and those miserable sods who had rushed forward without even a shred of metal on them immediately fell to the ground amidst screams of agony and pain.

Under that sudden oppression, a number of them became confused and scared, and decided to escape elsewhere, or kneeled on the ground begging for forgiveness, some even started crying not knowing what to do!

Yue Zhong looked at the survivors, and hesitation flashed in his eyes. Now was not the time to be benevolent, the moment they erupted in chaos, not only will this group of survivors die here, even his Special Combat Forces and the elites under Shen Hongyang would be buried here as well.

Yue Zhong did not bother about those who were escaping in all directions, he immediately picked up the loudhailer and spoke into it: “You are the last batch of survivors here, if you want to force your way across, I will not hesitate to kill you! There are weapons here, if you want to live on, take up and fight for your own life. If you don’t have the guts, just wait for death!”

After which, Yue Zhong threw the loudhailer aside, and charged into the battlefield. It was the last critical moments of the battle, covering the retreat was the only priority on his mind now. Here, having a few extra hands would not mean shit.

“All of you evacuate! I will cover you!!” The moment he reentered the battlefield, he shouted towards Xu Xiao and Ji Qingwu.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Xu Xiao’s eyes flashed with intense respect. Covering the retreat was the most dangerous part, and a leader who would do that for his subordinates were rare and few. Fighting for this kind of leader, Xu Xiao truly felt fortunate. He saluted Yue Zhong, and quickly brought his men to leave the frontlines.

Ji Qingwu glanced at Yue Zhong and gritted her teeth saying: “You’re going to be alone? No way! I will stay behind with you!!”

Yue Zhong frowned and replied: “No! I can definitely leave by myself. With you, it would be impossible! Be good and listen to me!!”

Ji Qingwu stared at Yue Zhong stubbornly: “I don’t WANT TOO! I have the means to protect myself!”

Yue Zhong directly exerted pressure on her: “No way!! It’s too dangerous!! Go back, this is an order!! You are the commander of the Special Combat Forces!! You are responsible for the lives of our Special Combat Forces!”

Ji Qingwu was like Yue Zhong, and was exhausted from the countless battles. It could be said that there was no Special Combat Forces soldiers that was not tired, but no one could compare with Ji Qingwu and Yue Zhong who had not even taken a breather. The moment they slipped, it would be disastrous.

“Fine! I’ll listen to you, but you must promise me you will come back!!” Ji Qingwu was after all a girl who could see the bigger picture, so she quelled the anxious feelings she had for Yue Zhong and swiftly retreated.

Yue Zhong looked Ji Qingwu’s back and heaved a deep sigh of relief, before charging out towards battle with White Bones.

The paths to the bridge had been blocked earlier upon Yue Zhong’s orders, there was only one main channel now. All the places required at least a few tens of minutes to break through. Hence, Yue Zhong and White Bones had to defend against the horde for a few minutes.

The moment the Special Combat Forces and elites evacuated, over 200 zombies lumbered towards Yue Zhong. If it wasn’t for the other places being blocked, they might have been swarmed by more.


White Bones lifted its hands, changing them into huge bone blades that could reach down to the end of the street. With a large arcing swing, the Razor Bone blades came down and across the street area, chopping an excess of 50 zombies into lopsided rotting halves.

[TN: Hot damn! That’s overpowered]

After gaining 4 points of enhancement in the Summon Special Skeleton Skill, White Bones could finally display its intended raw power. Zwish! His arms chopped and killed the zombies like a swinging meat cleaver. Even the L1s and L2s could not defend against the powered up, enhanced White Bones.

“Damn!! That’s awesome!!” Yue Zhong had thought that it would a tough battle, but seeing White Bones cleaving through the zombies so easily? He finally understood the extent of strength his enhanced Skill could display.

It could be said that, White Bones could take on 2000 zombies on its own.

Under that kind of exertion, White Bones’ stamina was also depleting like mad. When it reached zero, it could not use any types of skill. The more powerful the skill, the higher the energy or stamina consumption.

When White Bones’ stamina reached 10 points, Yue Zhong immediately called it back, then whistled extremely loudly.

Following that shrill whistle, Greenie flapped its wings as it descended from the skies.

Greenie hovered above the city, and unleashed its Wind Control ability in response to the whistle. Following its incessant beating of its wings, countless tornados formed and shot towards the zombies.

Under the assault of those sharp tornadoes, lines of zombies were sliced in twain. At the same time, the power of the gale wind caused long cracks along the floor.

After Greenie released the gusts of winds, it immediately flew off, without needing Yue Zhong’s orders. It was not willing to expend all its energy to attack an enemy that was endless.

Many high level Mutant Beasts had manifestations of their natural abilities. However, each usage could expend a huge part of their energy. Therefore, unless it was extremely dire, mutant beasts were unwilling to use their abilities freely.

After Greenie flew off, Yue Zhong also retreated at full speed backwards, moving so fast that he appeared to almost teleport 3-4 steps with each movement. As he retreated he wielded his .05 submachine gun and fired wildly while making a mad dash for the bridge.

At this time, near the bridge, there were only Guo Quan, the 1st Battalion from Ning Guang County, as well as the 12,000 male survivors who were pushing and shoving each other.

“Please!! Please Master Yue, let me go!! I’m willing to do anything!!”

“I’m begging you, let me go across!! I’m willing to slog and toil for you!!”

“Isn’t the army about protecting the citizens!! Please!! Let us go over!!”


A number of the survivors had kneeled on the floor, and were begging Guo Quan profusely. The bridge was their only way out. With the passing of time, death was approaching faster.

Other than a few hundred survivors who took up the balance steel blades, the rest of them basically ignored them. These cowards only wanted to cross the bridge, and didn’t have the guts to face the zombies.

Yue Zhong glanced at those weak survivors, and ordered Guo Quan: “Guo Quan! Take your men and evacuate now!! Let these people decide their own fate!”

“Yes! Commander!” Guo Quan saluted Yue Zhong, before taking the soldiers from the 1st Battalion across the bridge.

Losing the pressure of Guo Quan and the 1st Battalion, the survivors started to fight to get to the bridge.

With no one to maintain the order, all the survivors went crazy, those weaker ones were pushed to the ground. For the chance to escape, some of the people even went as far as to kill their fellow humans. In just a moment, the 13,000-over survivors were thrown into chaos, they did not dare fight against the zombies, but they were not above slaughtering amongst themselves.

Seeing the cruel and chaotic scene, Yue Zhong furrowed his brows, and let out a deep sigh. He had done his best, but he could not save these 13,000 survivors even if he wanted to.

Right at this time, the horde broke through all the barricades and defences, and was swarming towards the survivors!

“Ah!!!!” Seeing the terrifying zombies, one of the survivors screamed out, before jumping into the river, trying to swim his way across.

Ulamog: There you have it. The author has cleared the confusion: Whitebones can do movement and basic attacks infinitely, but any skills draw from a separate and not unlimited stamina total.

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