God and Devil World

Chapter 301: Introducing currency!

Chapter 302 – Introducing currency!

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[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Yue Zhong chuckled as he pulled the mature Zhuo Yatong and pressed on to her, without even taking off her clothes, he immediately penetrated her and forcefully pounded her.

Zhuo Yatong’s tenderness set Yue Zhong’s desire off again, at the same time, under Yue Zhong’s constant ravaging, she could not help but let out cute moans, giving a sense of being Dominated, which fuelled Yue Zhong’s passion further.

After the intense love-making, Yue Zhong embraced the voluptuous Zhuo Yatong and loveable Tong Xiaoyun as they laid quietly in the bed, while he breathed in their scent and took the the beauty of their skin, his heart filled with peace and happiness.

Zhuo Yatong laid in Yue Zhong’s embrace as she raised her head to kiss Yue Zhong, before cheekily asking a pointed question: “Husband!! Between Xiaoyun-meimei and myself, who makes you feel better?”

Tong Xiaoyun grabbed Yue Zhong’s hands, as she used her breasts and stuck them to his hand, before coyly saying: “Yue-gege, it’s me right? Xiaoyun is your obedient little sister~!!”

Tong Xiaoyun and Zhuo Yatong always shared a close relationship, but with regards to getting Yue Zhong’s affection, they would compete unknowingly. Although Zhuo Yatong did not say it, she still felt jealous of Tong Xiaoyun that managed to gain a position within Yue Zhong’s heart as well.

“Haha!! Both of you are my precious darlings.” Yue Zhong laughed out loud, and managed to dodge the tricky question, as he lowered his head to kiss them both on their cheeks, hugging them tightly.

Zhuo Yatong and Tong Xiaoyun looked at each other, and exchange a smile, and decided not to make things difficult for him, instead, they kissed him and placed their heads on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Yue Zhong was enjoying his time here. On the other hand, Da Gouzi was actually kept extremely busy, trying to handle so many things at once, he wished he could split himself into three.

The consequences of the downpour had surfaced, amongst those 130,000 survivors that had crossed, 40,000 had fallen ill because of the rain, and were running high fevers.

As the transportation of goods were in a rush, the medicine and supplies brought from the hospital were not enough to deal with the number of patients.

“What do we do? Officer Da Gouzi?” Tai Yiyan looked at Da Gouzi as she asked.

Tai Yiyan had shown her worth and capabilities by working closely with Yue Zhong’s unit, and had become an integral member of his team.

Da Gouzi massaged his temple and gave out a few orders: “Give those fever patients a can of Type 2 Meat, then organize some people to help boil some water for them to drink!! Those who have already fallen ill, gather them and quarantine them. I don’t want a new source of outbreak for illnesses.”

In this post-apocalyptic world, falling ill was an extremely dangerous thing, especially with the shortage of doctors and medicine. Just a simple flu and fever could take the life of a person. Da Gouzi had distributed the meat like medicine because he had no choice, he could only pray that after gaining the energy, they might be able to fight the illness. Other than that, there was nothing else he could do.

“Yes!” Tai Yiyan swiftly replied, and dismissed herself.

Da Gouzi then pondered for a while, before continuing his distribution of the type 2 Meat to those soldiers who had put in their all during those intense battles. All of these soldiers had stronger bodies, all they lacked was rest. However, the Type 2 Meat could allow them to swiftly regain their energy and stamina, preventing them from suddenly falling sick.

With Da Gouzi’s allocation, cans of Type 2 Meat were sent to those survivors who had fallen ill, under the supervision of the 5,000-over men led by Tian Hu, the female survivors were gathered, and took on the roles of temporary nurses, and helped take care of those who had fallen ill.

The Type 2 Meat was extremely beneficial, as the moment the patients ate the meat, it displayed its rejuvenating properties, and many regained some colour on their pale faces.

As there was no adequate care given on time, out of the 40,000 who had taken ill, 1,000 had passed away, but the rest of them managed to overcome this hardship, and escaped death’s door.

This time, Yue Zhong had managed to save so many survivors, the huge amount of Type 2 Meat played an important role. If it was not for the Type 2 Meat, even if these over 100,000 survivors crossed the bridge, at least half would have died due to the rain.

After the cold harsh autumn rain fell for 5 days, the skies regained its warm blue colour.

The moment the skies cleared, the 120,000-over survivors who had been squeezing and waiting it out embarked on their journey towards Ning Guang County.

When these survivors arrived at Ning Guang County and Qing Yuan County, the masses joined and integrated with the strongholds under Yue Zhong, and started a bustle of activities.

Factories were filled up, and everyone began production on steel knives, barricades and making use of the hides from the Mutant Beasts to create armor and protection.

Those 5,000-over survivors who had proved their worth during the last few critical moments were also accepted and integrated into the preliminary troops and began their tough training.

Yue Zhong was extremely generous with his own troops who had fought hard for him, they had decent amounts of food. In between their training gaps, they also spent time and resources within the county, bringing all sorts of economic growth within the county.

It seemed that overnight, various snack stalls, bread shops, hair styling salons, restaurants, etc all sprung up.

Chen Jianfeng sought Yue Zhong out and spoke: “Yue Zhong! I feel that we should start introducing a currency, otherwise it will be detrimental to our current economic growth.”

Within the counties, the barter system was still popular. Most of the time, rice or other food was used. As to the renminbi used prior to the apocalypse, it was worth even less than toilet paper now. The barter system was primitive and inefficient, and was not helpful to development.

However, the renminbi had declined. Those who had tried running with their huge stacks of renminbi were in dire straits, not even comparable to a beggar, and no one was willing to accept it. Only Yue Zhong and his group could introduce something to be used, that would be acceptable by their citizens.

Yue Zhong frowned as he asked softly: “Do we give out cash? Based on our skills now, can we maintain the security and strength of the currency?”

Chen Jianfeng replied swiftly: “I have already found someone to handle this issue.”

Their total number of survivors rescued from SY County were 120,000 adding on to the 20,000 that he had secretly transported out earlier, his stronghold had increased by a whopping 150,000 in strength. Amongst those survivors, there were various people with specialized skill sets and knowledge. Chen Jianfeng only had to spread the word, and his subordinates had found some people already.

Yue Zhong nodded his head: “Fine! I’ll let you handle this!”

Chen Jianfeng was extremely efficient, and his methods and work ethics were extremely resolute. Under his supervision, Yue Zhong’s government swiftly issued out a currency called the Grand Central Empire Dollar* as the new form of currency.

1 Central Dollar could be used to buy a jin of cornmeal within the rules Yue Zhong established for food companies, and 2 Central Dollars could be used to buy a jin of rice. At the same time, there were various other items that can be bought, including cigarettes, milk, soap, canned Beast Meat, canned Type 2 Beast Meat.

Yue Zhong then issued out salaries to the military and government, allowing them to spend them as necessary within the counties.

As the Central Dollar could be used directly to purchase food, the strength and credibility immediately gave the survivors the confidence to accept it as the new currency replacing the previous renminbi. Furthermore, many shops had the stock of Type 2 Beast Meat.

Amongst the survivors, many of them had experienced and gone through so many setbacks. They recognized the importance and value of the Type 2 Beast Meat. Many of them had their hearts set aflame, wishing to own a Type 2 Beast Meat as an insurance for their lives in the future.

Of course, the Type 2 Beast Meat could not be purchased so easily. Yue Zhong had set a price of 10,000 Central Dollars on each canned Type 2 Beast Meat. Type 2 Mutant Beasts weren’t easy to kill after all. To even encounter them, one had to travel to places where the Mutant Beasts were strong and ferocious, if he were to be careless, he could meet a few different Type 2 Mutant Beasts, if that happens, Yue Zhong would also lose his life.

The moment the currency was introduced, both counties seemed to regain their vigor, and many survivors started showcasing and making use of their abilities and knowledge prior to the apocalypse, and started up their own shops. There was a huge variety of snacks, and various shops had sprung up due to demand. Both counties displayed a thriving scene.

Under the supervision of Chen Jianfeng, the development and economic growth boomed, and the people were filled with satisfaction and happiness. On the other side, Yue Zhong had allowed his troops to rest for 5 days, before assigning them in shift systems to make their way towards Long Hai County, clearing the various villages of zombies as they came across them, at the same time grooming and training his troops.

Tian Hu and the rest of the warriors of the preliminary troops were undergoing Xu Zhengang’s harsh training everyday.

The various troops of Liu Huifeng were absorbed and distributed amongst Yue Zhong’s troops, with the addition of a few hundred veterans, the combat power of the battalions received another huge boost.

Shen Hongyang was extremely cooperative as he handed command of Xu Xiao and the few other experts to Yue Zhong, who transferred them into his Special Combat Forces. The 10 tanks, 7 assault helicopters and their operating personnel were then allocated to the armored division.

As a form of reciprocation, Yue Zhong had allocated a large number of soldiers from his preliminary troop to fill up Shen Xue’s 2 infantry battalions, fulfilling his promise.

As his power was expanding, Yue Zhong once again overhauled the military system, and reorganized the entire troops as a regiment, declaring himself as the Regiment Commander, with Chi Yang as the Second-in-Command.

—————————————————————————————————————————-*大中央帝国币 : (Dà zhōngyāng dìguó bì)

大 as in great/big

中央 as in central

帝国 as in kingdom/empire

币 as in currency/dollar

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