God and Devil World

Chapter 293: The Supremely Tyrannical Yue Zhong!

Chapter 0293 – The Supremely Tyrannical Yue Zhong!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition,

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

The Special Forces, as well as the 7 snipers under Luo Tianyi aimed at Yue Zhong and fired the first chance they got.

Right as they aimed at Yue Zhong, he had already sensed the danger, and dashed to the right swiftly.

The 7 bullets missed him and hit the ground, creating 7 small holes.

On the other side, Bai He led 8 other snipers and they fired at the same time.

Following the 2nd round of gunshots, the Special Forces and 4 snipers under Luo Tianyi had their brains blasted into pieces.

When Yue Zhong was forced to evade, 2 Agility-based Enhancers could not stand waiting behind cover and immediately charged out while hoisting their .05 submachine guns as they fired wildly at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong just stood there like some Demon Lord incarnate, as the bullets bounced right off his Bone Armor. He opened his right hand, and 5 incredibly sharp spikes shot outwards, and with a little force the 2 Agility-based Enhancers were immediately sliced in 5 pieces.

After disposing of the 2 Enhancers easily, he continued charging forwards like a tank, gunning for Luo Tianyi’s position.

“He is Yue Zhong!! Join me and take him down! Once he’s killed, the rest will collapse!!” The top expert hired by Luo Tianyi, Chen Xiong saw Yue Zhong rushing in, and he hollered to the remaining 17 experts of his group.

The Bone Armor on Yue Zhong had become like his symbol. The moment Chen Xiong saw it, he recognized Yue Zhong, and he was immediately filled with killing intent.

If Yue Zhong had not appeared, they would have definitely lost the battle. The only question was how much damage could they deal to Yue Zhong’s troops before they lost. Now that he was personally here, it gave them a chance to turn the tides.

[TN: What a joke HAHAHA]

The 18 experts, with Chen Xiong leading the charge, all stepped out from behind their cover, as they wielded all sorts of weapons and charged towards Yue Zhong.

“You’re looking for death!” Yue Zhong looked at the soldiers charging at him and his eyes possessed a cold gleam. Swiping his ring, he swiftly pulled out a PF98 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher in his hands.

With a roar and flash, a rocket swiftly flew out and exploded on one of the experts who was not wielding any weapons, preparing to use his Telekinesis ability.

With a loud explosion, the Telekinesis user was immediately blasted into pieces.

At the next moment, a huge vine burrowed out from the ground, shooting towards Yue Zhong. It was the Vine Manipulation ability of one of the Enhancers present.

3 other Strength-based Enhancers directly lifted their heavy weapons and rushed towards Yue Zhong.

There were 2 experts who had high levels in their Firearms Control, one was holding grenade launcher, and he fired at Yue Zhong. Due to the Firearms Control ability, they had superb aim, within a range of 100m, they would definitely hit their target.

6 Agility-based Enhancers activated their Shadow Steps and High Speed Movement abilities to charge at Yue Zhong. They knew normal bullets would not be able to hurt Yue Zhong, and since they did not carry any other weapons with them, they had to become a form of attack themselves.

A Spirit-based Enhancer tried to use his Spirit Blast ability, only to discover that it was useless. As a Spirit-based Evolver, Yue Zhong’s Spirit was averaging 11 times higher spirit than normal people, and the Spirit Blast attack from the Enhancer was simply ridiculous.

2 other Enhancers that possess the Summon Beast skill summoned a huge bear that towered over 2m, as well as a huge tiger. Both beasts shot towards Yue Zhong.

Other than that, there was a Enhancer with the Curse ability and he was currently chanting, as a magical symbol appeared in the sky, signifying the forming of a magic spell.

Chen Xiong himself was a Strength-based Evolver, and his Strength was beyond comparison. He wore the hide of a Type 2 Mutant Black Fish (They had earlier hunted a Type 2 Mutant Black Fish as well) that was remade into an armor piece, his head donning a helmet, and he carried a QJZ89 easily as he fired wildly at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong eyes stared icily, as he activated his Devil Flames, and a huge fireball was conjured out of thin air, immediately incinerating the vine below him. With just a wave of his hand, 5 Bone Spears were shot towards the 5 Agility-based Enhancers.

In that instant, the 5 bone spears pierced the heads of those 5 Agility-based Enhancers, stringing them up, and nailing them to the ground.

Chen Xiong was firing wildly with his QJZ89 at Yue Zhong, yet those bullets that could pierce holes in armored tanks, could only leave faint white scars on Yue Zhong’s Bone Armor, at the same time the resulting explosion blew Yue Zhong back by a few metres.

Chen Xiong discovered that the hail of firepower could not do a single thing to Yue Zhong, and his eyes were filled with shock: “How is this possible?? This is actually heavy ammunition, why is it that his defence could not be broken??”

Yue Zhong flashed about, and dodged the countless bullets and grenades, shooting towards Chen Xiong and activating his Devil Flame Skill again. A huge Devil Flame Tornado conjured out of thin air, and it consumed Chen Xiong, the 2 summoned beasts, as well as the 3 Strength-based Enhancers.

After the fire storm stopped, Chen Xiong and the 3 Strength-based Enhancers had been incinerated, even the QJZ89 in Chen Xiong’s hands had melted into a pool of metal. Only the armour made of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish was intact, which showed the freakish defence of the beast.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!! I surrender!!” The remaining Agility-based Enhancer saw how tyrannical Yue Zhong was, that even Chen Xiong could not last a second, and he was so frightened that he immediately kneeled on the floor and threw his weapon down, bawling loudly.

Yue Zhong glanced at the Enhancer who lost his fighting will, and pointed at the Enhancer with the Curse Ability, as a fireball shot out and directly exploded on his head, causing his head to disappear.

“Surrender, or death! You have 3 seconds to make your decision!” Yue Zhong turned his head and looked at the remaining experts of Luo Tianyi coldly as he called out.

“I surrender, don’t kill me!!!’

“Commander Yue!! I surrender! I surrender!”


The experts that were gathered by Luo Tianyi had hurriedly kneeled on the floor in fright. Yue Zhong’s vicious methods had caused them to lose their courage. They did not dare put up any further resistance.

Yue Zhong eyed those Enhancers that submitted to him and said: “Good! Charge into Luo Tianyi’s position!! I want them thoroughly wiped out.”

“Yes!! Commander Yue!!!”



The remaining 7 experts quickly acknowledged and followed behind Yue Zhong to charge into Luo Tianyi’s base.

With Yue Zhong leading this group, they quickly arrived in front of Luo Tianyi.

The Enhancer with the Spirit Blast ability immediately used his ability on those soldiers of Luo Tianyi when he saw them, and most of them died on the spot with their eyes turning white and leaking blood tears before throwing up blood and dying.

Ulamog: I am SO not mopping that up.

The 2 summoning experts immediately called out 10 huge wolves. On orders they shot forward with incredible speed, charging into the ranks of the soldiers and gleefully ripping out their throats.

The Agility-based Enhancer zipped about, appearing from behind corners and used his guns to great effect, picking off the soldiers one by one.

The Enhancer that had the Vine Manipulation ability was extremely crafty as well. Using his power from time to time, he would cause his vines to burrow out of the ground, penetrating the ordinary soldiers feet or suddenly growing up into their bodies, killing them.

Yue Zhong was still decked in his Bone Armor, wielding his .05 submachine guns and charging in the front. With only his individual strength, he managed to suppress the troops of Luo Tianyi. Those soldiers who were unfortunate to poke their heads out would immediately be shot in the head by him.

With only this small group of experts led by Yue Zhong, the entire army of Luo Tianyi was defeated.

Xu Zhengang saw the development, and immediately ordered the 2nd and 3rd Battalion to join the battle, making their way towards Luo Tianyi in a rush.

Luo Tianyi’s troops as well as the Special Forces could not maintain their resistance, and started to retreat towards SY County.

As Yue Zhong’s troops were hot in pursuit, a group consisting of the police, armed police and Special Forces had constructed a few defences, forcefully impeding the advance of Yue Zhong’s 2nd and 3rd Battalion.

Peng Mingde personally came to the frontlines, and made use of a loudhailer to speak to Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong!! I am Peng Mingde!! I want you to call off your army now!! This is an internal matter between our factions in SY County, you shouldn’t interfere too much.”

Peng Mingde continued in his self-righteous voice: “Commander Liu, Commander Shen, things can be talked through. We should settle this amicably over a meeting, and stop the pointless slaughter amongst ourselves. If you continue, the soldiers are the ones who suffer. They are all important and excellent soldiers, if they had to die, it should be during a battle against the zombies, for the sake of our country. Not in these internal conflicts. Just because of your own fury, you guys have caused the needless deaths of so many soldiers, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Peng Mingde was after all a politician, and whenever he spoke, he tried to use logic and reason to sway the masses. Hearing Peng Mingde’s words, the troops of Qian Weimin and Liu Huifeng were moved.

Liu Huifeng eyes went red as he grabbed a loudhailer and shouted: “Peng Mingde! Fuck your bullshit! Today your daddy, I, want the heads of those bastards Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi! Because of them, so many of our brothers have died. If they’re not dead, your words are meaningless!!”

Peng Mingde had a strange glint in his eyes: “As long as Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi are dead, you will not pursue the matter?”

Liu Huifeng replied loudly: “Of course!! As long as the 2 of them are dead! Your daddy, I, won’t continue fighting!”

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