God and Devil World

Chapter 292: Onslaught!

Chapter 0292 – Onslaught!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Situ Guang’s eyes flashed coldly, and handed another document to Zhu Liufeng: “This is the document Mayor Wen signed!”

Zhu Liufeng felt shock in his heart, and hurriedly made to receive the document. If Wen Baoguo also really wanted to transfer him out, it would be troublesome.

“Now!” Situ Guang saw that Zhu Liufeng lowering his head, and his eyes flashed fiercely. Activating a Flame Claw skill he attacked as a pair of flaming hot claws appeared on his hands, and he made a vicious strike towards Zhu Liufeng.

Under the effect of the Flame Claw, even the covering of an armored vehicle would be punctured by him, it showed how terrifying his skill was.

Zhu Liufeng was caught unprepared, and just as his body was about to be pierced by Situ Guang, his trusted aide beside him activated his own skill Tornado, blowing harshly and sending Situ Guang flying to one side.

However the aide acted just a second too late, and Zhu Liufeng’s entire right arm was penetrated by Situ Guang’s Flame Claw. Nearly instantly it was burnt cleanly off his shoulder, dropping to the ground w

At the same time, the 10 experts that had followed Situ Guang immediately activated their own abilities, and charged at Zhu Liufeng and his aides.

One of the experts working for Situ Guang immediately changed into a werewolf, shooting forward in front of the aide that saved Zhu Liufeng. He used both his claws to pierce the heart of the soldier, before pulling apart with all his strength, tearing the soldier in two, splattering blood and organs all over the floor.

Another expert took out a .05 submachine gun and started firing at Zhu Liufeng’s aides, and at that instant, 6 of them were hit by the bullets and fell to the floor.

All those who followed beside Zhu Liufeng were his trusted aides, there were also the experts of SY County’s Special Forces, every single one of them possessing a unique ability. Each of them could hunt and kill 20 ordinary zombies with no problems, but they were definitely unable to defend against gunfire from such a close distance.

“Captain!! Quickly escape!! You must seek vengeance for us!!” One of the experts who had telekinesis erected a psychic barrier in front of the remaining members of the 1st unit, as he hollered out in grief.

As the bullets landed on the psychic barrier, they were deflected.

One of the Strength-based Enhancers directly swung a huge hammer weighing over 50kg (100 jin) onto the psychic barrier.

With a huge ‘hong’, the body of the Telekinesis user shuddered, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. There were a lot of pros in utilizing the Telekinesis ability, but the defence was based on the amount of Spirit the user had. The moment the force exceeded what the Spirit could take, the user will suffer backlash.

With the support of the Telekinesis user covering the rear, the remaining 4 aides of Zhu Liufeng immediately brought him and left the centre swiftly.

In this battle, they had suffered greatly under Situ Guang’s despicable sneak attack.

Under the continuous bombardment of attacks by Situ Guang’s group of experts, the Telekinesis user managed to hold on for another 3 seconds before being beaten down, and the expert wielding the hammer swung his weapon viciously, smashing the Telekinesis user into a pulp.

After decimating the entire group of the 1st Unit, the werewolf expert brought another 5 Enhancers with him and chased after the 4 who brought Zhu Liufeng away.

Situ Guang went around subduing the members of the Special Forces in the government’s name to gather everyone, so that the control lies with Peng Mingde.

Peng Mingde then proceeded to send experts to the various parts of SY County to clear up the other factions of Wen Baoguo. Those who used to throw their weight in with Wen Baoguo were either annihilated or surrendered to Peng Mingde.

In the chaos that ensued, there were a few factions that seized the opportunity to fight, in an effort to expand their own force. There were a few other factions who also saw the chance to launch sneak attacks on other factions, to seize their weapons and rations, forming their own powers. The entire SY County was going down in a mess.

Most of the ordinary survivors hid in their homes, as they trembled and looked on at the ongoings of SY County. Amidst the chaos, several mobs took to the streets and wreaked havoc, committing vandalism and theft, giving in to the inner demons of their hearts. Even prior to the apocalypse, there would be people who were like that during times of chaos and strife, and now during the post-apocalypse, there was no difference. In fact, following the change of the world, there were many more people who joined in the mobs than compared to the past.

After obtaining control of the police, the armed police as well as the special forces, Peng Mingde then deployed them to suppress the chaos in the County. When those policemen arrived, they were extremely harsh on those mobs, immediately executing those who were wreaking havoc. Regardless of the power behind them, when dealing with these troublemakers who liked to take advantage, the moment one captured them, one cannot be merciful.

After deploying the police force to suppress the trouble within the county, Peng Mingde then sent the Special Forces the first chance he got to assist Su Dongmind and Luo Tianyi in subduing Qian Weimin and Liu Huifeng’s troops.

The fighting capabilities of the Special Forces were also tyrannical. There were elite snipers that were a vital part of the force, the moment they entered the fray, the troops of Qian Weimin and Liu Huifeng felt the pressure intensify, being wiped out was only a matter of time.

“Commander!!” Xu Zhengang came to Yue Zhong’s side and woke him up from his slumber.

As White Bones already possess some basic intelligence, it did not feel any killing intent from Xu Zhengang and thus, did not hinder his actions.

Yue Zhong opened his eyes immediately and jumped down from the bed and asked: “What is it, Battalion Commander Xu?”

Yue Zhong knew that they were in the midst of a crisis, and thus had slept with his clothes intact.

Xu Zhengang continued: “The soldiers of Qian Weimin and Liu Huifeng had been ambushed by Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi’s troops. Qian Weimin had been assassinated, while Liu Huifeng had suffered a serious injury. Right now, there are soldiers from Liu Huifeng and Su Dongming outside, and they are seeking your audience.”

“Take me there immediately!”

Yue Zhong quickly arrived in front of the 2 envoys by the 2 sides of the military.


A 1.85m-tall, dark-skinned man with defined features and soldier-like demeanor spoke out first: “Commander Yue! I am Li Hua, the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Company under Commander Liu’s First Battalion!! Our regiment as well as Qian Weimin’s regiment had been ambushed by the traitors Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi, and have suffered great losses. We hope that Commander Yue can lend a helping hand, and help us clean out these traitorous scums. After the matter is settled, we will show our appreciation!”

Another similar-dressed soldier, with a bit of a refined aura, directly stated some offers for Yue Zhong’s assistance: “Commander Yue! I am Le Minghai, Chief of Staff under Luo Tianyi! As long as you send your troops to help us annihilate Qian Weimin and Liu Huifeng’s troops, we are willing to send you 300 beautiful virgins, 10,000 tonnes of rations, and help you train up personnels to handle artillery and tanks. At the same time, you may take in another 60,000 survivors from SY County.”

Compared to Liu Huifeng’s side where the conditions were not too clear, Luo Tianyi’s side had indeed come up with an attractive offer. Luo Tianyi and Su Dongming knew how to work negotiations to their advantage.

Hearing the conditions that Le Minghai had stated, Li Hua’s expression fell.

Le Minghai had a look of confidence as he looked at Yue Zhong. He believed Yue Zhong would accept his proposition gladly. After all, Qian Weimin and Liu Huifeng were about to be defeated, they were down to their last leg. Yue Zhong just had to deliver the last strike, and could easily annihilate the 2 factions, after which, he would gain immeasurable benefits.

Yue Zhong heard Le Minghai’s words, and revealed a cold smile: “Go back and tell Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi, there’s only one road in front of them now. That is to surrender unconditionally. If they continue to put up a resistance, only death awaits. If it wasn’t for the clash between your 2 armies, I would have already executed you. Get lost!”

2 soldiers walked over, and grabbed onto Le Minghai like he was a dead dog and dragged him out.

Le Minghai’s expression changed, as he shouted out fearfully: “Commander Yue!! Commander Yue, let’s talk things out!! We can still discuss the terms!!”

Yue Zhong then spoke in a heavy voice: “Battalion Commander Xu! Immediately deploy Ning Guang County’s 2nd Battalion, 3rd Battalion and 4th Battalion to attack Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi!”

“Yes! Commander!” Xu Zhengang responded, and immediately left to convey the orders.

Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi had abandoned their posts without a single word, infuriating Yue Zhong. Furthermore, if he could take them out now, the entire SY County would fall into Yue Zhong’s hands. By then, he could take whatever he wants, instead of waiting for people to give it to him.

Li Hua seemed as though he had just escaped hell and entered heaven, with a look of ecstasy and immediately thanked Yue Zhong profusely: “Thank you!! Commander Yue!! Your magnanimity and help, we will definitely not forget!!”

“Go back and take command!” Yue Zhong left one more sentence, before he went out.

Li Hua swiftly left the area, and went back to his own troop.

Under Xu Zhengang’s leadership, the 2nd, 3rd battalion immediately joined in the fray, launching their ferocious assault on the troops of Su Dongming.

Yue Zhong’s 2nd and 3rd Battalions have recovered most of their energy after resting for a few hours. With the coordination and joint efforts of the remaining members of Qian Weimin’s army, they continuously subdued and conquered many areas.

Su Dongming’s troops had went through an entire day’s battle, followed the retreat in the night, and then a fierce battle with Qian Weimin’s troops for a few hours. They were already beyond the point of exhaustion, the moment Yue Zhong’s troops joined in, Su Dongming’s forces were broken through repeatedly. Especially Yue Zhong’s troops had the support of 12 Howitzers, and every time the troops charged in, they would face the fierce bombardment of rockets or missiles.

With the relentless attacks from the Ning Guang County’s 2nd and 3rd Battalions, Su Dongming’s troops quickly lost their will to fight, and started to retreat and tried to escape towards different directions.

Some of the soldiers that were broken down even threw down their weapons, tore off their uniforms and became normal survivors. Some directly surrendered to Yue Zhong’s troops. They had already fought for an entire day and night, and were extremely tired. Facing the constant attacks from the heavy artillery, they lost the will to fight on.

After defeating Su Dongming’s troops in one fell swoop, the 2nd and 3rd Battalion then made their way towards Luo Tianyi under the command of Xu Zhengang.

Under the fierce attacks of the 2nd and 3rd Battalion, Luo Tianyi’s troops also collapsed. However, within the troops of Luo Tianyi, there were some Special Forces soldiers that Peng Mingde that had assigned to aid Luo Tianyi. That was why they could forcefully maintained some sort of resistance.

3 of the soldiers from Ning Guang County’s 3rd Battalion proceeded cautiously through a street with covers.

All of a sudden, one of the Agility-based Enhancers under Luo Tianyi jumped out from a corner, his hands wielding a .05 submachine gun, firing at the 3 soldiers wildly. A hail of bullets flew through the air and penetrated the Mutant Boar Hide they wore, causing them to fall to the ground.

After taking down those 3 soldiers, that Agility-based Enhancer immediately made his way to another corner.

When the Enhancer experts of Luo Tianyi engaged Yue Zhong’s soldiers in a fierce battle, they might have dispersed under the pressure of the huge army, yet they also managed to kill a number of ordinary soldiers under Yue Zhong. Those experts would not stay too long at a single location, and thus the heavy artillery also posed little threat to them.

Xu Zhengang received the feedback from the frontlines, and he immediately deployed the entire unit, and did not let any single team entire riskily. Instead, he chose to proceed and push slowly as entire force.

A Special Forces elite sniper was proning on a rooftop of a bungalow, aiming at a small soldier, it was going to be the 6th kill for him today. The other 5 targets had already died at his hands with their heads exploding. He licked his lips, as his finger twitched and rested on the trigger.

With a ‘peng’, the Special Forces elite sniper’s head had a new hole, his eyes filled with disbelief and shock. He was actually sniped by someone else.

At the rooftop far away, Bai He swiftly got up from his position, and left this sniping spot, before searching for his next target.

Yue Zhong had sent his Special Combat Forces soldiers that had just rest for awhile into the battlefield, and the ones to be taken out first had to be the snipers! The snipers posed the most danger to Yue Zhong’s Special Combat Forces. Just a single elite sniper could threaten a number of experts under Yue Zhong.

Amongst the Special Combat Forces, they had only about 8 elite snipers, led by Bai He. Together with the snipers of the 2nd and 3rd Battalion, they started massacring all the snipers of Luo Tianyi.

Yue Zhong himself activated his Encompassing Bone Armor, and like a tank, he directly charged into the midst of the experts within a post of Luo Tianyi, all by himself.

The experts under Luo Tianyi saw Yue Zhong rushing into their post with his bone armor, and the sniper immediately started firing at will, attempting to kill him.

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