God and Devil World

Chapter 291: Ambush! Confusion!

Chapter 0291 – Ambush! Confusion!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

The moment Shen Hongyang’s troops entered Yue Zhong’s territory, they immediately laid on beds and entered a deep, rejuvenating slumber. They had all fought beyond the limits of exhaustion. Especially the soldiers of the Special Combat Force as well as the experts under Shen Hongyang.

Xu Zhengang came to Yue Zhong and reported: “Commander! After setting up camp here, we have absorbed a total of 213 straggling soldiers. Luo Tianyi, Su Dongming, Liu Huifeng and Qian Weimin have all dispersed back to the main headquarters in SY County.”

Yue Zhong replied in a heavy voice: “Go carefully enquire about the abilities and skills of those stragglers. Assign them to the various battalions. Get the preparatory force to work faster on the fortifications. We don’t have much time left!!”

Without fortifications and traps, especially after all the heavy weaponry had either been lost, damaged or emptied, the humans stood no chance against the horde.

Xu Zhengang replied seriously: “Yes! Commander!”

“Then I’ll leave it to you! I’m taking a rest!”

After that, Yue Zhong immediately went to a huge bed and laid down before entering sleep straight away.

In that latest battle, Yue Zhong had rushed everywhere to save everybody, and had constantly pushed himself as the fighter on the foremost front line, and the head of the spear. The enhanced zombies that had died at his hands had numbered over 700, but likewise, the toll on him was the greatest. His Spirit and Stamina had been depleted constantly throughout the battle. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was resilient enough, he would have fainted from exhaustion on the battlefield already.

“Damn Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi!!” Qian Weimin was currently cursing furiously.

During the hasty retreat, Qian Weimin had lost a huge number of his troops. After reaching SY County, he had only 3 companies left. The rest of the troops had either AWOL in their terror with their location unknown, or they had been chased and killed by the zombies.

A large number of the S-Type zombies had chased the troops of Shen Hongyang that had been the last to evacuate, but there were other S-Types that went on to chase the other troops.

Qian Weimin had experts himself, but they were nowhere as strong as Shen Hongyang’s. Furthermore, without tanks or assault helicopters to cover them, the S2 zombies had basically wiped out his troops. As they were retreating with their lives, only after reaching SY County did he manage to grasp control of about 3 companies of his troops. He had gone to war with 2 battalions, a total of 800 people. His losses were too huge.

“Once I have rested well, I will go show those assholes!!” Qian Weimin’s heart was full of fury as he thought, and walked out from the command centre in huge strides.

‘Peng!’ A gunshot rang out. Qian Weimin had a new hole in between his eyebrows, his face full of shock and disbelief as he slumped to the floor.




Seeing Qian Weimin murdered on the floor, the various officers rushed over and called out in anguish.

“No one moves!! Those who resist will be executed on the spot!!” All of a sudden, military soldiers rushed in from all entrances holding guns. They flooded in and occupied every part of the centre, as they pointed their guns at their past comrades.

Su Dongming called out loudly: “Qian Weimin had wantonly accepted bribes, buying over officials, conducted unauthorized interference in various affairs and had betrayed the party’s trust as well as the country’s trust!! He had been dealt with! You can all choose to surrender now. As long as you surrender, I promise that you will be treated fairly!”

One of the officers shouted: “Fuck you!! Su Dongming, Luo Tianyi, you bastards who betrayed us and your comrades! Brothers, let’s kill them!!”

The rallying cry of the officer rattled the hearts of many soldiers, and they all took up arms and started their counter attack against Su Dongming’s troops.

Both parties broke out in an intense gunfight within SY County.

Su Dongming was truly heartless, as his troops had made it back to SY County the earliest, he did not suffer much. Therefore, he took advantage of the opportunity, and killed those exhausted soldiers under Qian Weimin.

However, without the support from heavy artillery, the troops of Su Dongming found it hard to just take down these enraged soldiers of Qian Weimin, who had been pushed past their breaking points.

Desperate soldiers were the hardest to deal with, and they could be extremely ruthless. Especially since Qian Weimin’s troops had been betrayed, and now their commander had been assassinated by Su Dongming, they were beyond anger. Therefore, even though they were exhausted, they were extremely tenacious.

On the other side, Luo Tianyi had failed in his attempt to assassinate Liu Huifeng, both parties had also started a brawl within SY County, with people dying one by one as time passed.

Luo Tianyi and Su Dongming were extremely clear, that when Liu Huifeng and Qian Weimin were back, they would not let them off. Therefore, they had decided to attack first and at the proper moment, they made their move against Liu Huifeng and Qian Weimin.

Under the sudden ambush by Luo Tianyi and Su Dongming, the troops of Liu Huifeng and Qian Weimin suffered greatly, and were caught unprepared.

“What do we do?” The in-fighting amongst the military heads had been noticed by the 2 heads of the government, and Wen Baoguo had immediately sought out Peng Mingde’s opinion.

Due to the divide and clash between the military, the police and special forces that the government commanded could become the deciding factor. As long as Wen Baoguo and Peng Mingde were to command them to help out a single side, that side would definitely obtain victory.

Peng Mingde did not skip a beat as he said: “We will help neither!! This is a matter amongst themselves, let them handle it.”


Su Dongming had already sent people to notify Peng Mingde, requesting that Peng Mingde should send people to help him, otherwise not to interfere. After this battle, both Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi will follow Peng Mingde’s lead.

After this battle, regardless of victory or defeat, the army would definitely have suffered. A weaker army that would obey Peng Mingde appealed to him greatly.

“That won’t do! If they continue like this, the victorious side will still have suffered. This will not be beneficial to the defence of our SY County! We should make a decision now!” Wen Baoguo frowned as he urged.

Peng Mingde seemed to reply enigmatically as he said: “If you insist on interfering in this battle, then I feel that we should immediately send people to aid Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi in suppressing the others. Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi possess the strongest force now, and have already gained the advantage in this battle. If we help them, we can easily subdue Liu Huifeng and the rest. If we were to help Liu Huifeng and the rest, facing Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi, we would definitely suffer more.”

Wen Baoguo considered a while, before furrowing his brows even further and said: “But Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi abandoned their posts and friends to escape, and even ambushed their ex-comrades.

This type of behaviour is too despicable. How can we help these shameless bastards? Furthermore, since their characters are so untrustworthy, if during the defence of the County, they decide to evacuate, then what? We should send our men to help Liu Huifeng in exterminating Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi.”

Peng Mingde frowned deeper, and his forehead formed 3 lines “|||”: “If Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi’s troops get annihilated, who will we use to defend SY County?”

Wen Baoguo’s eyes flashed with determination: “If we can’t defend any longer, we can leave SY County, and make for Ning Guang County. Yue Zhong’s side definitely requires manpower, he would not turn down our request.”

Peng Mingde could not help but spit because he absolutely 100% didn’t want to loose power. “Baoguo! If we go to Ning Guang County, you won’t be the mayor of SY County anymore!”

Wen Baoguo laughed lightly, as he continued to show a determined look: “Compared to the life and death of a hundred thousand people, what is the point of my position?”

Those who sat in the governing position usually saw other lives as less important than their own post. Wen Baoguo was someone who valued his authority and position greatly. Prior to the apocalypse, he had approached his superiors countless times to try for a position. However, in the face of the lives of 100,000 people, he made the tough choice, to give up his own power in exchange for the hope of life for 100,000 people.

Peng Mingde thought quietly for a while, before saying pointedly: “I’m not for sending our men to subdue Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi!”

“Then I’ll bring them myself!” Wen Baoguo stood up, and turned around to walk out, he had already made up his mind.

Peng Mingde looked at Wen Baoguo’s back, and his eyes flashed with a strange gaze, before turning vicious, as he swiftly pulled out a gun he had kept for self-protection, and aimed it at Wen Baoguo before firing.

Peng! Peng!!

The sounds of gunfire rang out. At such a point blank range, Wen Baoguo received 6 gunshot wounds, and he slumped to the floor in a pool of blood without even uttering a word, his eyes full of shock and regret.

[TN: Nooooo!]

Peng Mingde’s hands were trembling, as his eyes seemed to have clouded with madness: “SY County is mine!! No one should think of taking it away!!! Wen Baoguo, don’t blame me. Since you were in the way, you had to die!!”

Peng Mingde had grown accustomed to being one of the top in SY County. He could sleep with whomever he wanted. He could order the death of whomever he disliked, and the person would not live to see another day. He could promote whomever he liked.

All sorts of matters were under his control. He was like an emperor who decided the life, death and even glory of the common people. Countless people idolized him, tried to curry favour with him, even feared him! His power exceeded that of the Party’s Secretary prior to the apocalypse. He had become drunk on that power, and was not willing to give it up. Thus he would resort to any means to protect his postion.

Peng Mingde summoned his trusted aides and experts and gave an order: “Situ Guang! Go bring people immediately to take over command of the police force. If that Zhu Liufeng is not willing to give it up, execute him immediately…”

Upon receiving Peng Mingde’s orders, his henchmen immediately went to work, making their way towards one of the key sectors.

Situ Guang was a good-looking, stout 31-32 year old man that was extremely charming, he handed a document to the Special Forces leader Zhu Liufeng and said: “Zhu Liufeng! I’m here to convey Secretary General Peng’s orders, to take over command of the Special Forces’ 1st Unit. These are the documents!”

Zhu Liufeng received the documents and scanned it carefully, discovering that it was genuine. He rearranged the papers, before replying without a change of tone: “Situ Guang! If you want to take over my position as the leader of the Special Forces’ 1st Unit, you will require Mayor Wen’s signature as well. Otherwise, you’re not following the rules.”

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