God and Devil World

Chapter 290: Tough Breakthrough!

Chapter 0290 – Tough Breakthrough!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Very soon, the 2 battalions had finished their preparations, and were currently being surrounded by many S1s.

Shen Hongyang had ordered the 10 tanks and 6 IFVs to bring up the rear, while the sides were covered by his experts and Yue Zhong’s Special Combat Force.

At the front of the troops, there was only Yue Zhong, White Bones and Greenie. There was only 3 of them, and they were the lead force in charge of opening a path!

“Greenie!! It’s up to you now!!” Yue Zhong gave a nuclei from the Type 2 Mutant Crab to Greenie, as he patted its head and said seriously.

Greenie gobbled up the nuclei in one mouth, and flapped its wings as it activated its ability: Wind Power!

In mid-air, Greenie flapped its wings continuously, and a number of hurricanes appeared, blowing towards those S1s and S2s that were blocking the way. Under the fearsome strength of the winds, those tightly-packed S1s and S2s were blown a few metres away.

With the mini-hurricanes generated by Greenie, a hole appeared in that horde of 10,000 S1s.

“Charge!!!” Shen Xue saw the hole and immediately hollered without a care for her bearing!!

The 2 battalions saw the lifeline, and in that instant, they managed to summon their last bit of strength as all of them made a rush for the opening.

Yue Zhong hoisted 2 .05 submachine guns and immediately rushed to the front. With his superb aiming, he shot his guns, his both hands constantly firing wildly. With each spray of the machine gun, a line of zombies would immediately be slain as their heads exploded.

If we remember that Yue Zhong possessed incredible night vision, in the dark, he was like a fish in water. Any zombies that got too close would immediately be fired upon and killed with a bullet to the head.

White Bones just charged directly into the midst of the hordes, and with its body, it constantly shot out and in 10 incredibly sharp bone spikes in random orders. that pierced through the heads of countless zombies killing them instantly.

Now that it had Evolved to possess some intelligence, White Bones’ combat ability became even more fearsome. It could now control any part of its body to shoot out its bone spears, and it literally became a moving, flexible spike ball. Furthermore, after possessing the ‘Sharpening’ ability, every single bone spear that it shot out could easily penetrate the heads of even the L2s that knifes and most guns could do nothing about.

With the protective cover of Yue Zhong and White Bones, the S2s could not even come close enough before they were instantly decimated. Thus the path for the soldiers’ movement was unhindered.

“So strong!!” Shen Xue looked at Yue Zhong and White Bones. With just the 2 of them, they battled while maintaining the gap that was created by Greenie’s hurricanes. She gritted her teeth and could not help but admit that Yue Zhong was incredibly powerful.

Even the strongest expert within Shen Hongyang’s camp ~ Xu Xiao, who led the other experts, could not match Yue Zhong’s team’s spectacular performance and ability.

Especially powerful here was Greenie, whose natural ability allowed it to conjure up hurricanes. With every attack, a few hundreds or even occasionally thousands of zombies would be blown away.

It was because of this Type 2 Mutant Beast’s help, that Yue Zhong and White Bones could carve out a way for the soldiers to retreat.

The soldiers of the 2 battalions munched on the emergency Type 2 Mutant Beast dried meat as they were escaping frantically.

The Type 2 Mutant Beast meat gave them much needed nutrients as well as the replenishing of their energy and stabilizing of morale. After finishing the meat, they would be able to reform much more efficiently.

Shen Hongyang had known of the revitalizing properties of the Type 2 Mutant Beast meat, therefore had sent Shen Xue to purchase 30 tonnes of the meat prior.

Even with Yue Zhong leading the Special Combat Forces, the retreat of the 2 battalions were still fraught with danger. They were surrounded by the numerous S1s after all, and the S1s would continually throw attacks as and when they could, be it in front or from the back.

“Kill!! Kill!! Kill!!” Xu Xiao’s eyes had gone bloodshot with ferocious battle rage. His 6 God and Devil System swords were dancing, bobbing, and weaving continuously in the air, those zombies that were unfortunate enough to get too close were immediately chopped in pieces.

On the other side, Zhuo Yatong was wielding her huge mace. She slammed and swung it around non-stop, with every monstrous swing 3 or 4 S1s would be crushed, flinging various pieces all about.

The loli Yao Yao flitted around the battlefield with bursts of speed. As she attacked, her blade swung in fast flashes, and numerous S1s’ heads would tumble around after being neatly shorn from their bodies.

The Special Combat Forces and the experts under Shen Hongyang had powers that far surpassed normal people, but they also received a lot of pressure. Under that kind of intense battle, everyone’s stamina was being worn down at an insane speed.

Those experts would immediately add their points into Stamina upon levelling. No one would allocate any points to anything else at this point. Stamina! This was the only thing that could allow them to continue on under such harsh conditions.

The 10 tanks were also firing their cannons continuously! Every shot fired would guarantee the death of at least a few tens of S1s. The remaining IFVs were firing their ZPT90s rapidly in a cleanup of the wounded zombies in the neverending tide. A single round could pierce through a few S1s, and those zombies that got fired at by the ZPT90s would have a large hole in their body, some even had their bodies shredded in two, losing any real further fighting capabilities.

The smaller caliber mounted machine guns were being utilized as deterrence, a hail of bullets rained on the S1s, killing and injuring many zombies, as they fell to the ground incapacitated.

The 7 assault helicopters in the skies were using their own rockets, firing at the places where the zombies were packed the most tightly, killing off entire patches each time they exploded.

Under the relentless attacks, the horde of S1s were being picked off quickly, as huge groups of them were incinerated or killed. This allowed Yue Zhong and everyone else present a chance to withstand the never ending assault from the zombies themselves.

With the efforts of Yue Zhong, his troops and the various other experts, the 13,000 S1s that had been troubling Shen Hongyang’s troops were being decimated

Under the obliteration of the continuous attacks their numbers decreased quickly, very soon, there were only about 2,000 left.

However, at this time, the 10 tanks, the remaining IFVs as well as the assault helicopters in the skies, had gone through their available ammunition and firepower.

Greenie, which was continuously beating up hurricanes, had also expended a lot of its energy, and could not help but fly off into the distance, leaving the battlefield to rest momentarily.

Losing the support of the heavy weaponry, even though there were only about 2,000 S1s left, the battle had just became incredibly tough.

Yue Zhong made White Bones lead from the front as it hacked and slashed his way through to keep the way open. He himself went to join the Special Combat Forces as they continued their battles at the sides.

All these Special Combat Forces were Yue Zhong’s precious troops, even losing one would cause him a heartache. Especially Ji Qingwu, Zhuo Yatong and Tong Xiaoyun. They were incredibly powerful beauties who could do much more than warm his bed. They could fight well! He would definitely not allow them to die.

Although the Special Combat Forces were elite soldiers, under such intense conditions, their Stamina had been depleted. Killing the S1s became increasingly harder as the battle went on.

Yue Zhong came to the other side, and saw the avalanche of S1s. In response his hands waved about and he threw a handful of grenades. Through the air they flew before they directly exploded and caused a few S1s to be blasted to pieces.

“Shit! There were still the grenades!! I’d almost forgotten!” Seeing Yue Zhong lob the grenades over, Song Wen’s brain seemed to be jolted awake and he exclaimed with a little regret.

The Special Combat Forces were so used to using their God and Devil System equipment and abilities to kill the zombies to gain enhancement, that in the heat of battle, they forgot about the modern weaponry they carried on themselves.

Every single one of the Special Combat Force were armed to the teeth, and they all had .05 light machine guns, 8 50-round magazines, and 8 grenades.

The .05 light machine guns were the best measure against these zombies that could be pierced through by the bullets. Under the cover of Yue Zhong’s firing, the soldiers all took out their .05 machine guns and started firing at the zombies wildly.

In that dense hail of bullets, a large number of the S1s that had not reached the soldiers were immediately shot and brutally killed. While some did not die, the upside was it broke their dense and concentrated attack formation.

The moment the formation was broken, the scattered S1s that were rushing forward became much easier to pick off.

On the other side, Shen Hongyang had deployed a company of old veterans to join Xu Xiao’s unit of experts, and with the suppressing fire they provided, Xu Xiao’s unit managed to catch a breather as well.

The entire group fought as they retreated, not daring to stop or stay stationary. Every single minute of delay meant additional danger. Facing this advance group of S1s was already extremely tiring. If the rest of the horde caught up from behind, they would bite the dust.

The intense hit-and-run battle continued for another 2 hours, and the remaining 2,000 or more S1s were finally annihilated by the experts of both Shen Hongyang and Yue Zhong’s troops. With this small victory they finally managed to break free from the siege.

However, Shen Hongyang’s troops also suffered a great loss. Out of the 2 battalions, he lost a total of 30% of his troops. The other 2 battalions had collapsed earlier during the defence, and were most likely dead within the mouths of the zombies.

All the advanced vehicles had run out of ammo, without weapons, even the assault helicopters could only be used for reconnaissance.

After breaking out of the siege, other than Yue Zhong who possessed a Stamina 8 times that of normal humans, most of the fighters were exhausted to the point that they were breathing raggedly. However, they did not dare slow down, as they continued to flee with all their might towards SY County. Based on their current condition, if another 2,000 S1s were to appear, they would be unconditionally defeated. Even if Yue Zhong was around, it would surely still be useless.

With the motivation of staying alive, the entire group made their way towards SY County without stopping.

Just as they neared the entrance to SY County, they discovered that outside of the gate, there was a small team stationed there, and they were currently involved with some fortifications and constructions.

Seeing the small team, Shen Hongyang’s troops became wary, as they hoisted their weapons. They were already exhausted, if this small team were to make a sudden assault, these 2 battalions of Shen Hongyang would most likely be wiped out.

“Commander Yue! Are you there? I am Xiong Zheng!!” Xiong Zheng brought along a company of soldiers as they called out to Shen Hongyang’s troops.

“I’m here!!” Yue Zhong stepped out from the Special Combat Force and replied loudly. They were finally safe!

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