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Chapter 294: Conquering SY County

Chapter 0294 – Conquering SY County

Translated by: Kun

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[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

“Good! Make sure you keep your word!!” Peng Mingde’s mouth raised in an arc, as he waved his hands, and 2 Special Forces brought out Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi in front of the 2 armies.

Su Dongming’s expression was steely, as he cursed out: “Peng Mingde! You damn bastard, you will die a horrible death!!”

Luo Tianyi’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Peng Mingde: “Peng Mingde!! Fuck you and your entire family! Fuck your mother with a pointy stick!!!”

The moment Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi had retreated, they were immediately captured by the experts sent by Peng Mingde. They did not expect that the allies that had helped them not long ago would turn on them so quickly.

Peng Mingde spoke in a clear voice: “Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi had abandoned their posts during the great battle, and had instigated a coup against their allies, there is evidence to prove it. For their crimes, they will be executed according to military law! Carry out the punishment!!”

2 armed police stepped out and aimed their guns at the heads of Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi, and pulled the trigger!

Bang! Bang!

Following the gunshots, Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi had a new hole in their heads leaking blood, as they slumped to the floor lifelessly.

Peng Mingde looked on as Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi died, his eyes flashed with delight. After their deaths, he could easily subdue the old troops of these 2 men. Counting the police, armed police and Special Forces that he now controlled, he could become the strongest power in SY County.

Liu Huifeng and Shen Hongyang had already been defeated, he would possess the strongest force. He could then employ other means in the future to slowly take over their military as well and thoroughly control SY County.

Liu Huifeng looked at the lifeless bodies of Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi, and he finally released the bit of anger he had kept, but at the same time, he felt the loss.

Right at this time, Yue Zhong brought his Special Forces and charged into the ranks of Liu Huifeng, pointing a gun at Liu Huifeng and spoke coldly: “Commander Liu! You have 2 choices now! The first is to surrender to me, and integrate into my troops. The other is to die with your troops!”

At almost the same time Yue Zhong made his move, Ning Guang County’s 2nd and 3rd Battalions also turned on the troops of Liu Huifeng.

Qian Weimin’s troops had already been captured and locked after they were saved by Yue Zhong.

Liu Huifeng looked at the gun pointed at his head and he laughed bitterly: “If I surrender, what will become of my subordinates?”

Yue Zhong did not hide anything and said: “All the soldiers will receive education, and reintegrate into many different units under me. I will treat them fairly!”

Liu Huifeng’s troops were veteran soldiers that Yue Zhong valued. Initially, Yue Zhong had sent troops to help Liu Huifeng because he was eyeing the veterans.

Liu Huifeng seemed to be agreeable, and he asked: “What about me, what treatment will I receive if I surrender?”

Yue Zhong sincerely extended his invitation: “You will get to enjoy the privileges of a Lieutenant Colonel. Furthermore, I would like to invite you to become a military instructor in my military school, and provide training to my officers in all forms of modern warfare.”

Yue Zhong’s military school lacked the guidance of an experienced military instructor, and he had no choice but to select outstanding commanders like Xu Zhengang to be on the frontlines often. The reasoning was of course to lead his military, save survivors and engage in resource hunting. The military academy did lack an instructor with the adequate experience and knowledge in modern warfare.

Yue Zhong had obtained many incredible equipments from the Mechanized Infantry Brigade after all, but he lacked the professional knowledge, and hence could not utilize them. If he had the necessary technicians, his units’ combat prowess would definitely increase by a few times.

Yue Zhong had done his investigations, and although Liu Huifeng was kind of a pervert, and had married 3 wives after the apocalypse, his character was not bad. The 3 wives also followed him willingly. Although he did not have any outstanding achievements in his command, he followed the rules, and was extremely sturdy as a leader. He did possess the qualifications as a Commander.

Liu Huifeng laughed lightly, and replied light-heartedly: “Sure! I surrender!”

Liu Huifeng surrendered and his troops also put down their weapons and went with Yue Zhong willingly. Liu Huifeng’s troops had fought for a very long time, and when they arrived at the rooms assigned to them, they fell into a deep slumber.

Shen Hongyang looked at the loaded gun in front of him and said: “What is the meaning of this?”

At this moment, Shen Hongyang, Shen Xue and a few of their military officers were being surrounded at their place of residence. A few heavy weapons were aimed at them, and 300 soldiers had enclosed the area, not allowing even water to trickle past.

Zhang Niujiang stepped up and spoke directly: “Commander Shen! I apologize, but we have to keep you here. We have already arranged for all sorts of heavy artillery to aim here, if there’s any strange movement, then we’re terribly sorry, but we will blast you guys to death.”

Shen Hongyang was a good commander who treated his subordinates fairly. If he was taken down, the troops would definitely not follow Yue Zhong willingly, and Yue Zhong would have no choice but to kill them all. Therefore, he had no choice but to temporarily trap Shen Hongyang. Of course, if Shen Hongyang really decided to try something, Yue Zhong would not hesitate to wipe him out.

Shen Hongyang looked at Zhang Niujiang, as he furrowed his brows and asked softly: “Battalion Commander Zhang! Is Yue Zhong finally going to make his move on SY County?”

This time SY County had suffered a huge loss against the zombies, all the military heads had lost the majority of their troops. Yue Zhong who had always kept his eye on SY County could find no better time to subdue them all.

The laws of the jungle, the strong preyed on the weak. Even after the apocalypse, it had not changed. As long as someone revealed his or her weakness, there would be countless hungry wolves that would pounce at the first opportunity. When Yue Zhong was weak, SY County had wanted to conquer and subdue him. Now he was stronger than them, he naturally would not hesitate to do the same. Only when both sides possessed the same strength, could there be equality and peaceful negotiations.

Zhang Niujiang had a worshipping look as he affirmed the news: “Yes! Our Boss Yue wants to control the whole SY County!”

Shen Hongyang sighed, and did not speak further. Now that Yue Zhong had set his mind on it, and was willing to pay any price, controlling the entire SY County was not an impossible task.

On the frontlines, Peng Mingde eyed Yue Zhong’s army that still had not retreated, and a bad feeling arose in his heart, as of now, the only person that could stop him from being the king of SY was Yue Zhong.

Peng Mingde raised the loudhailer and called out: “Commander Liu, Yue Zhong, are you guys there? Let’s have a good discussion!!”

Yue Zhong walked out with huge strides and eyed Peng Mingde and said lightly: “Peng Mingde! Surrender now! If you get your men to surrender, I can still leave you with a way out.”

Peng Mingde’s face had a huge chance, as he forcefully replied: “Yue Zhong, what are you talking about? Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi who had betrayed you guys have already been dealt with right? What reasons would you have to continue fighting!! Don’t tell me you’re thinking of betraying your comrades and the government?! If you’re like this, you will become a sinner that went against his country and citizens!!”

“Attack! Annihilate those who dare resist!” Yue Zhong waved his hand, and shouted out the command.

With a ‘bang’!

A bloody bullet hole appeared in Peng Mingde’s head, as he fell to the floor.

Bai He had hidden himself 2km away and exhibited his fearsome sniping skills, directly taking out Peng Mingde who had carelessly revealed his position.

Following Yue Zhong’s orders, 12 Howitzers displayed their incredible offense, as rounds of heavy artillery landed amongst the police force.

Bombarded by the attacks of the rockets, a huge number of the police, armed police and Special Forces were immediately incinerated. The death of Peng Mingde, who they had sworn loyalty to, caused them to lose their morale.

The members of the police force tried escaping under the relentless attacks, abandoning all thoughts of resistance.

Xu Zhengang had ordered the soldiers of the 2nd and 3rd Battalions to charge at the desolate soldiers of Peng Mingde.

The battle lasted only for a while, and Yue Zhong was incredibly successful. Everywhere he went, the police surrendered without a fight. Those who tried to resist were instantly executed by the soldiers of Yue Zhong’s forces.

This group of policemen, armed police and Special Forces had been so easy to subdue was precisely because Peng Mingde had been assassinated. The other reason was that due to Peng Mingde wanting to exert his full control over this unit, he had cleared out many of the officials, and all the members of the unit were feeling fearful and naturally did not have much fighting spirit.

“Boss Situ! What do we do now?” Peng Mingde’s 20 experts had gathered by Situ Guang’s side, as they all looked to him fearfully.

The experts gathered by Peng Mingde were fighters who could take on 10 individually, but compared to Yue Zhong’s army, it was like a mantis trying to block a car. They could at most give Yue Zhong a little trouble.

Situ Guang’s eyes had a strange glint: “We can’t stay here any longer!! We have already done so much for Peng Mingde. Let us leave now. Under the broad sky, based on our abilities, can’t we carve something out for ourselves?”

Situ Guang had always been wild at heart. With Peng Mingde’s death, no one could hold him back any longer.

“Good! We will follow Boss Situ and make a name for ourselves!”

“Let’s go obtain a stronghold for ourselves!!”


The 20 members of the elite group whooped in delight, and under the lead of Situ Guang, they made their escape towards the distance.

As SY County was really big, Situ Guang just had to follow the longer road and could avoid the bridge that Guo Quan was guarding to leave the county. Although the huge lands were filled with zombies, to experts like them, as long as the number did not exceed tens of thousands, ordinary zombies were helpless against them.

With the escape of Situ Guang and his gang, the entire SY County had no other experts left to stand up to Yue Zhong. His troops quickly conquered and controlled the important channels of SY County. At the same time, any form of rebellion or mobs that arose were quickly quelled by him.

After gaining control of SY County, Yue Zhong swiftly gave the order for his troops to rejuvenate themselves. At the same time, he assigned for the preliminary warriors to quickly begin work on the entrance of SY City and SY County. The horde of zombies were making their way here, and he had to make his preparations fast.

[TN: Somehow I feel that Situ Guang and the Lie Tianyang might join forces. Also, here, it’s expressly stated that the place they are in is SY City, whereas the entire SY County is the whole area. So they’re guarding the City now.]

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