God and Devil World

Chapter 279: Crabbing Team

Chapter 0279 – Crabbing Team

Translated by: Kun, DcbLol

Edited by: Ulamog, Kun

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

When those survivors joined in the crabbing with fanaticism, the pressure on Yue Zhong’s forces lessened.

“Who are these people?” Chen Shitou saw different groups of survivors joining in the fray his eyes flashing with suspicion as he asked.

Chen Shitou’s second-in-command Chen Yu reported back: “I’ve checked! These people are the crabbing team assigned by Miss Tai Yiyan!!”

Tai Yiyan stood atop a platform as she observed the 10,000 survivors below, as her clear voice rang out: “Remember this! Each time you head out to catch the crabs, you can only go in a group, and each group consists of a hundred people maximum!”

“Each team can only catch 40 crabs, and after passing 4 to me, the rest can be shared amongst yourselves. If you dare take more, there won’t be another opportunity like this for you in the future! Whoever wants to catch crabs, come and report your name to me! Form your teams! Get in position!”

“I want to eat crabs!!!”

“Me too!!”


Under the instigation and motivation from Tai Yiyan, the 10,000 survivors were swept along with hungry passion, and shouted out at the top of their voices. At the same time, many of them got into orderly groups and had sent representatives to report their names, awaiting their turns to go catch the Mutant Crabs.

Working with Yue Zhong, the survivors had learnt that Yue Zhong prioritized discipline. Those who did not behave or acted out of line were either beaten, or immediately kicked out from the team. Therefore, they learnt to act with discipline, and were incredibly orderly.

Tai Yiyan saw the 10,000 survivors lining up in such a fashion and entering Xinglong street to capture the Mutant Crabs, and her eyes flashed with a glint of satisfaction.

If those survivors were made to kill zombies, they definitely wouldn’t dare go. However, if they were sent to go crabbing, even if they had to catch crabs the sizes of washbowls, those starved survivors would still throw themselves at the crabs without any hesitation.

Tai Yiyan hadn’t actually organised too many people to enter Xinglong Street at once. On the one hand, Xinglong Street couldn’t hold that many people, whilst on the other hand, it was to let those survivors know that it was a very rare opportunity. It would make them long for the opportunity of crabbing, and so when it came to their turn to go crabbing, they would put in much more effort.

It wasn’t long before teams of survivors began to walk out of Xinglong Street one by one. The numerous washbowl-sized crabs that they carried made the other survivors’ eyes all turn red. That was quite a few kilograms’ worth of meat, perhaps even a dozen. This made them long for the opportunity to catch the washbowl-sized crabs even more.

Teams of survivors began to frantically rush into Xinglong Street under Tai Yiyan’s watch one after another. They crazily captured the crabs that had broken into Xinglong Street in their hungry frenzy. Swinging all manner of makeshift weapons, hey killed the crabs one by one before snatching them away.

Under the fanatic energy of the survivors, the pressure on Chen Shitou and his team was reduced by a lot, and the casualty rate was decreased as well.

They only had to open fire and shoot at the Mutant Crabs, while those Mutant Crabs which broke through and entered Xinglong Street were immediately killed by the Special Combat forces, as well as the crabbing team from Tai Yiyan, and the experts in the 8th Battalion.

Under the passionate help of the crabbing teams, the situation in Xinglong Street was stabilized. Although the firepower that Yue Zhong obtained from the huge armory could not compare with the Mechanized Infantry Brigade, it won due to its sheer amount, and was enough for the 8th Battalion to equip and utilize in just such a scenario.

On the other side, by the riverbank, Yue Zhong had finished digging out the blood essences and nuclei from the 4 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes. He saw the densely packed Mutant Crabs around the area, and he frowned. They had devoured the many Mutant Black Fishes that he had painstakingly killed.

The number of the Mutant Crabs was truly unbelievable: even after Yue Zhong killed a few tens of them in a few moves, the total number did not seem to have shrunk. He could only defend the carcass of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish near him, not allowing the Mutant Crabs to devour it.

Little Greenie also protected the carcass of the other Type 2 Mutant Black Fish under Yue Zhong’s command: after all, it was already a Type 2 Mutant Beast by now, one that was taller than Yue Zhong by a dozen times. A casual swipe from one of its wings could create a hurricane-like outburst that could blow the Mutant Crabs away. Its defence was thorough.

Right when the crowd of survivors was in a deadlock with the crab horde, the waters of the river churned again, as a whole lot of critters the size of footballs and claws of about 20mm came up ashore.

Following the Mutant Crabs, were Mutant Crayfish. There were even 60 Elite Mutant Crayfishes of 1m height and 12 to 13m in length crawling behind.

“Level 10 Mutant Beast: Mutant Crayfish!”

“Level 30 Mutant Beast: Elite Mutant Crayfish!”

“Damn it! Are you not really gonna let up?!” Yue Zhong saw the countless Mutant Crayfishes crawling up from the riverbank and he could not help but exclaim in desperation.

The Mutant Crab horde was already enough to cause a headache, now these countless Mutant Crayfishes had just joined in the fray. Unless he arranged for the artillery or armored team to come, it would be nearly impossible to deal with these 2 Mutant Beasts horde.

Just then, the moment the Mutant Crayfish came ashore, those Mutant Crabs suddenly changed direction and crawled towards the Mutant Crayfishes, and used their claws and attacked the Mutant Crayfishes viciously. The smaller Mutant Crayfishes were dismembered one by one by the Mutant Crabs.

Those Mutant Crayfish did not remain impassive either. They used their similarly large pincers to counterattack, and some of the Mutant Crabs were likewise clamped clean in two by the Mutant Crayfishes.

The 60 Elite Mutant Crayfishes were like 60 mini tanks, directly rushing headlong into the horde of Mutant Crabs, using their massive claws to snap about, each attack dismembering 2 Mutant Crabs. Their shells were even tougher than the Level 30 Mutant Blackfish scales, and those Mutant Crabs found it hard to break past their shells. This was why they could proceed forwards within the clash unharmed.

The horde of Mutant Crabs and Mutant Crayfishes were engaging in an all-out slaughter amongst themselves, and Yue Zhong watched on with delight. He hoped that they would kill each other off.

After the two sides were killing each other for a while, the waters again churned and frothed. Shortly, 50 Elite Mutant Crabs that towered above 3m tall crawled out from the water.

“Level 35 Mutant Beast: Elite Mutant Crab!”

The moment the 50 Elite Mutant Crabs appeared, they instantly clashed furiously with the 60 Elite Mutant Crayfishes. Amidst the slaughter, the victors would gobble up the blood essence from the losers and proceeded to level and enhance themselves.

Those Level 40 and under Mutant Beasts had no nuclei, their bodies, flesh and blood essence were the only things that provided enhancement. Mutant Beasts above Level 40 as well as variations like the Elites and Type 2s would generate a nuclei. Swallowing the nuclei was the most beneficial form of enhancement and evolution. This was precisely why the beasts were so bloodthirsty, the appeal of evolution was too attractive.

The battles between the 2 hordes near the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish’s carcass were the most brutal. Every few seconds, there would be one or 2 Elite Mutant Beasts being clamped in two by the opposing horde, their limbs dismembered and bodily fluids spraying everywhere.

Yue Zhong hid at a side and observed the all-out slaughter between the 2 hordes. It must be said that he was enjoying the spectacle. Any Mutant Crab or Mutant Crayfish that got too close to him would be immediately killed.

These low-level critters could not pose a threat to the heavily armed Yue Zhong.

The Encompassing Bone Armor skill reached its limit, and after detaching, White Bones stood by Yue Zhong’s side and waved its huge axe about, chopping any Mutant Crab or Crayfish that got too close.

White Bone’s continuous slaughter for just a few moments already resulted in the deaths of a few dozens of the Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong was seated atop the head of the Mutant Black Fish, drinking his Divine Spring Tea. It could add a little Spirit upon drinking it for the first time, and if the user had expended a huge amount of Spirit prior to drinking it, it could replenish Spirit quickly.

The only downside to it was that the Divine Spring Tea could cause people to become dizzy, and Yue Zhong was actually drinking in right smack in the middle of danger! It was almost like he was courting death!

However, Yue Zhong’s Vitality was indeed high, the incapacitating effects of the tea was rather short lived for him. That was why he dared to drink the Divine Spring Tea to replenish his Spirit even in the midst of danger.

Just as Yue Zhong was looking on expectantly at the slaughter between the 2 hordes, the waters of the river churned again and this time, a huge Mutant Crayfish towering over 3m, and a length of over 40m came out.

[TN: HOW BIG IS THIS DAMNED RIVER?!] Ulamog: it’s big like the Mississippi obvo….

50m away from the appearance of that huge Mutant Crayfish, a huge Mutant Crab of over 6m and pincers of more than 5m also broke through the water surface.

“Level 50 Mutant Beast: Type 2 Mutant Crayfish!”

“Level 53 Mutant Beast: Type 2 Mutant Crab!”

The moment the 2 monstrous beasts appeared, those critters of the hordes that were clashing seemed to have receive some order, and immediately ceased all entanglement.

At the same time, a huge wave rippled out from the middle of the river, a huge crocodile-like head emerged, it’s body covered entirely with scales, its tail serrated, its height exceeding 8m, as if a huge tower had emerged out from the lake.

“Level 66 Mutant Beast: Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle! A huge turtle that is extremely ferocious.”

Ulamog: The Patriarch Has arrived!

The moment the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle arrived, the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish and Type 2 Mutant Crab went over to their smaller comrades and they all stood obediently to the side. A huge oppressive aura was overflowing from the body of the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle.

The Type 2 Mutant Beasts were after all strong and fearsome beasts. This Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle was a peak existence amongst the Type 2 Mutant Beasts, and could easily kill the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish and Type 2 Mutant Crab.

The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle had an extremely cold gaze as it emitted a huge sound.

The Type 2 Mutant Crayfish, and Type 2 Mutant Crab responded with their own calls.

After the sound rang out, the hordes of Mutant Crayfish and Mutant Crabs ceased all fighting and started making their way towards Xing long Street.

The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle brought its two smaller brothers as they walked towards the direction of Xinglong Street.

“Not good!! If I don’t take care these 3 huge fellows, I’m afraid we can’t hold out anymore!!” Yue Zhong looked at the horde of Mutant Sea Creatures, and his eyes flashed with extreme worry.

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