God and Devil World

Chapter 280: Teenagers! Mutants! Ninjas! Turtles!

Chapter 0280 – Teenagers! Mutants! Ninjas! Turtles!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

The total number of Mutant Crayfishes and Mutant Crabs combined together exceeded over 70,000, while Yue Zhong’s forces standing guard at Xinglong Street were only about 500 people.

If those 2 hordes joined forces and attacked Yue Zhong’s subordinates, it would almost be impossible to resist. The only consolation was that after obtaining the huge armory of weapons, Yue Zhong’s forces had gained a huge amount of ammo and it could be utilized freely here.

When the 3 Type 2 Mutant Beasts had come upshore about 60m from the waters, Yue Zhong who had buried himself inside the body of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish jumped out, and swiftly took out his PF98 anti-tank rocket and fired a shot at the weakest-looking Type 2 Mutant Crayfish.

With a flash of flame, the rocket shot towards the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish and exploded on its body.

The explosion rang out loudly, and bits of shell and flesh were blasted everywhere, causing a huge wound on the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish’s body as it was almost blasted to smithereens.

However, the Crayfish was after all known for its extremely hard shell. Even after the rocket had successfully destroyed its shell, it was not enough to destroy its body.

Receiving such a grievous wound, the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish immediately struggled in agony, and twisted its body about. Its writhing about caused the surrounding dust to be kicked up, as it accidentally fell into one of the trenches and was pierced in its wound by the numerous sharp steel spikes within, adding on to its misery and pain.

Yue Zhong’s attack had revealed his position, and the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle and Type 2 Crab turned their heads towards him.

Yue Zhong didn’t dare delay too much, as he switched out another PF98 and fired a shot at the Type 2 Mutant Crab.

With a flash, the anti-tank missile shot towards and exploded violently on the Type 2 Mutant Crab’s shell, causing a huge hole to be blasted in the Type 2 Mutant Crab’s shell and body as well, and green fluid started flowing out from the Type 2 Mutant Crab.

The Mutant Crab started struggling in its incomparable pain, and it violently moved about, before also falling into another huge trench Yue Zhong had ordered dug. It flipped and continued scurrying.

Just as Yue Zhong wanted to swap out for another PF98, a huge sense of danger welled up in his heart, and he immediately activated his Shadow Steps Skill, dodging to the side in a frenzy.

An extremely sharp ice spear pierced through the space and penetrated Yue Zhong above his left abdomen, across his shoulder. Breaking a hole in his Bone Encompassing Armor, the ice spear brush past, almost penetrating his body.

Yue Zhong stared fixedly, only to see the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle summoning a huge layer of ice around it, causing its entire body to be submerged in a layer of thick ice, as though it had become a mountain of ice.

With just a thought, long spears would be conjured out of thin air, and shot towards Yue Zhong like missiles. Ice control was the special ability belonging to its species, and after seeing Yue Zhong ruthlessly attacking the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish and Type 2 Mutant Crab, it brought out its own abilities as well.

Right at this time, Greenie shot down from the sky like a lightning bolt, its talons outstretched, and it grabbed the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish, and carried it as it rushed towards the skies.

The weight of the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish could not compare to the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish, and Greenie easily reached a high altitude, before flinging the beast downwards.

When the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish fell from the sky and landed viciously on the ground, it was killed by the impact.

The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle continued its advance towards Yue Zhong like an ice mountain, continuously firing the ice spears at him.

Facing the barrage of attacks from the Mutant Beast, Yue Zhong flitted about, evading the attacks. Fortunately his Agility was high enough, and he somehow managed to dodge most of the attacks. If he was hit by even one of them, he would most likely be penetrated instantly by 10 ice spears and be made into a corpse.

All of a sudden, the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle activated its ability, and 30 ice spears shot out from the ice mountain, aiming for Yue Zhong. The many spears locked down any space that he could possibly escape to. It had cunningly forced Yue Zhong to a location with no cover, before activating its killing move.

Yue Zhong’s expression changed, and he immediately rolled towards a huge trench. The sharp steel beams in the trench pierced him, but fortunately for the Bone Encompassing Armor, the sharp steel beams could not do any damage to him.

The 30 ice spears lost their target, passing through the air and striking the ground, before the ground became a patch of ice, causing the surround temperature to drop by 1 or 2 degrees.

Yue Zhong climbed up swiftly from the trench, and hoisting the PF98 he fired another shot at the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle.

With a flash, the rocket shot towards the Mutant Beast explosively.

Just after Yue Zhong pulled the trigger, a thick wall of ice appeared out of thin air in front of the Mutant Beast.

With a ‘bang!’, the rocket exploded, causing a large hole to appear in the wall of ice. Yet it did not do a single thing to the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle.

“What an overpowered Mutant Beast!!” Yue Zhong exclaimed as he took a look at the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle, not believing his eyes. He had used the PF98 Anti-Tank missiles on so many Type 2 Mutant Beasts, but this was the first time one had actually managed to defend against it.

After blocking the impact and explosion from the PF98 120mm round, the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle fired its ice spears at Yue Zhong. While it attacked it continued moving towards him with big steps, it wanted to thoroughly squash this small enemy. It surprisingly felt a sense of danger from this little bug.

Yue Zhong dodged into one of the trenches, and evaded the assault of the various ice spears, before swiftly swapping in another rocket with his PF98. He jumped out in a flash, and rolled right in front of the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle and fired the anti-tank rocket at point black range.

With a flash, the anti-tank missile immediately exploded in the face of the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle, causing the protective layer of ice to be shattered, revealing its shell. However, in just a blink of an eye, the ice layer was immediately reformed.

The ice control ability of this Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle was truly overpowered, even stronger than the natural defence of most Type 3 Mutant Beasts. Its only weakness was that the movement on land was reduced, and the attacking speed was affected as well. However, it allowed this Type 2 Mutant Beast to be a true tyrant amongst its peers.

“I don’t believe that there is no end to your ice ability!!” Yue Zhong stared at the Mutant Beast, while he gritted his teeth and fired another shot towards the head of the Mutant Snapping Turtle.

The Mutant Snapping Turtle saw the incoming rocket aimed at its head, it seemed to cease all other movement, and expended its ice control ability to form an ice wall in front of it.

With another explosion, the ice wall faced a similar fate as the previous one, and Yue Zhong’s attack was contained easily.

It was just that Yue Zhong did not show any signs of stopping, instead, he continued to fire his PF98 at the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle.

Under the pressure of the rockets, the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle had no choice but to continue conjuring the ice wall to stop the attacks.

The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle could withstand the anti-tank rockets of Yue Zhong, at the cost of a huge expenditure of its Spirit and natural ability to control ice after it had evolved to a Type 2 Beast. Its ultimate defence would not be able to withstand Yue Zhong’s attacks for long.

Yue Zhong swiftly swapped out the rockets of the PF98 continuously and did not let up, firing multiple rockets at the Mutant Beast and slowly wearing down its ice ability.

On the other side, after dealing with the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish, Greenie flapped its wings and shot towards the Type 2 Mutant Crab, grabbing it and flying to the skies before flinging it the same way it did with the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish.

Upon forcefully crashing onto the ground, it was killed by the impact, even it’s incredibly hard shell could not withstand the force and protect its life.

The moment the Type 2 Mutant Crayfish and Mutant Crab met their end, the smaller Mutant Crayfishes and Crabs had no way of maintaining the peace and went back slaughtering amongst themselves.

Near Xinglong Street, the horde of Mutant Crayfish, Mutant Crabs and humans were engaged in a killing frenzy. However, when the 2 hordes attacked each other, the pressure on Yue Zhong’s side was lessened by a great deal.

This made it so that they only had to deal with those Mutant Beasts that breached the defence and were intending to attack the humans. After which, they just had to watch the show and observe the 2 hordes killing each other.

Yue Zhong had fired a total of 22 rockets, almost exhausting his entire supply of anti-tank ammunition.

In Yue Zhong’s storage ring, he had kept 30 loaded PF98 anti-tank rocket launchers, after firing the 30 of them, he had to reload them individually.

The PF98 was extremely tyrannical, useful and efficient when dealing with higher level zombies. Yue Zhong could not possibly keep all the PF98s with himself and without leaving for any of his troops. That way even if he was extremely well-prepared, his subordinates might meet an undeserving end without ample firepower.

Under Yue Zhong’s constant onslaught, the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle was forced to expend a lot of its ice control ability, and there was a dispirited look in its eyes. After blocking the latest rocket from Yue Zhong, it actually turned around and made its way back towards the river.

This type of high level Mutant Beasts possessed some intelligence, and knew that if it could not win, it would definitely retreat, instead of maintaining a futile resistance stupidly.

“Good chance!!” Yue Zhong saw the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle trying to escape towards the river, and his eyes flashed with delight, and let out a victorious roar.

From the sky, Greenie flew downwards like an arrow, its hook-like talons viciously aiming for the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle.

The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle could only stop in its tracks, and lifted its head, before controlling the ice layer around its head to form an ice spear to shoot at Greenie.

Greenie flapped its wings, and changed directions in mid-air, dodging the ice spear extremely easily. However, it was forced to stay at a distance because of the ice spear, and did not dare approach the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle. Instead, it circled in the air, exerting a pressure on the behemoth.

Yue Zhong’s body flashed forward, in a short span of less than 10 seconds, he caught up with the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle, shooting out a bone spear from his back, propelling him on to the turtle’s back.

The moment he jumped on the back, he activated his Devil Flame, and a huge fiery ball of flame blossomed in his hands, exploding towards the head of the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle.

Under the intense burning of the Devil Flame, the ice layer covering the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle started to melt.

The burning capabilities of fire was the best counter to ice. Of course, the prerequisite was that both must be of similar levels in terms of power. The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle had expended a lot of energy to defend against Yue Zhong’s attacks earlier, now it’s ice control ability was running out of power to stand against his Devil Flames.

When the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle noticed its ice layer melting, it immediately withdrew its head and limbs into its shell, controlling the remaining ice to seal up the holes in the shell.

Yue Zhong exerted all his strength to force the Devil Flame through the holes, melting the ice quickly.

The ice walls were constantly melted down and refrozen, but each time, the layer got thinner.

After about 10 secs of exposure, Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame finally burned through the wall and made contact with the head of the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle.

When it was touched by the scorching hot Devil Flame, the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle immediately stuck out its limbs, and pushed with all its strength, rolling rapidly on the floor.

Yue Zhong landed on the ground after leaping off its back, while controlling the Devil Flame to continue assaulting the head of the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle. In a flash of inspiration he activated his Tamer Technique and guided it towards the Mutant Beast.

The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle had its Ice Control ability worn down entirely by Yue Zhong, and was tormented by the Devil Flame that he used, the moment the Tamer Technique landed on its body, it barely reacted . A strange rune appeared on the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle’s forehead, and gently entered its brain.

That rune entered in between the Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle’s brows, and Yue Zhong felt a strange sense of connection between himself and the beast form.

Chapter 280: Taming The Type 2 Mutant Snapping Turtle!

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