God and Devil World

Chapter 278: Mutant Crab Horde

Chapter 0278 – Mutant Crab Horde

Translated by: Kun, DcbLol

Edited by: Ulamog, Kun

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Upon seeing this horrendous scene, the stubborn householders immediately began to escape from Xinglong Street one by one, crazily fleeing towards other places. They even left all their personal property behind!

Yue Zhong quickly caught up to the two Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes that had been impeded by Little Greenie and he immediately retrieved a Type PF98 120mm Anti-tank Rocket Launcher, pulling the trigger after aiming at one of the fishes.

With a blazing flash, a rocket bombarded the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish’ head, directly blowing out a large hole with fresh blood dripping out. It immediately began to writhe about in a frenzy, struggling on the ground with all its might.

With Yue Zhong’s power, dealing with a beast as such was already very strenuous- his energy consumption was huge. He could thus only make use of a slaughter weapon like the Type PF98 120mm Anti-tank Rocket Launcher to deal with the Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes.

Until now, there still hadn’t been many Mutant Beasts that were able to block the Type PF98 120mm Anti-tank Rocket Launcher’s attacks. The only regrettable thing about using the rocket launcher to slaughter Mutant Beasts was that there was no way of gaining God and Devil System enhancements from this.

The other Type 2 Mutant Black Fish was enraged and as it opened its huge mouth and shot green balls of slimy mucus at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s body flitted, as he dodged the incoming projectiles continuously.

Taking advantage of the scuffle between that Type 2 Mutant Black Fish and Yue Zhong, Greenie flapped its wings and shot down from the skies opening its huge talons in attack.

It grabbed the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish by its head and directly rushed back towards the skies. After ascending to an altitude of more than 200m in a moment, it released its grip.

The Type 2 Mutant Black Fish landed on the ground with such an impact, that its brain was instantly pulverised by its own weight, after thrashing about for a few moments, it slumped lifelessly to the ground.

After the 4 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes were dead, the battle was decided.

Near the riverbank, after expending a month’s worth of time with the efforts of over 13,000 people, the trenches were filled with the numerous remaining ordinary Mutant Black Fishes. They were lured there craftily by Yue Zhong’s Special Combat forces. They then proceeded to finish the monsters off.

Ji Qingwu, Yao Yao, Zhuo Yatong , Gu Zhixing and Cheng Yu wasted no time, and hunted the Mutant Black Fishes. Thoroughly wiping them out was only a matter of time.

Yue Zhong held his Black-Tooth Blade, as he observed the surroundings, and didn’t join in. He had reached a high level in terms of enhancements, and killing the ordinary Mutant Beasts were not very beneficial to him. Only by hunting and killing Type 2 Mutant Beasts could he level up faster.

With the passing of time, one by one, all the Mutant Black Fishes were finally killed off and the entire place was filled with a fishy smell as well as the smell of blood.

After determining that the battle was over, Yue Zhong went over to the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish that he killed. Next he used the Black-Tooth Blade to cut open its head and began burrowing his body wholly into its massive entirety, retrieving the red blood essence and white nuclei from the brain as he always did.

When he burrowed out from the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish body, he had a huge change in expression.

He discovered that near the riverbank, numerous huge crabs, each the size of a human face as well as a pair of huge thick claws, were crawling up from the water.

“Level 13 Mutant Beast: Mutant Crab! An extremely ferocious horde. When they’re together, they are the nightmare of many creatures.”

The Mutant Crabs were only Level 13 individually, but their horde numbered above tens of thousands. They were clustered together like a wave that slowly encroached upon the shore. When they crawled up the carcasses of the Mutant Black Fishes near the riverbank, they would use their huge pincers to pinch and cut up the bodies.

Yue Zhong looked at the sea of Mutant Crabs that were clustered together densely like ants and he immediately shouted into the walkie talkie: “Disperse!! All soldiers from the Special Combat Force disperse right now!! Chen Shitou, activate the 8th Battalion!!”

These Mutant Crabs had low levels, and if they numbered in the thousands, Yue Zhong would not be too worried. However, it was way over tens of thousands, even his Special Combat Forces would not be able to deal with being overrun by these critters.

Ji Qingwu glanced at the concentrated horde, and gave an order to Yao Yao and Cheng Yu: “Yao Yao!! Cheng Yu!! Both of you go to the front lines and get as many blood essences as you can! The rest of you, after you have retrieved the blood essence from the Mutant Beasts in front of you, immediately fall back to Xinglong Street.”

Yao Yao, Cheng Yu and Ji Qingwu had always favoured the strengthening of their Agility through their enhancements, and had the confidence to escape from the horde of Mutant Crabs if need be.

Upon receiving Ji Qingwu’s and Yue Zhong’s orders, the Special Combat forces swiftly pried open the heads of the Mutant Black Fishes, and dug out many of the blood essences, before striding back towards Xinglong Street.

Every single soldier of the Special Combat Force could easily deal with 10 of these Mutant Crabs, however, the horde was way more than they could handle, thus they could only retreat. Otherwise, if they were trapped in the midst, they would only end up in a fight to the death.

At the riverbank, the Mutant Crabs were currently swarming over the dead carcasses of the Mutant Black Fishes, using their sharp claws to dismember the bodies near effortlessly.

The entire body of these Mutant Black Fishes were treasures to Yue Zhong, especially the 4 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes. Their blood essences and nuclei were even more precious, Yue Zhong was naturally unwilling to let the Mutant Crabs snatch his prize away. He waved his Black-Tooth Blade about and slashed at the Mutant Crabs in a frenzy, making his way to the remaining 3 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes’ carcasses.

Greenie who was flying about in the sky also flew down, and gobbled up those Mutant Crabs. When they tried to crawl towards it, it would flap its wings, causing 2 huge gusts of wind to blow them away, allowing it to feed at leisure.

Yao Yao, Cheng Yu and Ji Qingwu continued slaughtering any Mutant Crabs they came across, and swiftly moved to the carcasses of the Elite Mutant Black Fishes. As soon as they did they pried open the heads, and retrieved the blood essence and nuclei.

The total number of Mutant Crabs who were climbing upshore numbered over 30,000 and out of which, 10,000 plus of them were attracted to the dead carcassess of the Mutant Black Fishes, and were dismembering and gorging on the meat in a frenzy. The remaining ones were making their way towards Xinglong Street.

Chen Shitou eyed the horde crawling towards Xinglong Street and hollered at the soldiers of the newly formed 8th Battalion: “Open fire!! Kill these Mutant Crabs! Tonight, we’ll feast on steamed crabs!! Whoever kill more gets to eat more!!”

“I want to eat 3!!”

“I want to eat 2!!”


Following the excited hollers, the new soldiers of the 8th Battalion raised their guns and started firing at will.

Although the Mutant Crabs had levels beyond normal zombies, from the exterior, they did not seem as fearsome as the zombies. While they had a lot in numbers, in the eyes of the soldiers of the 8th Battalion, these Mutant Crabs were all juicy meals. They were simply not afraid of these crabs.

As the bullets rained on the Mutant Crabs, many of them would be riddled with bullets. While their horde gave off a huge pressure, since they were on land their capabilities were reduced by over 50%, and the hail of bullets left little to chance, causing many of the Mutant Crabs to be killed.

In order to deal with the possible scenario of a horde, Yue Zhong had long arranged for over 20 Type 56 light machine gun as well as 50 Type 56 heavy machine guns to be transferred from Ning Guang County.

Facing the imminent assault of the horde of Mutant Crabs, the Type 56 heavy machine guns opened fire, spraying a fearsome line of bullets. This fire caused a concentrated rain of bullets to fall on the densely clustered horde of Mutant Crabs.

The soldiers of the 8th Battalion were also currently using their .03 rifles and firing wildly at the Mutant Crabs, picking off the critters one by one.

If it were humans facing these attacks, they would definitely lose all morale and retreat, however these less intelligent Mutant Beasts only braced the assault and continued marching on towards Xinglong Street.

At this time, the experts from the Special Combat Force as well as the close quarter combat specialists from the 8th Battalion stepped up to engage the Mutant Crabs that had breached the line of defence.

Upon engaging in battle with these Mutant Crabs, the soldiers understood why these were Level 13 creatures. Although they were not extremely fast, their defences were super tough, and those soldiers who had not undergone enhancement could not even break past their shells even when wielding the Tang Replica Swords. It took those with Strength above 20 points to be able to break their shells open. Furthermore, these Mutant Crabs had great strength of their own, their claws could dismember the scales of the Mutant Black Fishes that were Level 30, if a normal person got their own legs caught within the claws, it would immediately be clamped off.

After a short battle, Yue Zhong’s 8th Battalion had already suffered 6 casualties who lost their legs. As soon as they fell, the Mutant Crabs climbed over them and clamped their heads off.

Seeing the horde of Mutant Crabs coming in like a wave, the warriors of the 8th Battalion switched to using grenades.

Ulamog:Thou shalt throw thine Holy Hand Grenade and thy Enemy shalt Bloweth Uppeth.

The which rained down amidst the horde of Mutant Crabs, caused those critters to be blasted, easing the overall pressure on Xinglong Street.

However, the numbers of the Mutant Crabs were simply too many, and those using grenades and guns could not block the onslaught of those Mutant Crabs forever. As time ticked by, the casualties on Yue Zhong side was starting to pile up.

“Time to feast on crabs!!”

Right at this time, over a hundred survivors wielding shovels, sticks, baseball bats and large hammers charged into the battlefield, using their weapons to attack the Mutant Crabs wildly.

Under the frenzied assault of the survivors, 40 of the Mutant Crabs had their shells forcefully smashed and died. After killing those 40 Mutant Crabs, the survivors dragged the bodies of the dead Mutant Crabs and left the battlefield in high spirits.

As that team of survivors left, another team of red-eyed survivors rushed forward in Guerilla Warfare, waving their crude weapons to catch those delicious Mutant Crabs.

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