God and Devil World

Chapter 277: Type Two Green Eagle! Greenie Evolved!

Chapter 0277 – ???

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Yue Zhong flew through the air and was alarmed, as he reached out his right hand, and shot out a bone spear. The spear penetrated the ground fiercely, only then did he prevent himself from being sucked into the mouth of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish.

The other 2 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes seemed to not notice Yue Zhong, instead they made a beeline towards the direction of Xinglong Street. They could detect the rich source of human energy, and could not forget the taste of humans when they had camped near the bank of the river previously.

The attacking Type 2 Mutant Black Fish saw that it could not suck Yue Zhong towards it, and instead twisted its body to move towards him, opening its huge jaws to bite at him.

The body of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish was really massive, meaning that with each little movement of its fore-fins it would propel itself a dozen metres or so. This speed enabled it to quickly reach its destination.

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps and pushed his speed to the limit as he jumped and rolled. This way he barely managed to dodge the sawtoothed maw of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish.

Taking advantage of the moment when the Black Fish bit into air, Yue Zhong activated his Devil Flame ability. The ability caused 2 fireballs to appear in his hands, while a bone spear shot out from his back and propelled him into the air to land again on top of the back of the Black Fish.

He thrust his blazing hands down towards the body of the Black Fish, while viciously using his landing momentum to increase his attack.Under the burning hot Devil Flames impact, his hands caused the thick slimy mucus to evaporate and he managed to grab on tightly into a scale.

Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame had been enhanced to Level 2, and its power was overly terrifying.

The fish which had formidable scales that could even defend against rocket missiles, had 5 small holes burnt into it. This was followed by his burning fingers finally penetrating the scales and brain of the Black Fish.

Unfortunately, it was just that the body was too enormous, and the 5 holes were like a toothpick prick to a human.

Ulamog: How much damage is that?

The Type 2 Black Fish shook its body with all its strength, and a huge shock wave emitted from it.

Yue Zhong could only hold on tightly, and braced for the full impact of that shock wave. Fortunately his body’s Endurance was over a hundred points, and although the shock wave was powerful, it could not shake him off.

The Type 2 Mutant Black Fish continued twisting and turning for a while, before finally quietening down in momentary tiredness

Yue Zhong took a huge breath, as the Devil Flame in his right hand flared up and he expended 50 points of Spirit and 20 points of Stamina to condense it into a 2m long Devil Flame Spear.

The moment it was fully formed, Yue Zhong stuck the Devil Flame Spear ruthlessly into the head of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish.

The Devil Flame Spear pierced the scales of the Type 2 Black Fish. In fact it was only stopped for a mere second, before burning a huge hole in the scale, and directly penetrating the head of the Type 2 Black Fish.

The Devil Flame Spear released its form after it was stuck into the head of the Type 2 Black Fish, and under Yue Zhong’s control, its power surged out explosively, frying everything that could be burned.

The Type 2 Black Fish immediately started thrashing about wildly. In its struggle, it caused the surrounding ground to be stirred, as huge shock waves emitted out, and anything in its path was smashed to pieces. As it flopped it even took out huge boulders and trees.

Of course, Yue Zhong had long since jumped off from the body of the Type 2 Black Fish.

Right at this time, one of the other Type 2 Black Fish that had ignored Yue Zhong earlier opened its huge mouth, and shot out a green glob of slime like a rocket towards him.

The moment the Type 2 Black Fish had opened its mouth, Yue Zhong felt a huge sense of danger. He could even feel his scalp go numb from the impending death. He immediately jumped away towards the side.

Fortunately Yue Zhong’s reaction was fast, so the green glob of slime spat out by the Type 2 Black Fish only narrowly brushed past his body and exploded behind him.

Following the green wisps of smoke that rose, there was a huge hole that had appeared behind Yue Zhong and the strange green smoke continued rising from the mini crater.

The green glob of slime was a killing move of the Type 2 Black Fishes, just one of it was enough to thoroughly destroy an Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Back when SY County had assigned experts to try and hunt the Mutant Beasts in the waters, a few of the experts had perished and 5 Infantry Fighting Vehicles were destroyed by that green glob of slime.

Precisely because of the existence of these overpowered Type 2 Black Fishes, SY County stopped sending experts to come and hunt the Mutant Beasts of the river. The price to pay was too steep, and one of the top experts of the military had died in one stroke by that green glob of slime shot out by the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish.

Yue Zhong’s body flashed about, as he continuously dodged the sticky green globs, as each of them landed and burst behind him, creating many big holes through its corrosiveness.

“Damn it!! I have to resort to that!!” Yue Zhong was pressured to constantly evade. He continued to run as he looked towards the 2 Type 2 Black Fish crawling crazily towards Xinglong Street and gritted his teeth, before whistling towards the sky.

After that shrill whistle from Yue Zhong, a huge green shadow shot downwards from the skies, and within a few breaths it had arrived at the battlefield.

“What is that??”

“Type 2 Green Eagle!!”

“How could there be such a monster here!?!”


A number of the power factions within SY County saw the huge Green Eagle standing with a wingspan of over 70m blocking out the sun. Its massive body was covered entirely in green feathers, and their expressions changed, as they all scurried for cover.

The airborne Mutant Beasts were absolutely the most fearsome. This was because they came and went like the wind, and were usually fast. The moment they attacked, even Agility-based Evolvers would find it hard to escape their clutches.

SY County had its air defence mechanisms in place, however they were heavily concentrated at the government areas as well as important military camps. As long as the swift Type 2 Green Eagle did not approach those areas, it would not attract the fire from those defence mechanisms.

Even the smaller power factions within SY County did not dare provoke the mighty Type 2 Mutants Beasts in the air. Just a single one of them could cause the annihilation of over a hundred people easily. They had no choice but to hide in their houses, and pray that the Type 2 Mutant Green Eagle would eat its fill and be on its way.

In front of the frightened gazes of the survivors in SY County, the Type 2 Mutant Green Eagle sped down from the sky as it broke the sound barrier, arriving at the riverbank by Xinglong Street. It shot down like a flashing blade, and used those massive claws to penetrate the tough scales of one of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish with a “CRUNCH”, piercing its brain ruthlessly.

The Type 2 Mutant Green Eagle flapped its mighty wings and a huge gust of wind was created, as it lifted the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish weighing over 100 tonnes into the skies.

Ulamog:Greenie! I choose you! Gust Attack!

“Great job! Greenie!” Yue Zhong eyed the Type 2 Mutant Green Eagle, and his eyes lit up in delight. This Type 2 Mutant Green Eagle was precisely the beast he had tamed using his Tamer Skill.

After feeding it with the huge amount of Mutant Beast meat as well as nuclei from the ordinary Mutant Beasts and 2 from the Type 2 Water Snake and Type 2 Black Scaled Boar, Greenie had evolved into a Level 60 Type 2 Mutant Green Eagle.

After Greenie had successfully evolved into a Type 2 Mutant Beast, it had become one of Yue Zhong’s hidden trump cards. Obviously, it was the source of his confidence in dealing with the riverbank issue.

The Type 2 Mutant Black Fish struggled incessantly by twisting its gargantuan body and trying to escape Greenie’s clutches. But it was all to no avail. However, as it was so massive that each time it struggled, it actually caused Greenie to wobble in mid-air. The Evolved Greenie maintained its ascension stubbornly.

Greenie flew to an altitude of more than 200m, and then it released its grip.

On the other side, the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish that was pierced by Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame Spear took its last breath, and laid there lifeless.

“Congratulations, you have reached Level 43 and gained 2 attribute points to be allocated!”

“Congratulations, you have reached Level 44 and gained 2 attribute points to be allocated!”

Following the sounds of notification, Yue Zhong had reached Level 44 in a stroke, and he swiftly made his decision, allocating all 4 points into Agility, raising it to 84 points.

Even without activating any skills, he was on average faster than a normal person by 8 times. So the moment he moved, he was as swift as the wind and any martial arts practitioner might not be able to land a blow on him easily.

When the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish died, a blue treasure box and skill book appeared by its body.

Yue Zhong reacted quickly, grabbing the items and immediately opened up the treasure box.

Ulamog: It’s a Brick! By embarking on the Dao of the Brick, Excuses now abound to turn this into a xianxia! Sorry~ I’ll shut up now

“Level 4 Treasure: Black-Tooth Blade! This is a treasure blade with an incomparable sharpness. Any Level 3 God and Devil System weapon that is struck by it will be instantly broken.”

“Level 4 skill book: Type 2 Devil Flame. Rank-Up book for Devil Flame. To learn this skill, the user must have enhanced Devil Flame thrice, and 2 free Skill Points.”

“What a great find!!” Yue Zhong looked at the Type 2 Devil Flame Book, and he was overjoyed.

With this Type 2 Devil Flame Skill, once he had enough Skill Points, he could immediately learn it! The prerequisites to learning it were harsh, but likewise, its power was terrifying.

Currently, the strongest weapon Yue Zhong had against most of the Mutant Beasts was his Devil Flame. Obtaining this Type 2 Devil Flame book gave him the direction to focus on his Devil Flame instead of other skills.

Yue Zhong equipped the new Black-Tooth Blade that didn’t seem too different from a Tang Replica Sword, (except that it was 2m in length) and rushed towards the remaining 2 Mutant Black Fishes.

As Yue Zhong’s speed was incredibly fast and he quickly caught up to an Elite Mutant Black Fish along the way, and he waved his Black-Tooth Blade in attack.

As he attacked he swung down on its head, immediately slashing a gaping wound and neatly partitioning its brain in two crossways.

After its brain was sliced in twain, the Elite Mutant Black Fish struggled a while, before inevitably slumping lifelessly to the ground.

“So sharp!!” he gasped. Yue Zhong saw that the Elite Mutant Black Fish was taken out in just a single stroke, and his eyes flashed with excitement.

A good weapon could increase the battle prowess of a fighter by leaps and bounds. After obtaining this Level 4 Black-Tooth Blade, killing ordinary Mutant Beasts was as easy as chopping vegetables. However, dealing with the Type 2 Mutant Beasts required more than that.

Yue Zhong dashed about like lightning, with each flash of his blade, an Elite Mutant Black Fish would meet its end.

If it were in the water, Yue Zhong might not even be able to handle a single Elite Mutant Black Fish. However, since they came on land, their speed was slower than that in water by several times. After all they were aquatic lifeforms and could take advantage of their terrain to terrorize humans. However, facing experts like Yue Zhong’s Special Combat force, they were helpless.

Only the 2 Type 2 Mutant Black Fish continued to move towards Xinglong Street like unstoppable tanks. They wanted to have a feast once they broke through and kill all those who hurt their comrades.

The Special Combat forces evaded the paths of the 2 Type 2 Black Fishes, instead they dispersed to kill those Black Fishes that landed in the trenches and were not yet dead.

Many of the Black Fishes that landed in the traps that Yue Zhong had set, did not die immediately, and hence the Special Combat forces had to ensure their immediate deaths.

Yao Yao, the Agility-based Evolver, was currently wielding a Dark Magic Blade, and weaving in and out of the swarm of Mutant Black Fishes, hacking and slashing her way through. With each level up she was constantly gaining enhancements.

This type of massive invasion from the Mutant Beasts was a rare occurrence, and many of the Special Combat soldiers took the opportunity to gain experience and enhancements.

Under the frenzied killing by the Special Combat Forces as well as the effectiveness of the traps, before the 2 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes even reached Xinglong Street, over 50-60 of the other Black Fishes had already died to the traps or were killed.

From the skies, Greenie flew down swiftly once again, its huge claws ruthlessly grabbing one of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes, and flew once again towards the skies.

At this time, the other Type 2 Mutant Black Fish opened its mouth, and a huge green glob of slime shot towards Greenie.

As a Type 2 Mutant Beast itself, Greenie had an advanced perception of danger as well. It was immediately forced to release its grip on the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish as it shot upwards, dodging the green glob of slime by a narrow breadth.

The Type 2 Mutant Black Fish that escaped Greenie’s clutches lifted its head, and shot multiple green globs at Greenie, only to see them rising and falling back to the ground after missing Greenie.

When the green globs missed and landed, they landed in Xinglong street itself, those that landed on buildings, immediately caused huge holes to appear through corrosion.

Upon landing on a person’s body, the person would dissolve and turn into a puddle! Although Yue Zhong had arranged for a large number of the survivors to leave and avoid the danger, there were some stubborn fools who refused to leave. Yue Zhong could not force them as well, hence when the green globs landed on some of these poor souls, they were immediately dissolved.

276: Type Two Green Eagle! Greenie Evolved!

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