God and Devil World

Chapter 276: Fishes on Land

Chapter 0276 – Fishes on Land

Translated by: Kun, DcbLol

Edited by: Ulamog

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

The 11 Mutant Black Fishes started towards Zhuo Yatong and Tong Xiaoyun in a frenzy.

Seeing the appearance of the 11 Mutant Black Fishes, the Special Combat warriors by Yue Zhong’s side all felt excited, and they rushed towards the Mutant Black Fishes.

Yao Yao’s speed was the fastest. As an Agility-based Evolver who had gone through multiple level enhancements, her speed had long surpassed Ji Qingwu and Yue Zhong, and was the fastest attacker within Yue Zhong’s force.

Flame King Gu conjured a flame spear and threw it at once, which shot towards one of the Mutant Black Fish like a flash of lightning. The elemental spear pierced its head before exploding, killing it instantly.

Cheng Yu held his Tang Replica Sword, as he made his way agily towards the side of the Black Fish. He swung his sword over and over, slashing a few times before the Black Fish was truly dead.

All the Mutant Black Fish had a slimy layer of mucus, and when Cheng Yu wanted to slice apart its skin, he found it extremely difficult to do so. Therefore, he expended much more time to kill just one Mutant Black Fish.

All the Enhancers trained by Yue Zhong charged forwards and those who were slightly weaker worked together in teams of 3 to deal with a single Black Fish, while those who were stronger fought a Black Fish on their own.

Ji Qingwu had set her sights on the 2 Elite Mutant Black Fishes. They were much bigger in size compared to the other Black Fishes, and their speed outstripped the rest by more than half. They were Level 40 Mutant Beasts, and if Ji Qingwu could successfully hunt them, she would gain a huge boost in experience.

The 2 Elite Black Fishes saw Ji Qingwu coming towards them like a speck of dust, and one of them opened its huge mouth, revealing rows and rows of sharp teeth, biting down as it swam repeatedly as if in provocation.

These Elite Mutant Black Fishes had teeth that were incredibly sharp, even armored money trucks would probably be crushed between those teeth.

Facing the assault of the Elite Mutant Black Fish, Ji Qingwu activated her Shadow Steps in preparation. Then, right at the moment before she would be bitten, she moved towards her right evading the attack from the Elite Mutant Black Fish with flair.She pulled out her QingFeng Sword, activated her Blade Strengthening Skill, and directly pierced the belly of the Elite Mutant Black Fish in retaliation. Quickly she rushed to the front of the fish with her blade still stuck in it’s side, opening up a huge wound as copious amounts of reeking fish blood flowed forth from the wound.

That huge Mutant Black Fish started struggling in its agony, and twisted its immense body as it slapped the ground, forcing Ji Qingwu to retreat back a few steps.

Due to its size, its sheer power could not be underestimated. Just a simple slap from it could cause Ji Qingwu to be gravely injured, therefore she had no choice but to retreat while watching it bleed from its wound.

Ji Qingwu had wanted to wait for the Mutant Black Fish to die from loss of blood, but never did she imagine that its recovery rate was freakishly astonishing. Under the effect of the slimy mucus that it excreted, its wound actually closed up and stopped bleeding.

After the wound closed and it stopped bleeding, the Elite Mutant Black Fish stared at Ji Qingwu, its eyes shining with undisguised hatred, and it opened its mouth, shooting a fluorescent green jet of water at Ji Qingwu.

Ji Qingwu was wary of its actions for a while, and the moment she saw it open its mouth, she had already dodged to one side with a flash of her body.

Only to see that the moment the green water beam landed on where Ji Qingwu was previously, the piece of land was immediately corroded away at, as strange wisps of green smoke rose up.

Ji Qingwu’s heart fell, as she knew the Elite Mutant Black Fish was not easy to deal with. She shot towards the fish once again like an arrow.

The Elite Mutant Black Fish did not let up, and shot multiple green water jets at her.

Ji Qingwu’s battle prowess was outstanding, thus she managed to narrowly dodge the incoming green water jets, and got near the Elite Mutant Black Fish. A long green water jet had just landed behind her, causing the ground to immediately dissolve into a sinkhole.

The Elite Mutant Black Fish saw Ji Qingwu beside its body, and it twisted itself to swipe hard at her.

Ji Qingwu flitted about and dodged the shocking blow from the Black Fish, as she swung her sword and managed to pierce its head. After utilizing the skill she gained after her evolution: Sword Qi, An invincible beam of Sword Qi emitted from the Qingfeng Sword, shooting out explosively, piercing the brain of the Black Fish, turning it into mush and killing it instantly.

The moment the brain was destroyed, the Black Fish struggled awhile more before falling lifelessly to one side, as a huge experience orb entered Ji Qingwu’s body, causing her to gain 2 levels in one go.

However, the burden of Ji Qingwu had been equally high. The Sword Qi Skill that she understood was powerful and shocking, but it expended a huge amount of her Spirit, and the Sword Qi could only extend for about a metre. Each time she activated the Sword Qi, she had to spend 40 points of Spirit, furthermore, the more Spirit she expended, the more power and threat It obtained.

After one of the Elite Mutant Black Fish had been dealt with by Ji Qingwu, the remaining Black Fishes had already been killed by the members of Yue Zhong’s Special Combat forces.

There was only the other Elite Mutant Black Fish left, and it was incredibly resilient, its defences tough. The Special Combat Forces were not like it, struggling to fend off their attacks, but it was barely injured, and was not dying anytime soon.

The Elite Mutant Black Fish saw its comrades dying under the attacks of the humans led by Yue Zhong, and it let out a shrill and strange cry. After the strange cry resounded, the water in the river started being agitated, and following multiple jets of water shooting towards the skies. Following that, a huge school of Mutant Black Fish appeared from the river, the total number exceeding a hundred.

With a massive tidal wave, 4 huge Black Fishes appeared, their bodies towering above 6m and covered entirely with scales, as though they were buildings, with the intent to destroy everything in their paths.

“Level 56 Mutant Beast. Type 2 Mutant Black Fish!”

Yue Zhong saw the towering Black Fishes, and his face changed, and finally understood why the treasured river was left alone.

4 Type 2 Mutant Beasts were exceptionally terrifying existences, just being within the river, they were invincible. No one could even take on a single blow from these monsters.

Even if Yue Zhong was a dual-attribute Evolver, if he had to battle any of these Type 2 Beasts in the water, he might really be taken down easily and crushed in a single bite.

“Disperse immediately!!” Yue Zhong hollered.

The Special Combat Forces that had been surrounding the Elite Mutant Water Snake immediately retreated to the back.

These Mutant Black Fishes were unyielding, forming an army of Black Fish as they chased up onto the shore.

This army of Mutant Black Fishes numbered more than 100, and they were all above Level 30. There were even 4 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes, 10 Elite Mutant Black Fishes, this monstrous group was enough to annihilate Yue Zhong’s Special Combat forces twice or thrice over.

Facing this situation, the warriors of the Special Combat Force were also well prepared, and made their way towards the trenches that Yue Zhong had arranged to be dug.

After all, these Black Fishes could not be craftier than humans, and many of them fell into those holes that were 3m deep and 20m wide, and were immediately pierced by the numerous sharp steel beams.

When those Black Fishes fell in those huge trenches, they started struggling wildly, but the more they struggled the faster they died. Those huge trenches swallowed up many of the Black Fishes.

However, those trenches were ineffective against those Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes that were more than 6m tall and 60m long. Their scales could block even the explosive power of 25mm missiles and would definitely cause those steel pipes to bend. Their massive bodies just cover the holes, and were not impeded in any sense.

“What fearsome creatures!!!” Yue Zhong looked towards the 4 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes that towered above 60m and his eyes flashed with a burning look. He had not lifted his hands to attack the Mutant Black Fishes because those low level Mutant Beasts would not be useful to him, however, these 4 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes were a different story, they could provide him with the best experience.

Yue Zhong activated his Bone Encompassing Armor, and shot towards one of the 4 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes, and within a few breaths, he had appeared in front of it. He extended a Bone Spear to propel him on top of its body.

However, getting onto the body was harder than Yue Zhong had anticipated, the layer of slimy mucus prevented him from grabbing onto the scales regardless of how he tried.

The Type 2 Mutant Black Fish just shook its body, and Yue Zhong was sent flying from its body.

Another Type 2 Mutant Black Fish turned its body and sucked in, as a huge vortex of air started exerting suction on Yue Zhong who was still in mid-air, causing him to fly towards the gaping mouth of the Type 2 Black Fish!

Yue Zhong flew through the air and was alarmed, as he reached out his right hand, and shot out a bone spear. The spear penetrated the ground fiercely, only then did he prevent himself from being sucked into the mouth of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish.

The other 2 Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes seemed to not notice Yue Zhong, instead they made a beeline towards the direction of Xinglong Street. They could detect the rich source of human energy, and could not forget the taste of humans when they had camped near the bank of the river previously.

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