God and Devil World

Chapter 275: Mutant Black Fishes

Chapter 0275 – Mutant Black Fishes

Translated by: Kun, DcbLol

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies] Chapter 275: Mutant Black Fish!

“Bring me there.” Yue Zhong frowned, and immediately let Zhang He lead the way.

The rest of the ladies present quickly followed behind.

Soon, Yue Zhong’s party came to the outskirts of Xinglong Street.

Only to discover that Xinglong Street was packed with countless survivors, over a hundred of Yue Zhong’s subordinates were currently pointing their guns at the survivors, being cautious of any survivors that might incite an uproar.

“Boss Yue is here!!”

“Boss Yue!! Please, hire me!!”

“Boss Yue!! I’m begging you, hire me!!”

“I can dig as well!! I was in the civil engineering business prior to the apocalypse! Please hire me!!”

Upon seeing Yue Zhong’s arrival, those survivors immediately cheered, and started to kneel and beg to be hired.

These survivors were not here to create trouble, instead, they just wanted to make a living with Yue Zhong. They were leading hard lives, and were willing to do anything just to have a decent meal.

Needless to say, those who were under Yue Zhong could eat their fill, and even have meat from time to time. This treatment led those outside to be envious, and they wanted in as well.

Yue Zhong looked at all the survivors, and frowned because he was indeed in need of help.

However, if he continued gathering so many people? It would definitely get on the nerves of the government. They would not allow him to expand his reach.

Wen Peishan looked at those survivors in tattered clothes, and her heart was filled with sympathy: “Brother Yue! Please help them. See how pitiful they are!”

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Yue Zhong maintained his silence as he tried to come up with a way to deal with the situation.

Tai Yiyan glanced at Yue Zhong and immediately asked, “Brother Yue! Do you need more help here?”

Yue Zhong replied, “Yes!”

In the post-apocalyptic world, most of the machines had issues and could no longer be utilized. Yue Zhong could only rely on manpower to help set up the traps. He really did need a lot of manpower.

Tai Yiyan looked at Yue Zhong and grinned, before suggestion a marvelous plan. “In this case, let me hire them on your behalf. That way, these people will be under the wing of my Tai family, and have nothing to do with you.

This should bypass the Government’s annoyance nicely. Is that Idea ok?”

Tai Yiyan had discerned Yue Zhong’s difficulties, and thus proposed this solution.

Yue Zhong’s eyes immediately brightened and he laughed. “Good!! Then I’ll have to trouble you! I need 5,000 more people to help with the work here. I will let you handle this. Anyone who works for me for a day, I will pay you a dozen jin of food.”

If Yue Zhong personally hired these people, it will lead to a clamp down from the SY County’s powers, but if it was an internal faction that hired these people, it would not be a problem.

Tai Yiyan grinned at Yue Zhong, and strode towards the survivors as she said: “I will arrange it properly for you!!”

Tai Yiyan walked to the gathering of survivors and called out in a clear voice: “I am Tai Family’s Tai Yiyan, whoever wants to work for Yue Zhong report to me now!!”

“I’m willing!!”

“Pick me!!”

The survivors jostled and fought to be first as they called out loudly. They followed Tai Yiyan and left the place.

Tai Yiyan was incredibly capable, after borrowing some subordinates from Yue Zhong, she managed to gather 10,000 survivors, and arranged for a shift system between 2 groups of 5,000 people, taking their turns to work for Yue Zhong. As long as they could eat their fill, they were incredibly satisfied, therefore, they gave it their all in helping Yue Zhong, digging up many huge trenches.

The areas of Yue Zhong’s territory near the riverbank were covered with large holes, each holes filled with numerous sharp steel beams, as long as a living creature were to fall in it, they would be penetrated by countless steel spears and die.

Yue Zhong’s actions of digging trenches near the riverbank, were seen by some of the people sent by the government to observe, after which no one paid any further attention. They thought that Yue Zhong was wasting his time and energy on these.

After half a month’s time, SY County had sent out troops to the southeast direction, destroying a few minor power factions, and absorbing about 6,000 people. At the same time, they killed over 60,000 zombies, and obtained numerous spoils as well as over 6,000 tonnes of rations.

[Dedition: El Diablo…]

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Yue Zhong’ side kept themselves busy as well, activating troops towards Long Hai County, conducting minor assaults and investigations. The 7 battalions rotated their shifts, and managed to decimate 3 minor power factions as well, gaining roughly 3,000 people. They killed over 10,000 zombies, and while their rations gained might not be a lot, they benefitted in other areas.

On this day, it was about noon time, as Yue Zhong looked at his Special Combat troops who were all prepared and equipped, before he gave an order: “Commence operations!!”

Under Yue Zhong’s lead, the Special Combat forces went towards the riverbank.

“Throw the bait!!” Yue Zhong commanded coldly.

“No!! Don’t kill me!!!” A survivor who had raped and murdered 6 women was currently being dragged to the front, his face full of fear as he begged.

Cheng Yu stepped up and slashed a few times, with a few accurate strikes at various points on the survivor’s body, causing him to bleed and shriek in pain.

Song Wen calmly activated his Explosive Strength Skill, as he grabbed the survivor, and threw him 15m away into the riverbank.

The survivor started struggling madly in the water, while his blood flowed freely in the waters.

Pretty soon, the blood attracted the attention of the various Mutant Beasts within the waters, and as the waters started to stir, a huge fish of about 2m swam out from the depths.

It swiftly lunged, open jaws full of sharp teeth and with a CHOMP! bit down voraciously on the man. His body was easily sheared in two and some of his intestinal remains and various organs floated away, while others sank as his fresh blood quickly dyed the water red.

“Level 30 Mutant Beast: Mutant Black Fish! It is a fiercely carnivorous mutant fish with relatively powerful jaw pressure which enjoys the taste of Humans.”

Yue Zhong stepped out, and aimed for the obvious weak spot of the Mutated Black Fish, as a huge fireball swiftly rushed towards the Black Fish and exploded on its eye.

With a flash, the huge Black Fish was instantly blinded by the crackling fireball.

After being blinded in one eye, the Black Fish submerged itself as it thrashed in pain. Huge ripples spread out from the spot.

“Continue to lower the bait! This time, put it closer!” Yue Zhong watched the struggling Black Fish, as he coldly called out.

Song Wen immediately pulled out another survivor that had committed grave sins. He mercilessly broke his knees and viciously slashed his Achilles tendons, before throwing the wailing man into the waters.

As the survivor struggled hopelessly, his body that was spewing blood attracted the huge fish over. Once again it opened its huge jaws and clamped down on the doomed survivor making the somewhat muffled screams increase to a fever pitch!

Song Wen pulled with every ounce of his strength, tugging the dying but somehow still screaming survivor like a broken rag doll back to shore. The Black Fish’s teeth were embedded in his spine and thus it was also pulled up onto shore along with it.

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The huge Mutant Black Fish was about 2m wide, 1.2m tall, and was covered entirely in black scales that had a layer of slimy mucus. Its muscular front fins supported its body as it swooped forward, allowing it to traverse on land at speeds that were generally faster than a normal human.

Under those conditions, without undergoing enhancement, a normal person would not be able to escape its clutches.

Seeing the Mutant Black Fish come ashore, Yue Zhong waved his hand, and Tong Xiaoyun rushed up. Killing Mutant Beasts of this level was enough nourishment for her to enhance and level up quickly.

Tong Xiaoyun neared the Mutant Black Fish, and activated her Telekinesis. As she controlled the Dark Magic Blade, it flashed down in an majestic arc. The sharp Dark Magic Blade immediately decapitated the Mutant Black Fish, fresh blood violently spraying out.

Even after being beheaded by the Dark Magic Blade and with less than half of its head left, the Black Fish was still extremely resilient. Somehow it survived as it twisted its body and made its way towards Tong Xiaoyun in a frenzy.

Tong Xiaoyun activated her Telekinesis ability once again. Under her practiced guidance she controlled the Dark Magic Blade to shoot down viciously from the sky. The attack sliced forward penetrating what was left of its head, before twisting hard and scrambling it’s brains, finally killing the Black Fish.

When the Black Fish died, a huge orb of experience entered Tong Xiaoyun’s body, allowing her to advance in level.

“Release the blood!” Yue Zhong commanded in a low voice.

Tong Xiaoyun immediately used the Dark Magic Blade to cut more wounds on the carcass, causing fresh blood to flow out and dye the waters a further dark red.

Tasting the blood, those Mutant Beasts hiding deep within the river were immediately attracted over.

The once calm waters of the river was suddenly overcome with activity, as 2 huge black fishes swam out from the depths, furiously chomping the carcass of their comrade.

These Mutant Black Fishes even consumed the flesh of their own species without hesitation.

Zhuo Yatong, who had always been fighting on the frontlines, and was also assigned here, wielded her God and Devil System equipment, a huge mace, and rushed out swinging it down ruthlessly onto the head of one of the Black Fishes.

The huge mace swiped down with immense force, and directly caused the head of the Black Fish to explode, splattering the now common sight of chunky brain matter everywhere.

On the other side, Tong Xiaoyun was calmly activating her Telekinesis Ability as she controlled the Dark Magic Blade that Yue Zhong passed to her. Her attacks caused it to flit in and out, penetrating the Dark Fish’s brain, before slashing it viciously and killing it.

This time, without time for Zhuo Yatong or Tong Xiaoyun to even catch a breath, a huge spout of water shot towards the sky!

Following that, 9 Mutant Black Fishes started swimming towards the shore crazily, other than those 9 Mutant Black Fishes, there were 2 huge Elite Black Fishes that swam out, mouths bristling with even somehow bigger teeth, each of them possessing a body over 3m wide, 2m tall and a length of 20m.

TN: That’s freaking big: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8b/14/0c/8b140c6b7e31e4838286207c8086b0c1.jpg

“Level 40 Mutant Beast: Elite Mutant Black Fish!”

Zhuo Yatong and Tong Xiaoyun looked at the 11 Mutant Black Fish, and their first reaction was to retreat. Trying to handle 11 Mutant Black Fishes on their own was too overwhelming, especially since they did not know what the huge Elite Mutant Black Fishes could do.

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