God and Devil World

Chapter 274: Transaction

Chapter 0274 – Transaction

Translated by: Kun, DcbLol

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Hearing Da Gouzi’s words, all the people were momentarily stunned. The entire SY County would not be able to deliver such a sum of 3,000 virgin beauties

In the post-apocalyptic world, most of the women with a little more beauty would have already been taken by people of power. If they were asked to give a few pretty ladies to Yue Zhong, it wouldn’t be an issue, but 3,000 beauties, it was too hard to find.

At that moment, the 5 heads of the military, plus Peng Mingde and Wen Baoguo all looked towards Yue Zhong with a strange gaze.

Yue Zhong’s face had turned dark after hearing Da Gouzi’s words. He didn’t expect that Da Gouzi would call for such absurd terms. However, he did nothing to stop Da Gouzi, instead, sitting there silently.

Su Dongming directly rejected: “No way!!”

Da Gouzi then proceeded to call out: “Then give us 6,000 pretty women. Yes, we want 6,000 women. Those older ones, kids younger than 16 and males? We don’t want them, ugly women we also don’t want!”

Yue Zhong’s side was sorely lacking in manpower. So if they had called out for strong males, SY County would definitely not agree. It was because after a little training, those able-bodied males could become soldiers and workers, thus forming a stable power. Therefore Da Gouzi just tried his luck to ask for women.

Su Dongming icily replied, “6,000 women! How are we going to pull that number out for you? Since you like beauties so much, I will give you 30 beauties! But each beauty has to be exchanged with 1 tonne of rations!”

Da Gouzi looked at him strangely, before responding in a crude manner: “1 ton of rations? Why don’t you just go rob me!!

The women outside are at most prostituting themselves at 1 bun for a night. Even a beauty would not cost more than 1 jin of rice for a day. 10 jin rice could easily buy a woman. You want 1 tonne for each woman, are your beauties made of gold?”

The female survivors in SY County sold themselves cheaply, as long as there was enough food for them, most female survivors were willing to sell themselves.

However, Yue Zhong could only accept a small number. If he engaged in a large-scale purchase and brought these female survivors over into his own camp without a viable excuse, SY County’s top brass would definitely be suspicious.

Da Gouzi’s face hardened as he threatened coarsely: “Su Dongming, you sent people to assassinate our Commander Yue, and you are trying to shirk compensation now? You must be seeking death, no? Our 4000 brothers are just waiting for Commander Yue’s orders, to fight it out with SY County! We will come and kill, and destroy you and burn your entire family to the ground!”

Su Dongming stared coldly at Da Gouzi as he replied indifferently: “Fine! Let us fight then! Let’s see who’s afraid of who!”

Yue Zhong stood up in a jiffy, and gave Su Dongming an icy look filled with killing intent: “Su Dongming, you’re taking things too far. I’m going to go activate my troops right now! Everyone, you’ve heard him! It’s Su Dongming who wants to fight it out! I hope that when we clash, you can maintain your neutrality.”

“This is a personal grudge between us. I have no ill intentions towards anyone else here. Whatever happens in the future, it is all on Su Dongming.”

Shen Hongyang frowned as he opened his mouth: “Yue Zhong, don’t be so agitated. We can understand your feelings. However, everything can be talked through, don’t just go to war each time. Warfare costs lives! Sit down, let’s talk things out!”

Wen Baoguo spoke out softly: “Let’s do it this way! A trade of 100 beauties, 900 young ladies, 3,500 children, and 500 males. Our SY County will give you 5,000 people, you will give us 1,000 tonnes of rations. Then we’ll let the matter rest!”

A child could only use up resource and not contribute to it, Wen Baoguo had been mulling over the problem of the number of children in SY County. This time he could use this as an excuse to hand over 3,500 of them. As compensation, he would give Yue Zhong 500 men.

Yue Zhong sat down, and continued to be silent, looking at Da Gouzi.

Da Gouzi continued his haggling: “There are too many kids!! They can only eat, and can’t help to fight the zombies. Not to mention they can’t work, so we’re at a disadvantage here.

Why not do it like this: we still keep those 3,500 kids, but on top of those 100 beauties, there must be 30 additional virgins.

Furthermore, we will use 10 rounds of ammunition to buy a male, 5 rounds of ammunition to buy a female, to trade for 1,000 males and 1,000 females.”

Peng Mingde’s eyes flashed, before he lightly smiled: “Good! I promise you!”

Seeing Peng Mingde accepting Yue Zhong’s request just like that, Wen Baoguo, who had wanted to say something, decided to stay silent.

The rest of the 5 heads of the military accepted the request as well. Although Yue Zhong gained 7,000 people, most of them were weak women and children. The number of males numbered only 1,500. Also Yue Zhong had to pay 1,000 tonnes of rations as well as 15,000 rounds of ammunition, both parties actually benefited.

After the negotiations between both parties ended, Wen Baoguo quickly notified the government, and they swiftly selected 7,000 to throw to Yue Zhong.

The sudden inclusion of 7,000 people gave Yue Zhong quite a bit of pressure. Amongst the 7,000 people, other than the 100 beauties, the rest had an emaciated look. Their meals and accommodation was going to be a problem.

Wen Baoguo had thrown 7,000 people to Yue Zhong, because they harbored ill intentions and wanted to see how he made a fool out of himself. It must be clear that 7,000 people was not a small number, handling them would be a tough job. Other than that, these people required a few tonnes of rations everyday, without ample support, one would not be able to maintain such a number.

Such a huge number of survivors had suddenly been thrown into Yue Zhong’s territory, it really was a headache. Especially the 1,500 males; they were all weak, and emaciated to the point that they could die any moment. Even prior to the apocalypse, such physiques would require nourishment for over one or 2 months before they could be considered healthy. As for the women and the children, everyone of them were skinny to the point they could be blown away with a low gust of a wind.

Amongst the 7,000 people, there were some who were rotten characters. On the first day after being handed over to Yue Zhong, there were 30 men who indulged and raped a few women. These men were afraid to fight the zombies and look for treasure drops, yet used force to bully those weaker than themselves.

Those men were quickly apprehended by Yue Zhong’s subordinates, then swiftly executed in front of everybody; a cold reminder of the consequences of acting out of line.

Da Gouzi was in charge of affairs when he was at Stone Village, as well as Qing Yuan County, and he quickly settled everybody down and arranged for their accommodations and duties.

Yue Zhong had also reassigned some of the soldiers who had performed well during the clash with Su Dongming, giving them the responsibilities of managing these new survivors.

As for the issue about rations, Yue Zhong had already stolen 3,000 tonnes of rations from Su Dongming, so for the time being, there were no issues concerning food.

“It’s time to start preparations!!”

After the situation was somewhat stabilized, Yue Zhong assigned Da Gouzi to buy steel in bulk, at the same time, he commenced the operations of digging trenches around the riverbank!

Regardless of gender or age, even members of the Vermillion Phoenix and Black Tiger gang were routed over, and they all started digging.

Under the combined efforts of over 8,000 people, huge trenches with depths of about a few metres were dug out, and inside those trenches, there were sharp steel beams hammered in.

The Mutant Beast meat that had been manufactured into cans were also delivered over from Ning Guang County, and those weak survivors who had gone so long without having decent meals and nutritions got to enjoy the Mutant Beasts meat, and started to recover quickly.

Whenever it was meal time, there would be massive woks [TN: Huge pans that chinese use for cooking] that were filled with piping hot rice, wild vegetables as well as plates and plates of meat from Mutant Beasts, everyone got a share, and they all wore expressions of satisfaction and delight.

Cheng Peipei was passing by, and saw the survivors working and eating heartily by the riverbank, and her eyes flashed with shock: “They actually get to eat meat? This Yue Zhong is also too formidable, no? Where did he get this much meat?”

Beside Cheng Peipei was her close friend Tai Yiyan, after the matter of the Dark Crows, their relationship got a lot closer. Both were stuck together, going everywhere together, and had specially gone to find Yue Zhong this time.

Both Cheng Peipei and Tai Yiyan had decent backgrounds, hence they could move about freely in SY County. Because of that, they could walk around and had the free time to find Yue Zhong to entertain themselves.

However, even though Cheng Peipei had a decent family background, even her household could not get to eat meat everyday. Seeing the normal survivors eating better meals than her own family, it caused her to be shocked.

Tai Yiyan looked at those survivors, and she lightly grinned: “This is Yue Zhong’s ability!”

Yue Zhong’s capability could be seen from the decent meals and care the survivors receive under him.

Cheng Peipei laughed and replied, “He really is something else!”

Tai Yiyan teased: “I wonder who was it that hated Yue Zhong till his bones. What, now you’re fallen for him?”

“I did not!!” Cheng Peipei flushed red, and immediately retorted: “I think you’re the one who’s fallen for him! Otherwise why would you come looking for him?”

“I do like him. What’s wrong about that?” Tai Yiyan did not seem abashed to admit that to her friend.

Cheng Peipei was startled when she heard it, as she hesitated a while before saying: “But Yiyan!! He already has so many women! Even Zhou Yanxue has become his women. Plus I heard he’s extremely lustful, every night engaging in acts of pleasure with different ladies, even doing things that would have been frowned upon!”

The matter of Da Gouzi asking for 3,000 virgins from Su Dongming had spread far and wide, and morphed into a version where Yue Zhong is the true lustful character, one who didn’t turn down any women, got high on nightlife, capturing any beauty that he saw and becoming a huge sex maniac in the bedroom. However, because of his strength and authority, no one dared to offend him.

Of course, these were all rumors, in fact, Yue Zhong had been kept busy running his affairs, he didn’t even have time to bed that beauty, Zhou Yanxue.

Tai Yiyan laughed, and said a little wilfully, “So what? Tang Taizong Li Shimin was also a huge pervert, and had been unabashed about it. In the end he was still the ruler of the nation. Second to none in the entire country, I like this type of men.”

TN: Tang Taizong


Cheng Peipei looked helplessly at her friend. Her friend was a gutsy lady who loved and hated freely, her free-spiritedness and decisive nature

A soldier led Tai Yiyan and Cheng Peipei towards the firing zone, as Yue Zhong was there doing target practice.

“Amazing! Brother Yue! You destroyed a 100 targets with just 10 shots!!” Wen Peishan was currently passing a bottle of mineral water to Yue Zhong with a look of idolization.

These days, whenever Wen Peishan had the free time, she would hang out with Yue Zhong, becoming a frequent guest of his.

Wen Baogui had also approved of it, as it meant that his relationship with Yue Zhong would be improved as well.

“Thanks.” Yue Zhong received the mineral water and smiled at her.

Cheng Peipei glanced at Wen Peishan, and muttered under her breath, “Little vixen!”

After the attack of the Dark Crows, it had led to a rift between Cheng Peipei and Wen Peishan. Although it wasn’t to a point where they were enemies, it had caused the once friendly relationship to turn a little cold.

“Brother Yue!!” Tai Yiyan broke out into a sweet smile, and walked towards Yue Zhong’s side.

Yue Zhong glanced at Tai Yiyan and asked, “Miss Tai. Is there something you need?”

Tai Yiyan cocked her eyebrow, as she put on a grumpy expression: “Brother Yue, you can just call me Yiyan! If you call me Miss Tai, I will be angry.”

Yue Zhong adjusted his register: “Yiyan, is there something you need me for?”

Tai Yiyan fixed her gaze on Yue Zhong and asked: “Must we only look for you when something’s up? Can’t we find you for fun?”

Yue Zhong gazed at Cheng Peipei and said, “Sure but…I’m pretty busy. I’m afraid I can’t entertain both you and Miss Cheng.”

Yue Zhong had to handle a lot of things, and he had already delegated most of the other responsibilities to his subordinates. There were some matters that required his personal attention. Especially the 7,000 new survivors he had just accepted, he needed to settle this pressing issue as well as their lives in the future. After all, they couldn’t always be digging and setting up traps.

Tai Yiyan looked at Yue Zhong and laughed lightly: “I want to rely on you, and become your secretary! I am after all a graduate from Harvard University in Administration. Having someone like me as your secretary should not be a shameful thing, no?”

Yue Zhong glanced at Tai Yiyan curiously and asked: “How old are you this year? How can you be a graduate of Harvard University?”

Tai Yiyan looked to be at most younger than 20, how could she be a graduate from Harvard University.

Cheng Peipei stood at the side and said a little proudly, “It is true! Yiyan is very smart, she skipped a few grades when she was studying. She is truly a graduate from Harvard University. Furthermore, Brother Yue, you should call me Peipei! No need to refer to me as Miss Cheng!”

Yue Zhong glanced at the self-confident Tai Yiyan and said: “Fine! I will accept you, on a probation of 1 month! If you perform well, then you may stay.”

Having a capable beauty as a secretary was also somewhat seductive and cool.

Right at this time, Zhang He ran in gasping for breaths, saying: “Boss Yue!! Something’s wrong! There are many people gathered outside!!”

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