God and Devil World

Chapter 273: Master of Negotiations!

Chapter 0273 – Master of Negotiations!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition,TheNo1Fan

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

After witnessing the terrifying strength of Yue Zhong and his Special Combat forces, the other 4 heads of the military were not willing to clash against him and risking their all. The only exception was if it was a case where Yue Zhong crossed their thresholds.

Su Dongming looked towards the other 4 heads. All of them did not say anything, instead just silently looking at him. They would definitely not send their troops out.

“Everyone retreat!!” Su Dongming looked towards the screen again, just in time to witness another 2 soldiers being blasted to death by Yue Zhong’s grenade. He grimaced as he gritted his teeth and issued the humiliating order.

After the command had been given, all his subordinates retreated orderly. Yue Zhong stood alone and continued harassing them with shots from the sides, continually causing more deaths.

After Su Dongming’s forces had gathered, Yue Zhong still didn’t relent, and swiped his ring to take out a sniper rifle. Aiming the weapon skillfully he continued to snipe another 13 soldiers and by that time, Su Dongming’s forces had left the area.

Yue Zhong saw Su Dongming’s forces really retreating from the area, and he heaved a huge sigh of relief. This time, fortunately, the other 4 heads had stood aside and did not participate. If there was any additional major power joining in, Yue Zhong could only retreat and bring his Special Combat forces with him.

While Su Dongming’s forces had retreated, Yue Zhong’s own forces had no energy to give chase as well. Although the Special Forces were strong, if they left their cover and chased the enemy in the wild? It would be a disaster.

Wen Baoguo found Yue Zhong and directly said, “Yue Zhong, this matter should end here, I hope you pull your forces back and leave from here. The remaining matters we have, I hope we can come together and discuss about this. If you continue to wreak havoc, the government will not stand idly by.”

Yue Zhong’s expression turned frosty as he spoke softly, “Mayor Wen! This time Su Dongming that bastard had actually moved against me. I had lost a few of my brothers, if he doesn’t give me an explanation, I will not let this go.”

The war this time, had cost Yue Zhong a number of people. The list included 5 of his Special Combat forces, and over 30 of the soldiers from the newly recruited survivors.

Wen Baoguo frowned lightly as he replied back. “You have lost only tens of people, Su Dongming has lost over 400 people and 100 missing people to you guys. You have already taken the advantage. Yue Zhong, please don’t go overboard. Our patience has its limits.”

This time, Yue Zhong had thoroughly crippled Su Dongming’s force. A large number of his weapons had been destroyed by Yue Zhong as well, even the elite First Battalion was wiped out by Yue Zhong. The Third Battalion was thoroughly defeated, while over 40 veterans of the Fourth Battalion also lost their lives. The Second Battalion had suffered greatly while fighting against Yue Zhong’s Special Combat forces. Su Dongming had become the weakest link amongst the 5 major heads.

Wen Peishan could not bear it and pleaded with Yue Zhong. “Yue Zhong, just fall back for now! If you continue, many more will die!”

“Fine! I will give Peishan face. I will temporarily withdraw my troops. You would do well to heed my words Mayor Wen. Su Dongming that bastard came and attacked me with no rhyme nor reason and he has to give me a suitable explanation.” Yue Zhong decided to back off, not before he warned Wen Baoguo.

After all that fighting, Yue Zhong also did not wish for it to continue. If he insisted on it, the other 4 heads of the military would definitely not sit idly. By then Yue Zhong would have made an enemy out of the entire SY County, with neither side backing down.

“Thank you!!” Wen Peishan gave a sweet smile to Yue Zhong. Yue Zhong had agreed to withdraw his troops on her behalf, and it made her extremely happy

She honestly felt that her position in Yue Zhong’s heart must have risen by a number of points.

Yue Zhong brought his troops away from Phoenix Street as promised, and retreated back to Xinglong Street.

The battle between Yue Zhong and Su Dongming had shaken the entire SY County, everyone was quietly awed by Yue Zhong’s strength. Even those who had wanted to take the opportunity to join in on the Yue Zhong-bashing party were sorely disappointed and slinked away.

The 2 gangs that came to be under Yue Zhong, Black Tiger Gang and the Vermillion Phoenix Triad, rose in status amongst the people in SY County, the rest of the factions all lowered their heads to curry favour with the 2 gangs, no one dared offend them anymore, adding on to their imposing manner.


Two days later, in the government’s council meeting room where the 5 military heads, the 2 government heads and Yue Zhong have all gathered for negotiations.

Su Dongming looked at Yue Zhong, his expression frosty as he spat out his words. “Yue Zhong, you brought your men to conduct a sneak attack on my military camp! Your attack ended up killing 162 of my soldiers, as well as destroying my equipment. I can let that go, but what guts you have, to dare ambush my army. Do you not put the people of SY County in your eyes?”

Yue Zhong cocked his brow in challenge, and likewise, pointedly asked back, “Su Dongming! You say I attacked your camp, do you have the proof? If not, don’t malign me! As for ambushing your army!! What a joke, you had sent them to attack me, I was merely protecting my own interest and retaliated! Don’t tell me it’s fine for you to attack me and I’m not supposed to fight back, where’s the logic in that? But, coming back to that, why did you send people to assassinate me?

Fortunately, my years are not up, otherwise I would have died at your hands. You think I’m easy to bully? If you provoke me, even if it means fighting to the death with you, I will activate all 7 of my battalions! I will call out all my 4000 good brothers to exterminate you, you piece of reeking green dog shit!”

In this type of negotiation, no one was willing to appear weaker than the others. The moment weakness was shown, the opposing faction would jump on the chance to apply pressure. Of course Yue Zhong did not plan to fight to the death with the military nor SY County, but he would never show it.

Su Dongming’s expression went cold, as he spat out icily, “You say I sent men to assassinate you, do you have the proof? Without proof, don’t go around smearing my name!!”

“Evidence! Of course I have! Men, bring him over!” Yue Zhong glanced at Su Dongming, laughing coldly.

In a matter of seconds, Cheng Yu brought an emaciated youth in.

“I’m guessing that you know this guy right! Su Dongming!” Yue Zhong eyed Su Dongming as he voiced out sarcastically.

Su Dongming took a look at the person, and his face turned pale because he naturally knew the person. He had personally conveyed the position of the Third Battalion Second Company’s Officer to this person, Xu Guang!

“Let me introduce this person to you, this person is a commanding officer personally granted by Su Dongming.” Yue Zhong laughed lightly and pulled out a bunch of photos before he gave them to Wen Baoguo.

“Mayor Wen, these are the photos of the assassins’ corpses, am I right?”

“That’s right!” Wen Baoguo eyed those photos, and confirmed the authenticity of the photos.

“Xu Guang. Who is this person?” Yue Zhong pointed at the photo of an Agility-type assassin and asked Xu Guang.

Without hesitating, Xu Guang directly said: “This person’s name is Wen Yu. He is a veteran who entered the army in the same year as I did, later joining Su Dongming’s special forces.”

“What about this person?” Yue Zhong replaced the photo of Wen Yu with another one, depicting an Enhancer who possessed the Firearms Control Skill, as he asked Xu Guang once again.

Xu Guang said: “This person is called Guo Ming! He is proficient at using all sorts of guns and is also very accurate at shooting. He also eventually became a member of the special forces established by Commander Su.”

“Enough! This is all your side of the story, you forced him to say all of it!! You are framing me!” Su Dongming let out a loud shout, interrupting Xu Guang’s narration as he stared at Yue Zhong and fiercely roared.

Yue Zhong glanced indifferently at Su Dongming and continued to speak lightly.

“Mayor Wen, Secretary Peng and all Commanders, I have already provided enough evidence to prove that this Su Dongming was the one who prompted people to try to assassinate me. Please, uphold justice for me. Otherwise, I will take matters into my own hands.”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, the four heads of the military and the government’s two magnates all furrowed their eyebrows. Yue Zhong’s meaning was clear, if they couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer to Yue Zhong? Then Yue Zhong would take the initiative to kill Su Dongming by himself.

Currently, Su Dongming still had around 1500 soldiers under his control. This ment that if his soldiers fought against Yue Zhong, there would also be a huge loss to SY City. This was not to SY City’s interests.

Su Dongming glanced at Yue Zhong before coldly saying: “If you want my life, come take it by yourself if you have the skill!”

Su Dongming had correctly anticipated that the the other big bosses of the military and the government’s two magnates would not remain indifferent to him.

An ominous glint flashed past both of Yue Zhong’s eyes and an oppressive killing intent surged out: “You think I don’t dare?”

Su Dongmind’s bottom lip quivered, yet he did not have any comeback to Yue Zhong’s threat. It seemed he could only stare fixedly at Yue Zhong.

The tension in the meeting room became palpable, everyone felt tense.

The experts behind the military heads all kept their eyes on Yue Zhong, preparing to move in case Yue Zhong suddenly attacked.

Wen Baoguo looked at Yue Zhong and asked indifferently, “State your terms! Yue Zhong, what do you want?”

Wen Baoguo could see that Yue Zhong didn’t want to be at loggerheads with the entire SY County, he was only throwing his weight around to prove that he could not be pushed.

Yue Zhong did not skip a beat as he replied: “Execute Su Tianyang! Then I will let this matter rest. I will return the 100 captives to you guys!”

Su Dongming’s expression turned steely as he refused flatly: “That’s impossible! As long as there’s me, Su Dongming, no one can dream of touching even a single hair on my son!”

Su Dongming only had Su Tianyang his only son, if Su Tianyang was executed, his Su line would cease to have descendants.

“2 Assault Helicopters and supporting pilots!”

The incomparable attack prowess of the assault helicopters had enticed Yue Zhong, he had discovered a few attack helicopters within the Mechanized Infantry Brigade camp, he just lacked the people with expertise to operate it.

Su Dongming seemed to spit fire from his eyes as he said, “My assault helicopters and pilots have been destroyed by you!”

Yue Zhong then went on to state a few more terms with regards to the military compensation, and they were all rejected by Su Dongming, the rest of the 6 heads also silently backed Su Dongming up, they weren’t willing to see Yue Zhong obtaining even more firepower and strength.

Yue Zhong pulled out Da Gouzi beside him and said: “Since it’s like this, I will allow my subordinate Da Gouzi to negotiate on my behalf.”

Da Gouzi was extremely gifted at negotiating, and could be relentless, his bargaining skills were even more superb.

After Da Gouzi was pushed out by Yue Zhong, he grinned and immediately opened with his sky staggeringly high price. “We want 3000 pretty virgins. Then this matter will be considered over!”

His intention of course was less the women, but to use his superb verbal skills to put the opposition on the defensive right from the start. Then wouldn’t everything they owned be available for the taking?

Ulamog: this guy reminds me of Weed. My wallet hurts just thinking about what’s going to happen to these guys xD

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