God and Devil World

Chapter 272: Devil Flame Destruction

Chapter 0272 – Devil Flame Destruction

Translated by: Kun, DcbLol

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Yue Zhong had activated his Shadow Steps Skill at the first moment, and his speed instantly exploded out. He ran, charging straight through the soldiers of the Second Battalion like a gust of wind. The large scale heavy ammunitions could only hit his shadow.

At the same time, Yue Zhong’s Danger Perception was utilized efficiently in the hail of bullets. Amongst the dense barrage, even Yue Zhong would find it hard to completely evade every single bullet. He chose to dodge the ones that posed the most threat, while allowing the weaker rifle bullets to hit his body and bounce away.

As the commander of the Second Battalion had his head blasted, Su Dongming’s Second Battalion was thrown into chaos. Those heavy weapons that posed the most danger to Yue Zhong were not utilized properly. This allowed Yue Zhong to directly pass through the defence of the Second Battalion.

After breaking past their defences, Yue Zhong discovered the Third Battalion currently flanking Phoenix Street from the right. The Fourth Battalion was kept by Su Dongming as backup.

Although Su Dongming held the position of Division Commander, he only held 4 battalions worth of power, consisting of almost 2000 people. This time, in order to completely wipe out Yue Zhong, Su Dongming had brought everything, not intending to hold back.

Yue Zhong had just broken past the defences of the Second Battalion, when Su Dongming finished assigning 2 squads to start firing wildly at Yue Zhong with their rockets and grenades.

Hong! Hong!

The sounds of explosions rang out continuously, as round after round of rockets chased Yue Zhong closely as he dodged, causing destruction everywhere.

Although Yue Zhong’s speed could not compare to the rate of firing of the rockets, it was enough for him to accelerate to dodge the trajectory. Each time the rockets locked on to him, he would respond at the very last critical moment and evade it.

If he didn’t have the Danger Perception skill, just based on his current enhancement, Yue Zhong would definitely not dare to weave in and out of the enemies’ constant firing.

“He’s really hard to deal with!!” Su Dongming was currently holed up in the operations centre. He was using unmanned reconnaissance drones to observe the fighting and he stared fixedly at Yue Zhong while gritting his teeth. Just one Yue Zhong alone, had caused such mayhem amongst a huge part of his army. Without Yue Zhong, he would have already conquered Phoenix Street a long time ago.

As Yue Zhong was dodging, he constantly threw out hand grenades, and these grenades landed on those soldiers attacking him. The constant explosions ensured that a number of soldiers would also be taken out.

The First and Fourth Battalion were Su Dongming’s elite forces, as well as the battalions with the most number of seasoned veterans. They were extremely tough and resilient, and were keeping Yue Zhong at bay, preventing him from coming too close.

Soon, there appeared in the distance two mobile platform howitzers.

“Damn it!! Damn it!! What do I do?” Yue Zhong was starting to become frantic, as he ran to different cover to adjust his firing angles. Pretty soon, they would begin shooting. Their effective range was over a thousand metres, and this distance was beyond what he could do with his PF98.

Resolving the issue with the 2 companies of soldiers in front of Yue Zhong still required more time. If this dragged on, those 2 Howitzers would definitely pose a problem to his Special Combat forces.

“Let’s go all out!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with chilliness, and he activated his Devil Flame. Upon activation he expended 30 Spirit and 10 Stamina to condense it into 2 huge spears.

Yue Zhong threw the Devil Flame Spears at the 2 Howitzers with all his might, and they shot towards the Howitzers like arrows.

As the Devil Flame Spears were a product of Yue Zhong’s ability, their effective range was as far as Yue Zhong’s vision. (TN: OVERPOWERED) However far Yue Zhong could see, the Devil Flame Spears could be thrown that far. Additionally, with Yue Zhong’s robust Spirit power, its hit rate was 100%.

Under the guiding of Yue Zhong’s sight, the 2 Devil Flame Spears penetrated the armor of those Howitzers, before the fiery hot flames engulfed the 2 Howitzers turning them into balls of fire.

With the sounds of explosions, the 2 Howitzers combusted, destroying them and blasting into flaming pieces. While his Devil Flame’s defence capability could not compare to that of ice, its destruction capabilities vastly outstripped it. It was due to its fiery destructive nature that it could totally annihilate the Howitzers at a distance of 1km.

At the same time, the remaining Howitzer fired its shot as well!

Following the sound of explosion, a building on Phoenix Street was directly blasted apart by the artillery shell. Hot flames enveloped the building, directly burning the occupants and one Special Combat Force soldiers inside.

The heavy ammunition from the Howitzer was one of the most fearsome weapons in warfare.

Just a single shell could decimate an entire building, even someone hiding in any part of the building would be unable to escape from the destruction.

“What a fearsome guy!!” Inside the operations command centre, Su Dongming saw the 2 Howitzers destroyed from a distance of over 1km by Yue Zhong, and his eyes flashed with shock.

After destroying the 2 Howitzers, Yue Zhong felt exhausted. He glanced at the 2 companies of soldiers in front of him, before making his way towards the Third Battalion without looking back.

He had already tested and found the First and Fourth Battalions to be the toughest to deal with, hence the Second and Third Battalions should be full of new and inexperienced soldiers.

These inexperienced soldiers had the weakest fighting morale and will. As long as one shakes them up enough, they would become desperate.

Those 2 companies that were in charge of hunting Yue Zhong saw that he was retreating and one of the companies rushed out to give chase. However Yue Zhong immediately fired wildly, killing 6 of the soldiers, before the rest hastily retreated behind cover.

Yue Zhong quickly caught up with Su Dongming’s Third Battalion, they were currently engaged in an intense firefight with the survivors that Yue Zhong gathered in SY County led by Chen Shitou.

The majority of the soldiers in the Third Battalion of Su Dongming were new soldiers. Only a few seasoned veterans were among the ranks, so their fighting capability was low.

Yue Zhong on the other hand, had gathered a battalion’s worth of new soldiers, and similarly had a few season warriors leading them. However, the party on defence usually had a slight advantage.

Su Dongming’s Third Battalion had been trying relentlessly to break past Chen Shitou’s point, but was always pushed back. In fact they left behind many corpses and soon it was turning into a firefight with no results.

The 2 sides were constantly firing from behind cover, ammunition was expended like crazy, and yet both sides’ losses did not amount to much.

Right at this time, Yue Zhong had directly charged into the command post of the Third Battalion and fired wildly for a while. This led to the deaths of all the commanders within the Third Battalion.

With a ‘hong’, Su Dongming’s Third Battalion command post was directly destroyed by the grenade Yue Zhong threw.

“We’ve lost!! We’ve lost!! Our commanders have all perished!! Everyone let’s escape!! If we still stay on, we’re going to get trapped here!!”

Yue Zhong had blown apart the command post of the Third Battalion. Afterwards he used his .05 submachine gun to fire continuously and killed people, as he hollered at the top of his voice.

When the soldiers saw their own commanders blasted to smithereens, they were all shaken. Some even threw their weapons down and began fleeing wildly, while some others continued to put up a resistance.

The entire Third Battalion was thrown into chaos, with sounds of crying, shouting and calling out ringing out everywhere.

Chen Shitou took advantage of this time, and selected a company worth of soldiers to rush in. The attackers swiftly killed those soldiers who were devastated. The soldiers of Chen Shitou were also new soldiers and weren’t up to standard in terms of warfare. If the enemy decided to counter and if they were successful, he would have lost control of this battalion. Therefore, he only dared to send in a company’s worth of soldiers to complement Yue Zhong’s assault.

Under the two-pronged attack, the soldiers of Su Dongming’s Third Battalion lost all bearings and started escaping in all directions. Yue Zhong focused on picking off those who were staunchly standing their ground, adding further to the devastation. The company that Chen Shitou ordered to attack also managed to capture over a hundred prisoners-of-war.

However, Su Dongming’s reaction was fast as well, he swiftly gave the command to route 2 of the elite companies within the Fourth Battalion to assist the remnants of the Third Battalion.

After Chen Shitou sent out a company to attack, he saw the 2 companies of Su Dongming approaching from afar and immediately retreated. Without enough cover, the soldiers under him would not dare fight against the elite soldiers of Su Dongming head on.

Yue Zhong was still weaving in and out, firing his .05 submachine gun, using grenades and rockets to entangle with the 2 companies of soldiers.

Although these soldiers were the elite under Su Dongming, Yue Zhong’s ease of dealing with them showed just how terrifying his abilities were. One by one, the seasoned veterans fell under Yue Zhong’s hands, causing the morale to break down amongst the 2 companies, and it was only a matter of time before they were totally annihilated.

Shen Hongyang walked to Su Dongming and spoke deeply: “Cease the fighting!! Su Dongming, if this continues on, you will just squander the soldiers’ lives meaninglessly!”

Su Dongming had gone beyond reason by this time, and had the look of a lost gambler as he looked towards Shen Hongyang and asked loudly: “Shen Hongyang!! Lend me 2 battalions of soldiers! As long as we work together, we can definitely bury Yue Zhong here!!”

Shen Hongyang immediately refuted: “Then what? He only had a new battalion here, even if you decimate this motley crew, it wouldn’t be a huge loss to him.

He still has 7 battalions back at Ning Guang County, he could just easily activate them and send them to attack us. I can’t think of a valid reason to waste my precious soldiers’ lives just because of your personal feud with him! Su Dongming, cease this pointless fighting! There’s still time to do so!”

If the 4 army heads really joined Su Dongming and attacked Yue Zhong now, Yue Zhong would definitely suffer a huge defeat. However, all he was utilizing now was a bunch of newly trained soldiers. The moment he deployed the elite soldiers of his, even if the rest died, it wouldn’t be a huge loss to him.

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