God and Devil World

Chapter 271: Assault Helicopters Incoming!

Chapter 0271 – Assault Helicopters Incoming!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

The surprise attack by Yue Zhong was executed extremely beautifully, not a single loss was suffered on his side. Meanwhile, he had eliminated an entire company of soldiers as well as destroyed almost ⅔ of Su Dongming’s combat capabilities, displaying his keen sense for tactics and destruction.

If Yue Zhong had set his sights on SY County, then the 5 heads of the military would definitely come together to take Yue Zhong down. However, this was a personal grudge between Yue Zhong and Su Dongming, they were not willing to risk it all just for Su Dongming. Based on Yue Zhong’s prowess, if they couldn’t eliminate him thoroughly why try?

Like some kind of cockroach he would definitely come back but more overpowered than before. Undoubtedly he would make them pay many times over.

Su Dongming’s expression grew steely as he asked Liu Huifeng, “What about you, Liu Huifeng!”

“I have no stance. Whatever everybody’s decision is, I’ll follow!” Liu Huifeng laughed lightly. He wasn’t willing to entangle his forces with Yue Zhong either. There weren’t many benefits to it to begin with.

This was a personal score between Su Dongming and Yue Zhong, and he couldn’t bear to expend any of his precious subordinates as sacrificial pawns.

Su Dongming slammed the table and stood up, as he turned to leave: “Good! Good! GOOD! All of you may be scared of Yue Zhong, but I’m not! I’m going this instant to exterminate that bastard!”

“Division Commander Su, please wait!” Right at this time, Wen Baoguo pushed the door and came in, blocking Su Dongming.

Su Dongming shoved Wen Baoguo aside with a steely expression: “Mayor Wen! I am going to go destroy that Yue Zhong, whatever you have to say can wait until afterwards!”

Wen Baoguo once again blocked his path as he stared at him levelly and said in a clear voice: “Division Commander Su, do you have any evidence that it was Yue Zhong?”

Su Dongming instantly bellowed back. “What bullshit evidence do we still need?! It was obviously that motherfucking Yue Zhong’s doing! Over a hundred of my soldiers have died at his hands, you want I, your father, to swallow my anger?”

Wen Baoguo maintained a serene expression and spoke quietly. “Yue Zhong also claimed that your son Su Tianyang had sent assassins after him.

I remember that when I sent people to question you, you halted the investigation process demanding conclusive evidence, before you would hand Su Tianyang over to be interrogated. Now without any evidence, you want to take up arms against Yue Zhong. Isn’t it inappropriate?”

Wen Baoguo had previously sent people over to the military camp, wanting to subpoena Su Tianyang. However, Su Dongming had clamped down with his domineering attitude and did not even put the people Wen Baoguo sent in his eyes, as he directly refused Wen Baoguo’s summons.

Su Dongming coldly glared at Wen Baoguo, before pushing him aside and strode out of the room his voice echoing behind him. “Wen Baoguo, you best clean up your government first. If you want to touch my son, you better execute Peng Mingde’s son first!”

“Niu Jinbao! Take your men and immediately evacuate the area!” Wen Baoguo sighed, before he spoke into the walkie-talkie and gave an order to Niu Jinbao.

It seems like the clash between Su Dongming and Yue Zhong was hard to avoid.

“Withdraw!! Withdraw!! Withdraw quickly!!” Niu Jinbao hollered, and brought all his policemen who were currently on standby at Yue Zhong’s turf and left the frontline. He wasn’t willing to be embroiled in the imminent fight.

Su Dongming gave a slew of orders, as companies of his soldiers gathered, and quickly boarded various armored vehicles. Under the command of 3 Infantry Fighting vehicles, they made their way towards Xinglong Street.

Those powers in SY County with a strong intel outreach had gathered. At the same time, they sent people to report on the situation.

A number of powers were making their preparations because the moment Yue Zhong was beaten to the ground, they would immediately join in and spit on Yue Zhong to reap some rewards.

The long procession of armored vehicles and military weaponry arrived at a station near Phoenix Street.

“They’re here!!”

The Special Combat soldiers who were lying in wait at Phoenix Street saw the huge fleet, and their eyes flashed with a cold glint.

Just as half the fleet entered Phoenix Street, Yue Zhong suddenly stuck his head out from inside a room and hoisted his PF98, firing an anti-tank rocket towards the Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

With a flash, followed by a huge sound of explosion, the Infantry Fighting Vehicle became a fiery ball of flame.

This explosion was like a signal, each Special Combat warrior lying in wait simultaneously rose from prone, and each of them were carrying a PF98 as they all fired at different armored vehicles.

Hong! Hong! The sounds of chain explosions rang out continuously. Under the sudden attack, many of the various infantry fighting vehicles and armored tanks exploded into balls of fire.

There were flying soldiers ejected from blast sites, pieces and whole. The remaining ones were crying out in anguish amidst the flame while struggling to escape the hellish engagement.

The sudden attack this time had destroyed over 23 armored vehicles, and the slightly more than 200 soldiers inside were instantly decimated.

2 companies of soldiers had died meaninglessly. Out of those 200 soldiers, there were 60 or more soldiers who formed the core of the experienced soldiers. With the deaths of these soldiers, the overall combat ability of Su Dongming’s forces had diminished yet again.

After firing those rockets, the Special Forces soldiers started to make use of their guns to pick off the other mostly scrambling warriors of Su Dongming. Within a short span of time, another 20 over soldiers had been killed.

Under such a sudden and relentless attack, many of the new soldiers lost their will to fight and started to throw their weapons down and desert.

The Battalion Commander Zhou Wei, that Su Dongming had trained up, executed a few of the deserters, before he called out with an utterly savage face, “No one is to desert!! Whoever retreats will be executed!!”

Vvvppt!! Zhou Wei’s brain matter had exploded like tofu, red and white head chunks arcing in the sky. Very quickly, the flying pieces splattered on the ground moistly. Thpapapap!

On the rooftop of a building about 2km away, Bai He shifted his gaze coldly, looking for the next target. He had the Sniper Specialization Skill, plus he had enhanced it twice, causing his sniping to reach a perverse level.

Even from a distance of over 2km, he could do what a normal sniper might find hard to accomplish within a distance of 1km. With the existence of such a overpowered sniper, he could easily control a part of the battlefield by his own efforts.

“Sniper! There’s a sniper!! Everyone take care!!” One of the seasoned soldiers hollered.

However, in the next instant that seasoned soldier had his brains bored through by a bullet as well, Bai He had skillfully silenced him with one well placed shot.


Under the threat of death, those soldiers who had come here with the intent to fight started to waver. A number of the new soldiers had started to look for cover, not daring to risk their necks.

Yue Zhong’s sudden preemptive attack had caused a devastating blow to the soldiers of Su Dongming’s First Battalion.

However, this battalion was the one which contained a lot of seasoned soldiers and after a number of their soldiers had met with mishap, the expert soldiers banded together and started to engage in an intense fire-fight with Yue Zhong’s Special Combat warriors.

Amongst Yue Zhong’s Special Combat Force, there were 6 extremely well-versed snipers. While the other 5 could not match up to Bai He, they were still extremely efficient snipers, and had hidden themselves at various elevated places.

Their shots were continually picking off Su Dongming’s soldiers, as their comrades around them watched them each die helplessly.

The forces of Su Dongming were strong, and soon the unharmed soldiers of the Second Battalion joined in the fray. However, without the support of experts and under the control of the 6 elite snipers, the soldiers of the Second Battalion found it hard to advance. Instead, they watched their own comrades getting killed off as well.

The experts gathered by Su Dongming had been ambushed and killed by Yue Zhong. Thinly, whenever the snipers of the military had just stuck their heads out to line up a bead, they would be killed instantly by the 6 snipers on the rooftops. They served to restrict any form of personel reinforcement.

Right at this time, 2 assault helicopters appeared in the skies.

Seeing the arrival of the 2 attack helicopters, the soldiers of the Second Battalion who had lost their morale, started to feel more bolstered.

These assault helicopters were beasts of the air, and were the perfect counter to tanks. Without any anti-air weapons, these helicopters were basically invincible.

Yue Zhong’s Special Combat Force saw the 2 assault helicopters, and their eyes could not help but narrow in trepidation.

The 2 assault helicopters swiftly arrived over the battlefield. With a flash, 2 rockets were fired and shot at one of the buildings. The flames engulfed it in a serious explosion, which instantly pulverised one of the Special Combat soldiers inside.

After killing that soldier, the 2 assault helicopters began to fire continuously at the other buildings, destroying them and killing some of the survivors and Special Combat soldiers hiding inside.

In just a few moments, 4 Special Combat soldiers had died under the ruthless slaughter of the 2 assault helicopters. This was the first time that they had suffered such losses on the battlefield.

Every single one of the soldiers were decked in the Black-scaled Boar hide as armor, and their heads protected by helmets made in Big Stone Village. These helmets were further covered with a layer of the Black-Scaled Boar hide.

They basically revealed very little of their bodies. Unless they were shot in a location where there was no protection from the hide, it was hard for normal bullets to kill off any soldiers of the Special Combat Force.

It was precisely due to their ample equipment that the casualty rate of the Special Combat forces were shockingly low. Of course, they had fighting capabilities that were above most soldiers as well.

Just as the assault helicopters were about to give them too much pressure and reduce morale, Yue Zhong had already jumped onto the roof of a tall building and lifter his trusty PF98. He aimed quickly and fired a missile at one of the helicopters.

With a heaven rending flash, the rocket near instantly impacted on the helicopter’s frame, and the explosion caused the helicopter to blaze valiantly before falling to the ground in a ball of smoking shrapnel and fire.

The other helicopter immediately turned and tried to leave.

Yue Zhong however, had already activated his Art of Fear skill. When he did he directed it towards the pilot of the assault helicopter, bypassing the metal shell and shocking him with it.

The pilot’s face twisted, as he threw up crimson foam and slumped on to the controls.

The assault helicopter wobbled and accelerated before crashing into another bungalow, and exploded with a huge ‘BahToooom!’ The entire bungalow was correspondingly reduced to rubble by the explosion.

“How is this possible? He actually destroyed 2 assault helicopters!!”

“It’s too scary! Is he still human??”

The soldiers under Su Dongming watched the scene from afar, and their eyes all flashed with fear and shock. Their morale instantly dipped lower than before. The assault helicopters were their strongest killing machines and trump card. Regardless whether fighting against zombies or these small factions, they were extremely efficient.

Wiping out a small power faction only needed the appearance of the assault helicopter and it could thoroughly rout them. Su Dongming had been at the forefront of the 5 heads because of his possession of these assault helicopters. However, last night, Yue Zhong had decimated a huge part of his force, and hence he had no choice but to bring these 2 monsters to bear.

Seeing the 2 assault helicopters destroyed by Yue Zhong, the morale of the Special Forces soldiers soared. In the remainder of the firefight, they completely suppressed the soldiers of Su Dongming’s Second Battalion.

Especially the snipers on the rooftops led by Bai He, they were consistently picking off the commanders and seasoned soldiers. For them, suppressing the soldiers and preventing them from even regrouping to fight as a force was the only goal.

After destroying those 2 assault helicopters, Yue Zhong swiftly made his way towards Su Dongming’s direction.

After having lost their experts, the soldiers of the Second Battalion found it hard to retaliate against the suppression from the 6 snipers. However, the military still had a weapon that could deal with Yue Zhong’s forces, and it was the heavy artillery!!

As long as the military did not care for the cost of the usage, which was the survivors in the Phoenix Street, as long as they fired a shot and flattened the entire street? Other than those snipers who were hidden further away, all of the Special Combat forces would instantly become ash.

Su Dongming’s Second Battalion was weaker than the First Battalion, however, the moment they saw Yue Zhong passing by, they immediately fired a hail of rounds at him.

Yue Zhong’s body constantly flitted to and fro, evading the rain of bullets every way he could. At the same time, he constantly threw a few grenades in the midst of the soldiers wherever he went. This obviously caused two things: Them to be blasted to their deaths, and alot of crimson blood splattered everywhere!

The commander of the Second Battalion Wu Minghe stood at the frontlines and observed it all, before giving an order through the microphone: “The 2nd Company move to the right!! 3rd Company switch to the rockets!! Use the rockets to blast him!!”

‘Peng!’ The sound of a lone gunshot rang out!

Wu Minghe’s brain exploded, the now familiar, chunky brain matter splattering on the ground.

“Commander!! Commander!!”

The soldiers near Wu Minghe instantly cried out in despair.

After losing the command of Wu Minghe, the pressure on Yue Zhong decreased a lot. The soldiers saw that the light weaponry had no effect on Yue Zhong, and decided to switch to using the mortars.

Surely with these, the grenade launchers and hand grenades they possessed they could fill the land with a purgatory of flame and finally kill him. The soldier’s all rapidly took aim, the clink of falling grenade pins and safeties being removed heralded Hell as they fired them all simultaneously at Yue Zhong.

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